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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s not that we all don’t want clean air, we do! Unfortunately dirty air has been misrepresented as vital CO2. Gillard gave $10 billion of hard earned taxes to a false renewable energy fund designed, not for clean air, but solely to make our coal and gas uneconomic by rewarding (excessively subsidising) dumb schemes like wind turbines and solar panels... both of which are continuing to be proved unviable. But what does viability matter to the Left when compared to blind socialist ideology?

Solar panels, as I annoyingly discovered, quickly lose their effectiveness as they gather dust and grime and should be cleaned at least on a monthly basis. So I can imagine the NDIS will have a lot more business once we get on our rickety old ladders and balance on crumbling, slippery, tiles with a hose and soapy water to clean them.

Anyway, unless you already have extensive banks of expensive batteries to store what little these panels suck from the sun, don’t bother, because when you most need electricity, the sun is invariably behind a cloud or on the other side of the planet.

So, with all the subsidies and promises of efficiency by government, why have energy costs continued to skyrocket? Simply because the Greens, Labor and then the Libs, lied to us... solar panels are a waste of time unless you use the energy while it is being collected. 

If we all had the ability to store solar energy those bastard companies who charge for reading our meters (or carry out a guesstimate cost each quarter) would be broke, and no-one will allow that to happen.

But never mind, we still have those unsightly windmills littering our countryside. Surely, after billions more in subsidies, they will assist to reduce our energy costs. Nope again, the reverse is true, and lack of reliability is now a threat to our economy, indeed our welfare. Just ask that idiot Weatherill, no better not, because he lies too. 

You see, you should never believe anyone if you can't see his pupils.

This entire RET nonsense must soon end because subsidies only distort a market and they’re about to discover just how much distortion was involved. Billion dollar subsidies that have gone to building and erecting windmills will soon stop and we can peruse the extensive damage.

These windmills costing us up to five million each are all ending their 10 to 12 year life cycle and they are too expensive to repair. Over 4,000 of these hideous things will need to be utilised for fish reefs and another 4,000 will be ordered from lucky manufacturers.

The problem is that the subsidy fraud can only be used once before people wake up to the damage and use their vote to rid us of these crazy communist, wealth redistribution schemes.

Trump is determined to dump the Paris accord and China and India are paying only lip service to the stupid agreement while both happily continue to build a new coal-fired power station each week until, they say, 2030. 

       IPCC top fraud, Rajendra Pachauri, who resigned after sexual harassment claims

The corrupt IPCC refuses to admit the power-hungry big two are not complying for fear of scaring the horses. Other nations might twig to the fraudulent, economy-destroying, Paris accord and follow suit.

Half of all your and my energy bills go to useless windmills and solar panels, while the Islamic dominated UN just grins and collects 10 per cent of the world’s global warming scam.

For Christ sake, all you fragmented Right leaning political parties please combine to boot these Turnbull socialist out of Office before they hand us a despicable Shorten on a dirty plate!


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Jewish run Goldman Sachs invented the 'carbon-credit market' to make trillions with 'global warming


True IE. The idiot is honestly independent.....a real one of a kind.

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Global Warming is a Hoax: Here’s Why!

As a pensioner I struggled to pay off solar believing all the B/S that was put out . However after 4 years the cut on my bill went down from $70 odd dollars to $11 , as they drastically cut the percentage they'd been paying

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Apparently, it is old technology, first developed by scientists in Scandanavia(?) or elsewhere in Europe, and never taken any further,

Thanks IE.

Love Part G

13579 you are being to kind.

Stringy, dont hold your breath ,most modern inverters are under built shit and blow up because they can not handle the job they were designed for. This goes back to two things, young electrical engineers who dont know shit from clay who design these things and cost cutting by the manufacturers.

OT but did anyone see Scomo on PM Live last night - it was telecast from a club on the Central Coast and I have to say he was brilliant in the way he answered questions from the audience, very impressive, didn't miss a beat and if that was in some way a job application for PM then he would be hired - sad to think that because of what happened when Turnbull wrested the top job from Abbott he will probably never get that chance but he really is the only person to take it up to Shorten and belt him about the ears, even I might forgive him if he joined up with Cory and the Australian Conservatives.

I really feel for asylum seekers who escape persecution and a certain death in their homeland only to be denied asylum by Minister Dutton, then having to put their family holiday back home on hold while they go through an annoying Administrative Appeals Tribunal process. We've become a heartless society . . . Perhaps Gillian Triggs ought to get involved.

Unlike you bent over... I don't spend every second on this infested site... cockroach.