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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Tony Abbott cannot be expected to be across every subject but to suggest “Australians are okay with halal” could lead to another near death experience. There is no excuse for not delegating one of his many staff to investigate the huge groundswell of concern over Australia’s massive halal extortion racket.

Now that his backbenchers are demanding an inquiry it should have been enough for him to pull his head in until he at least discovered the enormity of the rort.

Both Abbott and Barnaby Joyce (who still refuses to return my calls) are over the moon about the recently negotiated free trade agreements, and those results are to be guardedly applauded.


There are 33 different halal certifiers in Australia plus another God knows how many Muslim opportunists getting in on the lucrative act. Each has their own different Arabic logo and each competes vigorously with the other for a share of the extortion goldmine, madly insisting that everything from beer and toothpaste to smoked salmon and sanitary pads must be certified.

And if animal welfare groups are not demanding the closure of Australian slaughterhouses then nothing is being halal slaughtered anyway. It’s just that the right amount of money is being paid to the right Islamic certifiers.

Every other country has only ONE registered government approved certifying body, even Islamic nations. Australian governments have always employed hundreds of licensed meat inspectors and there is no reason not to include a licensed Islamic inspector as a halal certifier.

Australia’s plethora of halal certifying charlatans have NO qualifications, they simply demand payments of up to $40,000 a month for the right to use their logo under the threat of killing off any existing or potential export market.

The processor/manufacturer is then forced to have his domestic goods halal certified too, for the sake of economic processing and continuity.

That’s why Vegemite and Coon Cheese are halal certified... although you don’t get to see the Arabic logo on the Coon Cheese until AFTER you have opened the packet.

Every Muslim trader I have spoken to says halal certification is nothing but a fraudulent impost on all honest businesses. It is proven that a proportion of the halal fees goes to proscribed terrorist organisations via a circuitous route using sham charities. They have been named and the systems have been detailed on Pickering Post’s 13 part series on halal.

Possibly hundreds of Islamic certifiers are running rampant across our domestic markets proudly boasting a billion dollar ripoff while Tony Abbott says we’re okay with that.

Well Tony, no! Actually we are NOT okay with that!

If the abolition of the carbon tax is estimated to save Aussie families $550 per year, then the abolition of the halal tax is estimated to save Aussie families at least $300 per year.

It’s a no-brainer, and guess what, you won’t even have to compensate us this time, just put a bloody stop to it!


Jesus was a Jew.

Dick Smith's stance on the 'Halal Tax":

Found this on a Q-Society appears even Malaysian Muslims are unhappy about the Halal Certification extortion racket in their country, some calling it a 'marketing technique' & not a religious practice...hmmm:

Dont say anything against the Jews,Gunther.You will be smacked on the wrist if you do.Remember the true holders of power are the ones no one will be game to be critical of.

Testing again.

Yes and any idiot can post his racist crap here, we all know that. Welcome another troll!.. A lot of anti Semites on tonight. Did you lot stop praying for the destruction of the west long enough to use its tools? If so then go check your facts and stop spewing the old faeces.

Whilst Turkey watches the slaughter of Kurds by IS, this; As well as the Islamisation of the school syllabus, Erdogan has also introduced other changes from restricting the sale of alcohol between certain hours and banning beer ads to calling on his countrymen to replace alcohol consumption generally with the traditional yoghurt drink called ayren.

He has also pushed for a restriction on abortion, caesarean sections and birth control, said womens’ duty was to have more babies (three to four as a minimum) and not consider themselves the equal of the man and bizarrely, and quoting the Prophet Muhammad, told his nation to stop waste by starting with not buying white bread and pushing for a restriction on white flour in favour of whole wheat grain bread.

When a corruption scandal touched his family his government cancelled the probe, he accused some of treason and took tighter control of the judiciary. And Turkish history should note that America was not discovered by Columbus, Erdogan claimed, but rather unnamed Muslims three centuries earlier.

Up to 150 killed in Kenyan university massacre following al-Shabaab Easter Week raid: Terrorists ‘behead’ Christian students in worst attack in country in 17 years

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this is to big they will not touch
here is a bigger question?
why did every one in both sides of politics fight so hard to close HEINER
dejersy could have stayed in his role off chief justice
but what to do with carmody?
de jersy resigns
carmody gets the gig hes happy
the pedo gets g/g
oh how nice and convenient
all done by a one term contract

Exclusive: Iran and world powers have gone into double-overtime in negotiations to ensure that Iran doesn’t build a nuclear bomb, but the shadow over the talks is darkened by decades of distrust and double-dealing, a dimly understood history of the U.S.-Israeli-Iranian triangle, reports Robert Parry.

The following is a list of Gordon`s legal failures listed by himself on facebook. I presume these legal failures can be taken as fact as he printed them.
“This contact has included being charged and convicted with:
• Breaking entering and stealing in 1987 in Innisfail
• Breaking and entering with intent, attempted breaking and entering and stealing in 1990 in Atherton
• Breach of probation in 1992 in Atherton
• Public nuisance in 1996 in Normanton and
• Breach of bail conditions in 1999 (stemming from not attending a court summons from the 1996 incident).
In addition I have twice had my driver’s licence suspended for unlicensed driving (2004 and 2008).
Finally, in 2008 I was served with an Apprehended Violence Order as a result of a complaint by my mother. “

Having read his own written list of legal failures, I would say this man should not sit in a place that passes laws, as he has no respect for the law.

I did not encourage anyone, I stated what you had accused me off and then made a comment about Hadenuff. That was it. My comments to you were directed at your smart arse comments about this thread being a boys club and you and whoever having a good laugh. I used to think people's ignorance was funny but I don't anymore.

Marigold I made the first comment if you care to look?

Happy Easter

Then it comes back to legal point 2 - Money being used for terrorism. This is what Larry was trying to emphasise, and surely it can be proven - with some investigation by 'said authorities'... HOWEVER, given that the Aust Immigration Dept sent all the G20 members personal details (includ passport numbers, phone numbers etc) to an ASIAN football marketing company - can these gooses do anything right?

Hadenuff - Yes. And I think it is vital (proper labelling in all regards) given Monsanto is pushing its crap very hard AND the TTP is absolutely ripping the door, hinges and house frame OFF any protection Aust had re its food 'deals'. Monsanto could literally sue the Aust public for any perceived loss of 'future business' for example ... mmm for instance - Aust decides to stop buying its pucked up GMO corn or wheat seeds. Billions of dollars out of our pocket for this corps slight. My concern is the frozen and fresh foods coming in via New Zealand - Halal and GMO, not to mention the 'China berry scandal?? (with those OPEN doors NZ has with US, and China) and thus it is disguised as coming from a friendly respectable country. Labelling should be strict. Otherwise - grow your own A warning from England, everybody should watch this.

In the UK they have halal cheese. I guess that means they must point the teat at Mecca before they squeeze.

Understanding Halal Certification Schemes MUST WATCH