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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There was the brilliant Lewis Jetta’s celebration of a goal that looked more like a Kabuki fan dance but no simulated spear throwing, no “up your bum” aggressive arm and fist gestures, no charging at astonished patrons, no little girls ejected from the ground... actually the weekend’s footy had no nasty racist incidents at all! Could it be that Adam Goodes decided to stay home?

Goodes was shocked at the average Aussie’s reaction to his disgraceful antics, but he shouldn’t have been, he should have been grateful that some disgusted footy fan hadn’t jumped the fence and jobbed him!

Media’s Left had emboldened him and adorned him with an undeserved Australian of the Year prize. He started to believe his and their bullshit. He only mixed in white Aboriginal circles that promoted an Aboriginal victim mentality. 

Well, Adam was served a dose of reality from real Australians who believe this land is theirs too. He clearly didn’t appreciate that much, so he took a week off to sulk.

How dare you tell me you’re more Australian than me you bastard? I was born here before you were! I understand this land better than you!

Come bush with me Adam and I’ll show you what it’s like to spend three months at a time fencing on horseback. I’ll show you how to catch perch without a hook and how to cook it, where to find bush fruit and vegetables, how to make real ‘roo tail soup, bake wild tomato damper and cook an emu egg omelette. 

I’ll explain what snakes taste best and when you tire of that fare I’ll show you how to catch a feed of teal duck without a gun and what firewood will last all night to keep the dingoes at bay.

Or why not take six months off, like I did a few years ago, and I’ll show you an inaccessible Australia from an R22 helicopter you are never likely to see. But I guess you are too busy with gala celebrity appointments where fawning activists regurgitate your bullshit.

You want to share this land with me, Adam? You’re welcome... but never tell me it’s not mine too, and never taint our national game with your vile racism.


Brilliant! Thank you!

Bloody Goodes declared war on the opposition with his "Spear Dance". When he got what HE ASKED FOR he was like a cowardly cur and ran off yelping and crying with his tail between his legs. Grow a spine you bully.


Jessica Mauboy has sunk to the depths od Goodes and Co. What is it with these 'people', they can live in the whiteman's world, be payed squillions and still they cannot break from that bullshit that holds them back. Reminds me of the little Nigerian girl that was rescued and taken to the USA, educated and assimilated. She became a surgeon and when qualified returned to the country of her berth to do good. Lovely sentiment hey? It took her 6 months to revert, became wife No6 and lived with the rest of them in a hut. No wonder they are called 'the white mans burden".

Boooing will be like wolf whistling a [sexist] racist taunt that will be banned by the U.N [surely there is something else we can ban ?] Goodes can get his name in History as fighting the Racism of those evil white ,Nazi Racist football supporters who were out to get him by barracking for the other team

Never mind, The Creep will be Baaack next weekend...
I surely do hope the Booers will be baaack in force also.....}:-[

Keep up the good work Larry. It appears we have a few strange ones on board today, obviously troubled by the amount of freedom of speech in which to voice a view not shared by them. On the up side we and our views are rattling around in their heads Rent Free until they give up and return to the ABC and Fairfax mob where they can Kneel to Mecca with their friends and discuss how they will give away the rest of our children's future to Indonesia or anyone else who will take it when they get their mitts back into what is left of the public purse after their last effort.

Icke Named Heath in his book in the 90s, the trouble with finding witnesses is Heath used to take the boys out on his boat and they would never return. As sick as this is it goes all the way to the top that is how and why a lid has been kept on it for so long.


I don't think people realise how the Goodes fiasco has been seized upon by those with the anti-white European Australian agenda to make their move. Both the Prime Minister and Shorten have labelled those exercising their common law right of freedom of expression to boo Goodes as racists. This is remarkable coming from two so-called lawyers, when any objective lawyer would recognise that if that was the case, all aboriginal footballers would be booed. No one ever booed any other previous or present aboriginal AFL footballer, and no lawyer worthy of their degree would ever reach such an objective and unsubstantiated conclusion. Of course this bi-partisan condemnation of white European Aussies as racists was like red rag to a bull to the AFL, the ABC, SBS, the Fairfax press and even The Australian who all jumped onto the bandwagon. So Saturday when the Swans play the Cats at Kardinia Park will be watershed moment in our history. The AFL has stated on its website that booing Goodes will not be condoned, Abbott and Shorten have referred to the booers as racists, and security goons know they can even remove a 13 year old from her seat and imprison and interrogate her with impunity. So there is no way booing will be permitted on Saturday as to allow it would stop the plan. There will probably be a threat against booing before the game starts in order to intimidate the crowd. The arena will be flooded with goons and police in order to nip any booing in the bud. Anyone who does boo will be grabbed by the goons and delivered to the waiting police as happened to the little girl. One thing is for sure, there will be no freedom to boo. Freedom of speech is on the way out and the police state is on the way in. Innocent little children playing AFL even have Goode's number 37 written on their arms in black. That say's it all. Posted by the Flysa Legal Institute


If he doesn't tip a bucket of effluent on Tony Burke and the other Labor entitlements rorters then he need a good kick in the arse.

DRUM tonight - against TA because he didn't want to have town hall meetings with Noel Pearson who wants total control of the constitution. Jane Caro and another cartoon lefty woman on . Don't bother. It's a drag.

Climate change has led to swarms of giant mosquito's responsible for the death of baby reindeer, no I'm not joking it's on

Further instalment on Labor Senator Novis

Later that same day, Ms Peris writes Mr Boldon again, outlining her inability to focus on anything else.

“Ok now I have to go and give a talk to 200 kids and all I am going to be thinking about is f****** you now lol

“Ok Nova you can do this lol … focus lol xxx”

The next day Mr Boldon responds with: “I wanna f*** u sitting on my lap alot.”

In other emails, Ms Peris details how she was working to obtain additional money for Ato Boldon from various other sources including indigenous groups, Commonwealth Bank, Collingwood Football Club and Channel 10 in Melbourne.

The exact total of money Mr Boldon received is unclear but in an email from mid-March, Ms Peris writes that she had managed to round up $22,000 for him, on top of the money Athletics Australia paid.

100% Aussie. Do I Look Like I Give A F**K

I'm still trying to work out what DILLIGAF is.

Channel 10, after a lengthy piece about how Tony Abbott wants Bronwyn Bishop to leave politics finally covered a piece about Tony Burke and Albanese rorting taxpayer money. Admittedly had you blinked you would have missed it: Tony Abbott piece : 1 minute 40 secs. The Albo /Burke rort: 30 seconds. Shorten said "Mr Abbott, as ever will give up anyone else to save his job.." Later when asked about Burke and Albo Shorten said "After 3 weeks when the their government's gone missing of course they then start frowing (sic) dirt at a labor politician.." For the record that's TWO labor politicians Bill. Shorten would also be best advised to avoid doing to camera shots with Kim Carr in the background - he has turned out to be a boofhead of the highest order.

An oldie but a goodies. The thing is that we seems to be breeding more and more of these dickheads so stock up on pills.