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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Hard to imagine a female Stick Insect more capable of devious deception than Julia Gillard. They chew their partners’ heads off after mating. But there ya go... it’s a photo finish. And it’s hard to imagine a portfolio more suited to political chicanery than DFAT. But there ya go again... the nutritionally challenged Stick Insect managed to snaffle it with typical feline perniciousness. And Gillard gave it to the unelected, cosmetically challenged, Bob Carr for his dodgy support. What women!

Tania Plibersek also coveted the portfolio from the shadows but her geography was seen to be sorely lacking when she declared Africa a country and that only a few islands in a Pacific archipelago were affected by global warming. Hmmmm.

As Deputy to Abbott, the Stick Insect showed her deficient loyalty as she plotted against him to assure Turnbull of the top job. Naturally, she was assured of continuing in DFAT as a condition. 

Her hatred of Abbott, Credlin and Hockey developed after they limited the unquenchable largesse coming from her foreign aid budget.

She has a deep affection for the corrupt UN and in almost every way, like Turnbull, she is more at home in Labor Party circles talking global warming bullshit with the disastrous Kevin Rudd.

She gave a fortune in multiple tranches of $25 million in borrowed funds to the fraudulent Hillary Clinton Foundation... and that’s illegal (but you can’t expect the Labor Party to complain about that) so to ensure she would never be held liable she took AusAID under the DFAT banner and ran the money through this formerly respectable agency. Only then could DFAT legally ignore requests under the Freedom of Information Act... and it does. Clearly she knew it was illegal to fund foreign political campaigns. 

So we only see what she allows us to see... gifts to Islamic causes remain mostly hidden, but would create howls of protest everywhere, except from within the UN, if they were disclosed. An indication is that she taxpayer-financed the despicable Yassmin Abdel-Magied (above) on a Middle Eastern whirlwind tour of the most violently Islamic countries on Earth with terrorist connections, including Saudi Arabia and Palestine. 

This rather immature, well-fed, Islamic activist, Magied (that’s the one who completes every sentence with “Inshallah” (meaning Allah willing) then returned to the ABC’s Q&A to sing false Muslim praises to a wildly applauding ABC audience, while taking advice from terrorist organisation, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is banned everywhere except here. 

The ABC insists on employing token Aborigines, Muslims, insane feminists and terrorists, and all appear grossly under qualified. 

But the Stick Insect’s choice of Turnbull as Lib leader is unravelling and she will crash with him, as the new Conservatism continues to gather strength. 

To be honest, most reasonable Conservatives are sickened at Labor Lefties embedding themselves within the Liberal Party, falsely anticipating electoral palatability. And the polls are reflecting this treacherous anomaly.

Foreign Affairs (as the portfolio was originally known) is the preferred choice of every front bencher. The best of cocktail parties, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, the best of banquets, first class air travel with Govt transport and security to the world’s most exclusive hotels and a gratis wardrobe any man or woman would die for. Fine wines and caviar at all polo matches and $30 grand empty aeroplanes from Perth in time for the Melbourne Cup (above). How much was the other Bishop's chopper again?

Carrying a stringless purse of over five thousand million dollars of Australian taxpayer funds to distribute to questionable causes can make you quite a few friends. It’s a life of Riley while it lasts.

You are removed from the dirty infighting of Parliament and only need turn up for the odd Question Time or another "important" function. The luxurious affairs of DFAT will attract any fancied partner as he or she has a complete and equal share of the same outrageous excesses. 

Then again, I do feel sorry for Mr Wonderful (above) because now his use-by date is fast approaching he, like Abbott, will also have his head chewed off by the Stick Insect. 

... much like Gillard’s ex-partners suffered thoracic/cranium separations. 


Drac...Couth or Uncouth...whatever the label...we still luv yer!

When you look at what's running the country, you have to wonder why it didn't go broke 50 years ago.

I see Barnaby is in his

A couple who had a good day at the last Melbourne cup was our foreign minister Lady Julie Macbeth-Stickinsect and her latest handbag "Horse" Pantsoff who were spotted in the horse stalls prior to the race checking-out the knackers of all the stallions for comparison to "Pantsoff" kit. Unfortunately the loved-up couple missed the big race as they found an empty stall and ended having a roll in the hay instead.

So why recently I have required to log in every time I access PP. Who is watching.

Thats old, but good.

G'Day Drac, hows it hangin?

OK people, how many of you "senior members" have had their Flu shots in late April to cover you for the four months high risk period? WE had ours yesterday PLUS my wife had the pneumonia shot. I also had the Herpes Zoster vaccine some six weeks ago.

Ive never known anyone as Couth as you Drac . Your'e Couthiful .

You see these 'arty' twats arranging the crap with their bare fingers, eeeeuuuwwww.


You're one of the couthest guys on PP, Drac.

Oh dear, before anyone reads this please take your BP medication if needed - Gillian Triggs has won a Freedom of Speech award, now that has to be some sort of sick joke!

Putin , talking about the USA, describes Western Democracy (including Australia) and how it is a total fraud 'At the Valdai discussion club, Putin summed up Western democracy:

In the West, voters cannot change policies through elections, because the ruling elites control whoever is elected. Elections give the appearance of democracy, but voting does not change the policies that favor war and the elites. Therefore, the will of the people is impotent.

People are experiencing that they and their votes have no influence on the conduct of affairs of the country. This makes them afraid, frusrated, and angry, a combination of emotions that is dangerous to the ruling elite, who in response organize the powers of the state against the people, while urging them with propaganda to support more wars.

Who's idea?

Outgoing human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs wins freedom of speech award
Triggs named 2017 recipient of the Voltaire award as her five-year contract comes to an end

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EXCLUSIVE: UKIP’s Deselected Islam Critic says Nuttall ‘Not Prepared to Answer Difficult Questions on Islam’

The government has been on a spending binge this week.

It has announced it will fund the second Sydney airport because the main player in the commercial sector has said the business case doesn’t stack up. This $6 billion must be part of the ‘good debt’ that the Treasurer revealed we needed to incur during a speech last week.

His intention is to keep ‘good debt’ off the balance sheet and squirrel it away in government funded enterprises. The NBN is a prime example of such an approach. It also serves as a timely reminder of how foolish some of this expenditure really is.

The NBN rollout has cost tens of billions more than ever expected, failed to meet expectations and the government has had to 'lend' an additional $20 billion to finish the national rollout.

Even the most generous analysts expect at least that amount to be written off in the years ahead. That means the government has borrowed money on behalf of a company and has next to no chance of getting it back.

The total cost of the NBN is around $54 billion, about ten times what it was first envisaged to be when cobbled together on the back of a coaster by Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy.

One can only wonder what the final cost of a second airport will be under the stewardship of a government installed management.

It can be argued that part of this expected expenditure will be offset by proposed savings in the tertiary education sector. These savings will actually require students to pay back their HELP loans earlier in their careers whilst also modestly adding to the cost of their degrees.

Hopefully this will provide some incentive for students to actually choose degrees that will support them in establishing a career rather than a degree for degree’s sake.

As someone who loathed university, I have long held the view that a university education isn’t necessarily for everyone. Nor should it be a requirement for a fulfilling and prosperous life.

The key to post-secondary education is to learn a financially valuable skill; be it as a doctor, a dentist, a teacher or a plumber (to name only a few). University is necessary for some of those careers but education comes in many forms.

The newspaper cadetship produced some of the greatest members of the fourth estate whilst few of the current university journalism graduates are actually able to pursue careers in the field. Similarly, on-the-job training for trades or small business generally produces better outcomes than solely textbook based learning experiences.

We are even seeing some firms deliberately choose non-university graduates because they recognise tertiary teaching is too often indoctrination rather than education. Without adequate price signals, universities make millions putting students in dead-end degrees without a care whether their graduates get jobs.

In the United States, millions of graduates now find themselves saddled with onerous education debts and little chance of getting a job in the field for which they have been prepared. Student loan debt is over $1.4 trillion with 90 percent funded by the federal government.

We cannot let the same circumstance happen here. Post-secondary education is important but so is the requirement for it to deliver financial benefits for the student. After all, that will also deliver better outcomes for the country.

Until next week.

Cory Bernardi