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Friday, 19th October 2018

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... was it only for the birds?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As reported earlier this week, “... air travel could be rendered all but impossible.” Sophisticated measures taken to ensure the safety of an aircraft prior to take-off will prove pointless if any one of thousands of sophisticated surface-to-air missiles can destroy it from the ground.

And when those sophisticated missiles are in the hands of mad-dog militias, as they are, you had better get that bike out of the garage because international air transport will be a no go area.

Publicity seeking terrorists have noted this morning’s incident and just how easy it was to grab undivided world media attention, and media is a critical part of any conflict.

Palestinians who invite the West to cover the killing of women and children must feel deprived that Russian separatists have stolen their media thunder now that Israeli ground forces have moved to destroy Hamas. 

Israel will be delighted the spotlight is shining elsewhere.

Public transport in both world wars, both on the sea and in the air, was never immune from attack, and it’s not now.

While Obama is busy making enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton came out with all guns blazing and pointed at Putin before Malaysian Flight 17 had hit the ground. 

Now there’s a lesson in diplomacy from someone half of the US thinks should be the next president.

The bloke who shot down that aircraft is a hooded yobbo idiot with a missile launcher he hardly knew how to use. Of course the BUK weapon was Russian-made, but it may have passed through many hands before this galah got hold of it. 

But that didn’t stop that other galah, Bill Shorten saying in Parliament this morning that Putin must be brought to account!

If manufacturers of weaponry are to be held to account then every member of every US Administration in history would be in jail. We are a major purchaser of US weaponry.

If you run over a rose bush with your lawnmower you can’t blame Victa.

Malaysia Airlines is most culpable yet again, only this time it was intent on saving fuel by overflying Ukraine, unlike other responsible airlines who opt for alternative northern routes.

So now stand by for the blame game... and first cab off the rank should be Malaysia and its airline.


The Three Musketeers, SHY, lee Rhiannon and Prune Face.

Could it be a cloaked attack on Islam and a Moslem aeroplane?

Yes that is the case DJT and that was the plan all along and it is working.

yes it was only the lefty's changing there vote

the real figure is not 18% its a 4% turn against the govt not likely in a state election
and even so the libs will still be in govt

Any one see Bolt today? I'm refusing to listen to Rays continuos call team today. I'm sorry Ray, your barred and by default so is your whole entire call team, including the Big man and big Block.

Now that Labor have won this election it will be interesting to watch the infighting within Labor as to what the new members responsibility will be seeing the current Labor health spokesperson has no intention of giving up her portfolio seeing it is a great little earner as well the prestige of office and this new bloke having surgeon qualification making him more qualified although the last person who held the seat was supposed to be really smart as well and look where that got the peoples of that electorate .

"The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAN), a UN watchdog, considers the airspace over the region part of Ukraine’s national traffic control responsibility. Russia has contested this ever since the former Ukrainian region became part of Russia.

Amid the conflict most carriers avoid flying through Crimean airspace. Malaysian Airlines is no exception, and MH17 flights were usually routed over the Azov Sea northeast of Crimea or over the Black Sea to the south of it. If flying over the Azov Sea was not available for some reason on Thursday, the carrier could have been advised by Ukrainian traffic control to divert the flight further north".

"What’s peculiar about MH17 is that the ill-fated flight was different from its usual path over Ukraine. According to data at, a website tracking civil aviation traffic, the flight on Thursday diverted about 200km north from the paths the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 had used in previous days. And it led the plane right over the war-torn Donetsk Region.

So far no official explanation has been given as to the unusual flight path. But a conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the airspace above Crimea may have played a role".

MA should never have been flying civilians over a conflict zone. Air travel ain't what it used to be yet none so blind as travel-addicted who don't want to see. Airline safety has been on a gradual downward trajectory for 20 years. Just because it used to be safe, reliable, clean, comfortable, relatively risk-free and affordable doesn't mean it stayed that way. Many things in this world change for better or worse over time, and air travel is one major industry imo that has definitely changed for the worse and nowadays I tend to avoid it.

"The analysis of the flight recorders “is the responsibility of ICAO [International Civil Aviation Organization]; it’s the responsibility of those states which have the most direct connection to this tragedy – the Netherlands, Malaysia and the states whose citizens were on board, and of course Ukraine,” Lavrov said.

"The Russian Defense Ministry has said that neither the Buk missile defense system, nor any other military equipment, has crossed the Russian border into Ukraine.

Such border crossings “can’t be performed in secrecy,” the official representative for the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists in Moscow"

"Moscow has no plans to seize the flight recorders from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, told Rossiya 24 channel.

The seizure of flight records would violate international law as it’s up to relevant international agencies to investigate of the incident, he explained.

Congratulations ALP, you now have 9 seats in Queensland, a record, you must be very proud, NOT!

Another psychopathic, Narcissistic Doctor in Queensland Parliament, ... is he going to repay the money he stole from Queensland Health ?

"A simple search reveals that MH17 was in fact diverted 200km north from the usual flight path taken by Malaysian Airlines in the previous days – and plunged right in the middle of a war zone. Why? What sort of communication had MH17 received from the Kiev air control tower?

Kiev has been mute about it. Yet the answer would be simple, had Kiev released the Air Traffic Control recording of the tower talking to flight MH17".

"The tracking radar range on the Buk system is a maximum of 50 miles (80km). MH17 was flying at 500mph. So assuming the ‘rebels’ had an operational Buk and did it, they would have had not more than five minutes to scan all the skies above, all possible altitudes, and then lock on. By then they would have known that a cargo plane could not possibly be flying that high".

“The military confirm that it was Ukraine, but it is not known where the order came from. (7.31)”

Carlos, the Spanish air traffic controller working at Kiev’s tower:
“The B777 was escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets minutes before disappearing from radar (5.48pm)”

“If the Kiev authorities want to admit the truth 2 fighter jets were flying very close a few minutes before the incident but did not shoot down the airliner (5.54)”

“As soon as the Malaysia Airlines B777 disappeared the Kiev military authority informed us of the shooting down. How did they know? (6.00)”

"Everything has been recorded on radar. For those that don’t believe it, it was taken down by Kiev; we know that here (in traffic control) and the military air traffic control know it too (7.14)”

“The Ministry of the Interior did know that there were fighter aircraft in the area, but the Ministry of Defense didn’t. (7.15)

"The Russian ministry said the radar could be providing tracking information to another battery deployed in the region, which was at a firing distance from the plane’s flight path.

Earlier Kiev said it could not have fired a missile at the passing civilian plane because it had no Buk missile launchers deployed in the region. At the same time the Ukrainians said the militias had no Buk systems in their hands, according to a statement from the country’s Prosecutor General.

After the Russian ministry came out with the statement, Bogdan Senyk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reiterated Kiev’s position, saying that "anti-aircraft missiles have not been deployed during the anti-terrorist operation ... they are all in place."

DJT this is a sign to come all over Australia unfortunately. People have been getting to used to handouts and Gillard knew this. Next will be Victoria. People don't care about the future as long as they can spend today.

Is the German Chancellor an Agent of Russia? NewZeal (New Zeal Blog)

Ukrainian Buk battery radar was operational when Malaysian plane downed
"On Thursday, when a Malaysian Airlines plane was apparently shot down over Ukraine, a Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational in the region, the Russian Defense Ministry said, contradicting Kiev’s statements.

The battery was deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner, the ministry said in a statement. It said radiation from the battery’s radar was detected by the Russian military.
“The Russian equipment detected throughout July 17 the activity of a Kupol radar, deployed as part of a Buk-M1 battery near Styla [a village some 30km south of Donetsk],” the ministry said in a statement".