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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Christine Milne’s little team is doing handstands and high fiving each other over China’s announcement that it will continue to dramatically increase its CO2 emissions for the next 16 years. WTF? And they wonder why we believe in post natal abortions for Greens... well any time prior to puberty anyway? 

But wait! They must be absolutely delirious over that uni rag, The Guardian’s report that 1,200 coal fired plants are planned across 59 countries, with about three-quarters of those to come on line in China and India. 

The capacity of the new plants is set to increase global greenhouse gas emissions by 1,400gw, the equivalent of adding another China to the equation. 

The world's biggest plant food emitter has resolved to drown Asia in so much plant food it will never need to eat again! 

It is planning on opening a coal-fired power station every week. 

These new plants have been financed globally by JP Morgan Chase to the extent of $16.5bn, followed by Citi ($13.8bn) Barclays ($11.5bn) the Royal Bank of Scotland ($10.9bn) followed by the Japan Bank ($8.1bn), and the World Bank ($5.3bn). Wow, that’s an awful lot of coal and it obviously doesn’t take much to keep a Green happy.

The word is that Christine Milne was so excited over her Admire Rakti result in the Melbourne Cup that she shouted the whole team to a vegan dinner with free green tea and LSD cookies.

Hope she doesn’t find out that planet earth has actually been cooling or she’ll be beside herself in a delirium of post menopausal climactic ecstasy.


Love it Flysa!!! It would have to be produced under the most hygienic conditions, or perhaps just pay the $$ will be enough??

The dullard made it an art form, denouncing 'carbon pollution' at every (created) opportunity, with her nasally ocker accent. Of course she was referring to CO2, but as mr bruce says, the average punter wouldn't know if his ar$e was punched, bored or drilled, so fell for the line.

Don't worry, the Government's Stronger Relationship monies will pay for counseling.

But fortunately the Nazis got the boot, albeit after a bit of grief.

From now on they shall be know as the Palmer Divided Party.

So the Great & Powerful BarkBark O'Golly is talking about Climate Change to a selected Qld Uni audience - WOW! - The highlight of their tiny lives.
These kids are our future leaders?
So why can't they analyse all the Evidence & Facts & See how stupid it all is?
There are None so Blind as those that WILL NOT See.
FUTURE? - We have no Future.

Just a bit off topic,,but i had to share this,,what with the G20 happening and all the leaders snubbing Putin.

Ms Milne should sit herself next to Clive Palmer occasionally when he is sleeping and farting during parliament question time to fully familiarize herself with a real bad-gas.

I'm with you mr bruce. It is criminal the way they abbreviate CO2 to "carbon". And CO2 is not a pollutant anyway.

What Fukashima Jon C. ?? Nothing to see there ......Don't even make the news .

The coal is no good to us sitting in the ground. We need to dig it all up and ship it off to the big boys in China and India and get the cash back so we can buy more you beauty go fast jets, work a good PPL Scheme, buy more shit to fire off in Afghanistan, Get some really neat stuff to use in Abbott's Private Musso War in Iraq! The mind boggles at the possibilities but I'm sure Milne will fade out into oblivion in her post menopausal state!

"The Guardian’s report that 1,200 coal fired plants are planned across 59 countries,"
Great news for the Australian Coal Mining Industry! Fantastic - the worlds biggest coal mine the Indians are putting in at Alpha in Qld is going to be a big winner for jobs in Central Qld. That's if they don't make a deal to bring in a motza of curry munchers to work it! Knowing this wonderful "Aussie" government we have, it will be more likely a gangfcuk of 457 Visa Holders! There's no tradesmen in Australia you know!

If I'm not mistaken the image for the article is somewhere in Malaysia at the peak of the smoke blanketing western Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, which occurs every year as the rapacious palm oil plantation developers burn off what's left of the remaining jungle in Kalimantan, (Indonesia's portion of the island of Borneo) Photo probably taken within the last 5 years. The smoke gets so bad that they have to close airports. And the greenies squeal about a bit of soot from our coal fired power stations ... go figure.

I'm not sure I want to think about CM climaxing, Larry, in much the same way I have no particular interest in Bob Brown's climactic ecstasy. Just way too disgusting for this normal mind to contemplate. But SHY on LSD cookies could be an interesting experiment on just how ridiculous a human can get.

the chinese always win ...

China is clever because they are contingent .

I woke up this morning feeling a little foggy. I was also a little sore too. But gee it was fun!

No Shotgun, that would be too much of a co-incidence wouldn't it! lol

As far as the Greens are concerned, it is all the fault of Australia because we export the coal for all these new power stations. The simple mind of a Green thinks (not sure think is the right word) - - " if we no dig the black and brown shit outta the ground, then no nu power stations as there would be nutting to run it on"

Don't worry guys, when Labor gets voted back in, they are going to repeal the bikie laws for Qld. Couldn't have something to do with the union guys being part of the bikie mob, would it?