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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you have a thirst for politics and a need to know the machinations afoot inside the beltway, then Fairfax’s Peter Hartcher’s articles are best ignored because he typifies all that’s terminally wrong with Fairfax and, as a darling of the ABC, he will be one of the last rats to jump ship.

His love of the Left and his recent inept predictions include the headlines: 
• Intergenerational Report's first word should be 'sorry', 
• Tony Abbott clutching at straws in attempt to protect remaining support base, 
• Tony Abbott still PM, but voters already in a post-Abbott world, 
• Tony Abbott's post-spill prime ministership can go only one way, 
• Hope-less Tony Abbott is 'Laboring' his leadership pitch point, 
• The inside story of how the Liberal leadership duo of Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop cracked, 
• Tony Abbott's threats, scare tactics only dig him a deeper hole, and 
• Tony Abbott is the problem with the federal government.

This sort of reliably impartial reporting even challenges Graham Richardson’s assurance, a few weeks back, that: “Come Tuesday, Tony Abbott will no longer be prime minister”.

But Fairfax and Hartcher have saved their best “scoop” for this morning, suggesting Tony Abbott must be homophobic because he requested that the gay partner of Australia’s ambassador to France, Stephen Brady (pictured) “stay in the car” and not join the greeting party on the tarmac.

When this non-story finally leaked out, well after the event, Mr Hartcher jumped all over it calling the instance “bizarre” and asking the question, has Abbott been homophobic all along?

Immediately he called Bill Shorten for a comment which turned out to be classic Shortenesque...  “The Prime Minister needs to explain this bizarre incident”.

Hmmm, well, let’s get the story straight first shall we? Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministerial party was arriving in Paris on ANZAC day when a protocol officer had phoned ahead to suggest that only Ambassador Stephen Brady, and not his partner (Peter Stephens), should be present to greet the entourage as Mr Abbott’s partner, Margaret, was not travelling with the party.

Clearly the Ambassador’s partner, Peter, did not take kindly to being told to “stay in the car” and promptly chucked a hissy fit. When the dust settled it was admitted by all to be a complete misunderstanding. 

Mr Hartcher had thought otherwise and saw a yummy front page story attacking Abbott as homophobic.

But Hartcher actually knew otherwise! He was aware that Mr and Mrs Abbott were close friends of the Ambassadorial couple and had hosted a farewell dinner for both when they left Canberra to take up the Paris appointment. Abbott had also formally invited them back to a staff dinner while he was in Paris.

The artful Mr Hartcher is also aware that the Prime Minister’s Office employs a number of gays and Abbott himself is very close to his lesbian sister.

The story is yet another instance of Fairfax's journalistic dishonesty. Of course they have never forgiven me for going after their beloved Gillard either and have published some of the most baseless rubbish I have ever seen in an attempt to discredit me, including a map of where they think I live.

... which would not be very helpful right now except for the fact that they predictably got that wrong too.


Good thinking!

Perhaps Hartcher is actually homophobic ?

will do & say anything to discredit Mr Abbott.

Yet another attack on normality by the socialists infesting the NSW education department.

Socialists won’t rest until they have promoted every possible form of deviancy as “normal”.

I don’t carry a torch for religionists, and I don’t believe they belong in public schools, but I will back them against socialists any day of the week.


“Anglican church leaders have slammed an “unprecedented” interference by the Department of Education after it banned three books used by the church’s scripture teachers on the basis they promoted only monogamous heterosexual relationships.

Parent lobby group Fairness in Religion in Schools has campaigned against Ms Weerakoon’s book, saying it contained dangerous anti-gay and anti-divorce messages.”


With a bit of creative thinking - I can see a 'SpecSavers' ad coming from this photo.

Looking at the photo - I think it has struck a nerve!

Corporate media writes of drowning refugees fleeing poverty and violence in
the Middle East and North Africa without mentioning the actions of the
United States and its European allies that have caused the humanitarian

Is Mike Carlton Hartcher ghost writer?

Zionist Whore Pamela Geller? Oh, Boy!
Jeffrey Goldberg: Pamela Geller is "clinical paranoid."
If you do not think that Pamela Geller is not “the queen of hate,” as Jim W. Dean and Ted Pike argued in 2013, or does not work “for the corrupt criminal wing of the intelligence services,” as Kevin Barrett has recently put it, then think again. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center—of all places—seems to have put a price on her head by saying that Geller is too wild.
According to the same Jewish organization, Geller, who co-founded the Freedom Defense Initiative with Robert Spencer, is in the “extremist files” because she is a “flamboyant figurehead.”
In a similar vein, Charles Johnson, a former colleague of Geller who is part of the “anti-jihad movement,” laments that Geller “makes everyone [on Johnson’s side] look crazy.”[1] The Jewish Week did not help Geller’s cause by arguing that she was making her own perilous bed.[2] Jeffrey Goldberg—yes, Goldberg!—declared that Geller is “clinical paranoid,” and she “makes me resent the Internet.”[3]
Pike made the point that Geller “is a very active front lady, with her hair, prominently displayed breasts and plastic surgery, for the Israeli Lobby.” In layman’s term, she is a Zionist whore. As we shall see in a moment, these accusations are not without evidence......................."

Australia to get a new border force......great news....should have been done years ago. Shorten Labor to ok it.....amazlingly. Why during the 6 years of boat people flood did not Labor create a new border force to deal with the international people smugglers. Well we all know why don;t we.

What would you expect from a bloody fairy princess anyway. Sir Les was right - no poofters!

Odd photo of him, he has that eye popping that must go with someone from behind giving him a ....oooops moment....

The problem with Hartcher is that he has no recognised formal tertiary qualifications and it shows. Only Fairfax would employ people like him and this is reflected in the news Fairfax puts out. Utter crap.

Really guys the Fairfax Press are not worth commenting on. They are irrelevant and have been for years. I remember back to the Keating days when he would lament their targeted bias toward him, how the tide has changed. The tide has gone out on Fairfax and will never return. Done and feather dusted. Is saying Feather Dusted Gay?

Watching Agenda and seeing David Speers "prompt" Harcher & providing him an opportunity to boast of his column disclosing this rubbish, David Speers was the first to use the word Homophobic! David is becoming increasingly more akin to a gossip & trouble-maker than a credible Interviewer. Noticeably, David Lipson (the Apprentice) is now of the same ilk. So to David Speers, Host of PM Agenda, your smile as you cunningly make suggestions and innuendo is glaring. You have lost all credibility. YOU said the word "homophobia" in relation to Tony Abbott & I have kept the tape as proof!

Hatchet may have failed the paper, the public ect but he certainly made the money

What is so special or important about being gay? Does simply suffering the result of a genetic cross wiring give a God given (?) right to behave badly when some mere straight mortal innocently and in good faith follows a protocol unremarkable for its intent and certainly not one that produces petulant outbursts from normal folk?

Yet another dunce's cap performance today from Bill Shorten who is coming off a very small base to begin with. This, today : "I'm proud to lead the only political party that gives its members their say in choosing their leader." Uh Bill...Bill? The alp members wanted ALBANESE as leader didn't they? They didn't get him did they? Just how is THAT 'giving the members their say? A costly, ridiculous waste of members' time and money. For all the party took notice of the members' wishes, they may as well have stood in front of their own bathroom mirrors and slapped their own faces.

Sucked in Charlie Pickering. The brilliant Mt Druitt doco on at the same time. Suffer unfunny joke boy.