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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


High tea in flash sidewalk restaurants is a bit beyond my pay scale but not beyond the blue-rinse set mothers who have their children in child-care at up to $130 a day. Exchanging dirty nappies and teeth-cutting for a daily round of catty bullshit with other mothers is an attractive alternative to responsible motherhood... but YOU are paying for it.

Child-care is an important part of a wealthy socialised State and is intended to usher women back to work as soon as possible after paid parental leave runs out. 

Gough Whitlam’s plan was for working mothers to markedly increase the Government’s tax receipts. It’s a pity Gough didn’t ask the kids if they agreed with their mothers being replaced with strangers.

Okay, I know I’m too old to be taken seriously, but I have always thought that kids’ most formative years should be the responsibility of mothers, with a little help from fathers. Yes, it was a money struggle for me, but it was always worth it despite having to drive cabs every weekend, pack biscuits on night shift with a full time job at the Herald and Weekly Times.

I have never used child-care facilities because to hand my little darlings over to someone I don’t know is unthinkable. And there are far too many oddballs out there who are attracted to the priesthood and child-care centres.

To see a little kid’s grinning face when meeting mum after school to discuss the day’s events, to proudly show Mum the star stamps on prized schoolwork, and to arrive home to a glass of milk and an arrowroot biscuit is familial comfort and security every child craves, but can’t coherently explain why.

Whitlam has left a legacy of children on drugs, without discipline and who roam the streets causing mayhem. It is a huge cost that is more than offsetting the marginal increase in taxation from working mums taking advantage of child-care subsidies. And many of those mums aren't working mums.

If you decide to have babies be prepared to look after them, as does every other species...that’s part of the deal. It will cost you close to $500,000 to rear one child to adulthood and no matter how much socialist governments try to assist with the cost, the child will suffer parental deprivation during puberty, school bullying, pimples, gender doubts, body image, self esteem, and an array of other problems.

Abbott’s disastrous and excessive PPL fell by the wayside because it was nothing more than a misguided attempt to foster fallen female support. Andrew Bolt’s determination to have Tony Abbott and Cardinal Pell reinstated to respectability is an exercise in futility, and plain bloody stupid.

Oh well, I guess I’ll keep living in my own little time warp where parental responsibility remains a critical part of caring for a child, 

...screw child-care and screw the bloody cost! 


could never understand how the system could get so screwed up..i know a lady who drops her 2 children off at daycare subsidised by the workers so she can go home and spend the day in bed or having coffee with her the hell does that happen???

There was a charmer from Claymore on channel 7 the other night, who was caught in the car drunk with two kids, up the duff with another, and four at home. Seven kids! We are paying for the ignorant slut to breed -- about $35 grand already for popping them out, then all the fortnightly welfare we are paying. Gough Whitlam started all this shit, in the 22 months he was in, the "Great Man" fucked the country, and, ironically, lived the longest until 95 having two secretaries 30 years after his short stint as PM. It is bullshit. This baby factory was smoking on camera and looked as thick as shit.

There are times when I think I come from a different planet. I had seven children and never received a cent in child care. How is it that paying for others children become a responsibility for taxpayers. We even paid for an overseas trip for a Muslim woman to promote her book and promote Sharia Law. Has these governments gone completely mad and have lost all appreciation of the value of the dollar. I say these because they have all lost the plot LNP and ALP. Hansen makes some sense but how is her economic nous although I guess one does not have to have much to be smarter than the Hockey's. Morrison or Cormann. Certainly Shorten is in the wrong profession if one can call been a politician a profession. One needs a sense of humour to survive in current times not a child minding subsidy.

I am with you on this one

High tea and plonk in flash sidewalk restaurants for the have-a-chat mothers on a daily round of catty bullshit with other mothers, who all have their children in child-care, is one of the reason why so many of them get pinched for DUI when they drive and pick their kids up.

I totally agree LP!

And that is why they want to make the world one big shit hole full of multi coloured cross bred half breed animals.

Whom ever supports Islam is a Traitor to Australia and the Thousands of Soldiers Sailors and Airmen whom Died or were Injured Protecting Australia and it's Western Culture and Values.....ALL,so those now TEMPORARILY in Charge, are Surrendering it all to Islam and it's sick customs.

PLEASE EXPLAIN : Yasmin Magied's Islamic book promotion tour.

O/T. Is anyone else getting this new left wing "The New Daily" sent to you via your Industry pension fund. I am with Care Super and have asked them to confirm they are not supporting this politically bias electronic newspaper. If so I will be changing to another fund.

Baby Austin on the ABC today actually had a guy on slamming the NBN Scam. One fact I know......the frigging internet is now slower via my NBN !! The guy said don't pay for higher costs the same for the providers, whether you have "slow" or :fast". An almighty SCAM which start with Arch Criminal Conway..........helped on by the Deranged Dwarf Krudd.......and the Final Crunch........the frigging thing is already obcelete !!

Interesting the Complete Misreporting of the President's News Conference from the ABC. It appears that more than one hour was condensed into a few minutes. With little or nothing of the President's words. Interesting too how they twist the tiny "sound-bites" they show and then slant them the way the ABC Lefties think. Thank God for the internet, at least you get the facts and make your own judgements.

Severe storm pummels Sydney: 4:16PM
Residents in western and southern Sydney are being warned to take care as storm cells bring damaging winds and large hailstones.
The Australian

The Upper Hunter's Hannibal Lecter of the dog world has been killed

This is important, tell people about it:

Hope Trump follows the money trail from Obama to the media. How much have they been paid to ignore the Democrats many failings? How much were they promised by Hillary? The only conclusion one can come to with their blind hatred of the new government. The same here when Rudd/Gillard syphoned payment to the msm for good coverage and to denigrate TA.

#AdaniFiles – A Short History Of Corruption, Destruction & Criminal Activity
Environmental Justice Australia and Earthjustice have compiled a detailed report called the #AdaniFiles that summarizes the mining giant Adani’s track record, based on publicly available evidence and research into hundreds of court documents. They show that Adani are, at their core, a dangerous, criminal organization. They’re not a company that the people of Australia trust with a massive project in one of the most environmentally sensitive places in the world and feel that the $1 billion dollar public money loan proposed by the Australian federal government would not be safe in their hands. Here is how the Australian’s are fighting Adani, the Indian multinational conglomerate seeking to build the world’s biggest new coal mine in central Queensland’s Galilee Basin – the Carmichael mine. Adani’s proven track record of environmental destruction, human rights abuses, corruption and illegal dealings should sound a stern warning for the Indian government as well looking to do business with Adani at the expense of their own countrymen. …….”

Wally the Weed at last has had a good slap. In the Courier Mail today he had a put down over his comments regarding an add in a Perth Newspaper. The add was asking for a receptionist. Attached was no Boguns need apply. Wally the Weed said oh well they are all Boguns that do that job. Words to that effect.

Another Islamic mass slaughter from "The religion of peace"! The peace of the grave, no thanks.