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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


We are told, incessantly, that carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming – it is not.

The primary source of surface heat is radiant energy from the sun. Minor heat comes from geothermal energy from volcanoes and hot rocks. Trivial quantities of local heat are brought to Earth’s surface by humans using stoves, cars, boilers, engines and factories powered by mined fuels such as coal, oil, gas and uranium. Even using “green” energy such as ethanol, wind or wood has a tiny temperature effect by transferring solar energy from farms and forests, to be released eventually as waste heat in cities.

Solar energy is more concentrated in equatorial areas and is moved pole-wards by the circulation of air (99.9% nitrogen, oxygen and argon), and by water and water vapour via evaporation, condensation and ocean currents. These processes are all driven by conduction, convection, latent heat and Earth’s rotation, not carbon dioxide. They are the major forces creating weather. Variations in solar cycles and cloud cover control longer term climate change.

Carbon dioxide plays almost no part in any of these dominant weather processes. Moreover, it does not burn, nor is it radioactive – it cannot produce heat.

The so called greenhouse gases (mainly water vapour and carbon dioxide) have the ability to absorb radiant energy and transmit it to their surroundings. These gases tend to retain some surface heat but also assist the Earth to shed heat from the upper troposphere by radiating energy to space. Without this ability to shed heat to space, the upper atmosphere would be considerably hotter.

However, carbon dioxide occurs in tiny trace amounts in the atmosphere, and any surface heating it could do is already being done by water vapour, which is more abundant and affects far more energy wavelengths. Also, the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is almost exhausted after the first hundred parts per million – adding more has very little effect on Earth’s surface temperature.

The net atmospheric effect of additional carbon dioxide is thus very minor and difficult to quantify.  It probably makes the nights slightly warmer, especially in higher latitudes during winter; and it probably has little effect on daytime temperatures.

But additional carbon dioxide in the biosphere gives a major boost to all plants which feed all animals. It is not a pollutant, anywhere.



Viv makes some highly relevant points on the sources of heat for our planet with the undeniable observation that the vast majority of it comes from the sun. He couples that with the fact that although relatively minor, much of our human contributions via combustion of fuels are “released eventually as waste heat in cities”.
It is the growth of our cities and our desire to congregate in “easy / nice to live” locations that drives population growth in storm and flood prone areas, thereby magnifying the consequences of those major weather events when they occur.
This gives the impression that the frequency and severity of these weather events is increasing when history tells us that there is nothing new happening. We are just more exposed to those events a lot better than our ancestors at broadcasting and dramatising them!
We don’t seem to be able to understand the complexities of modelling our weather patterns well enough to be able to forecast severe storms and floods more than a couple of days into the future, but all of a sudden we are supposed to believe fifty or one hundred year forecasts of “global warming” due to recycling a small proportion of the carbon that has always been part of our planet.
Doesn’t make sense to me!

Many climate scientists are now recognising that there is something wrong with their models which all predicted warming. Dr. Roy Spencer has produced a graph showing 73 climate models versus actual temperature measurements ( ). Furious backpedalling has started and there is a significant trend showing we've now got a cooling trend.

Your readers might find this article interesting.

Viv Forbes certainly makes more sense to me than Tim Flannery and his lot. The mystery is, why so many believed the latter for so long, and in the face of so much evidence to the contrary.

Consider a lesson that history has given us when misguided zealots have inflicted their interpretation and opinions of how the world functions on the rest of humanity. The common theme is to sell an intangible based on fear, that has no short term shelf life and makes money!!
Look at religion. Not all religions, just the ones that make people feel guilty for being unworthy and want them to give cash because it will make them better people. Sounds like garbage doesn't it, but think about it- there is a common thread.
How does paying money make you a better person? It can't. How does paying for a adverb, "Global Warming" make the world cooler or a better place to live. Again it doesn't.
Both are based on fear and ignorance. He's a fact- the earth will be just fine long after humanity is gone.
Maintaining the Rage!!!

Although there may some disagreement concerning technical details, Viv Forbes brings up two critical points regarding enhanced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One, there is no physical evidence that the cause of the late 20th century warming was carbon dioxide. The warming was in the range of natural variability and none of the climate models have been scientifically validated, thus projections from them are of little value. There is significant physical evidence that enhanced atmospheric carbon dioxide is a great benefit to virtually all forms of plants, thus enriching the environment. For example see: and
Ken Haapala SEPP

Tim Flannery should be stripped of " Australian of the Year " gong.

"was able recently to post an answer on to a question about the greenhouse effect on Venus, an update to which I give here:

Surprisingly to most, there is no greenhouse effect at all, and you can prove it for yourself.

From the temperature and pressure profiles for the Venusian atmosphere, you can confirm that, at the altitude where the pressure = 1000 millibars, which is the sea level pressure of Earth, the temperature of the Venusian atmosphere is 66ºC = 339K.

This is much warmer than the temperature at the surface of the Earth (at pressure = 1000 millibars), which is about 15ºC = 288K. HOWEVER

Venus is closer to the Sun, and gets proportionally more power from it. Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun, on average, while Venus is only 67.25 million. Since the intensity of the Sun's radiation decreases with distance from it as 1 over r-squared, Venus receives (93/67.25) squared, or 1.91 times the power per unit area that Earth receives, on average."

@ rae

What does Judaism and Christianity have in common?

"....because the first loud voices that called out the warning against the 'Gaia Worship Death Cults', were those of the Judeo/Christian faiths..."

"The Jewification of Christianity"

The London Jewish World of March 15, 1923 declared: "Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian." Rabbi Martin Siegel: "I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-idealogical blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish" (New York Magazine, January 18, 1972, p. 32).

This global warming stuff has got to be a load of unmitigated horseshit. If you go to anywhere like Scotland or Norway or even NZ you can see these mighty valleys that were all formed by glaciers. Check out Wikipedia on ice ages and you find that there have been several, in fact we in the warming-up period of one that started 2.5 million years ago.

I remember being told about the Tasmanian aborigines who walked across what is now Bass Strait maybe 10,000 years ago. That's like yesterday in geological terms.

Seems to me that the greenies have simply tied the rise of carbon dioxide with a supposed temperature rise and come to simplistic conclusions. Why - anarchy. They want to somehow dismantle industry and all that comes with it so they can get back to basket weaving and playing flutes and playing in the sun. Dunno how they think they are going to get enough food to eat.

Well said, Viv. The Climate Commission should be disbanded and common sense applied to the climate issue.

T T that's what it cost us we also had to out lay $12.000 on 12 panels @204 kw as a person who knows quite a lot about electricity , when rudd introduced this I said to my partner that electricity charges will rise , we now have newman in qld raving on about electricity costs and in most cases he is correct BUT what he fails to tell the battlers and pensioners and vets is , THAT THEY own 50%of ergon and energex even I voted for this bloke the bullshit is again surfacing , my old mate digger d always said you can tell when a [politician is bullshitting (when you see his mouth move)

That's what happens, and history will show you that when ever a Govt interferes with the economy - all it does is drive prices higher.

There's about 600 comments here Viv and almost all agree with you that AGW is a lie and a scam. Funny how the mainstream media always gives the impression that only a minority disagree with the Global Warming theory. The exact opposite is the truth!

Actually the pardeee starts 15 Sept so you should make it to the start ! The problem is a 31495 day pardee is not long enough to celebrate the demise of Slagillard and Co.

A great article from Mr. Forbes, and typical of him - concise, to the point, accurate, easy for non-scientists (but maybe not the political fraudsters and hangers-on with their snouts in the global warming trough) to understand, and irrefutable.

I gave you the real science behind it, the most extensive study performed by any Government, yet with your gullible head in the sand - you choose to ignore it.

Well said, Viv. You farmers and geologists understand climate.

Politicians, activists and academics with snouts in the taxpayer trough do not. They're blinded by money and ego.!.html

Malcolm Roberts

Did you hear Trish Crossin`s speech in the senate yesterday?.She had a fair dinkum go at Gillard. The libs do not need to spend big money on advertising, the labor mob are spraying each other with bullets. Cameron also had a big go at Gillard in his speech. and said Crossin had been treated badly by Gillard. I have never seen venom like this within a political parliamentary party.