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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Yusuf Islam (AKA Cat Stevens) is just one of a long line of aged and tired performers who can no longer make a quid in the big market. He is plying his way down under to get a few dumb buggers to pay for a seat to listen to him. This Muslim Cat has converted to Islam and if I were you I’d demand my money back when he asks you to join him in an interval prayer session facing Mecca. 

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini declared a “fatwa” on Salman Rushdie (above) who critiqued Islam in “The Satanic Verses”, instructing Muslims everywhere, including the Muslim Cat, to kill him.

Muslims have been trying ever since. Ten's token Muslim looked quite sheepish at the fatwa instructions explained by his Cat cult leader.

The Muslim Cat said he would go to a ceremony to burn an effigy of Salman Rushdie only if it (the effigy) was real. “He must be killed. The Koran makes it clear. If someone defames the prophet, then they must die”, he told an unquestioning audience at one time.

So riding on the peace train includes decapitation or immolation if you write something Muslims don’t want to hear? That’s some peace train the Muslim Cat and his token Channel 10 friend is driving.

After his conversion to Islam The Cat described music as "the work of the devil". After the realisation he was broke, music again was in vogue and his only likely insolvency saviour. 

And now Australia is to be “blessed” with an exhumation of his ancient anti-Vietnam songs.

Of course, as was expected, the token Muslim (the one with a head more suited to radio) on Channel 10’s The Project, sickeningly sung the Muslim Cat’s praises in a fawning display of everything Islamic. 

Well Channel 10’s token Muslim can come around here, (cos I too have been endowed with a “fatwa” on me) so I can see if he’s got the guts to carry out my beheading. His producer has my address, and I won't be shifting homes for any Muslim. 

I mean he is partly responsible for 10’s demise and he calls all those who disagree with him Islamophobic. People deserting Channel 10 into insolvency give the token Muslim as the primary reason they switch off. 

I don’t watch 10, but I have no phobia of him or his disgusting cult but unfortunately 10's likely purchaser, CBS, is just another Lefty, US, anti-Trump network that will adore someone like the current token Muslim to add to their stable of grubs.

So, you piss-weak excuse for a small-brained monkey, bring your mate the Muslim Cat with you, I’ll be waiting to show you both a gun, and in case that jams, a bigger knife than Hoges’. 

You see, I have nothing to lose ‘cos, according to the oncologists, I’m supposed to be dead already …so you can bet I will be taking both of you scumbags with me. And I should inform you that there are no virgins waiting for you anywhere, just aging, VD inflicted goats. 

But I won’t inform you of that because you might be more pleased about it.

Muslim rats like you are the reason I have cops driving past my home all the time, so I’d love to give them a reason not to bother.

Funny that this Cat is able to get a visa without question but anyone who questions his motives is denied one to appease Turnbull's limited Left entourage. 

                            Hirsi Ali says Australia should shut down Islamic schools

It took only 400 Australians to sign an online petition ahead of Hirsi Ali’s speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand to get the tour cancelled, due to (a'hem) security and "organisational issues". 

She is a woman freed from Islam who now tells truths that the Left is intent on shutting down.

Cat F***ing Stevens eh? Both you and Channel 10’s token Muslim can go and get properly fornicated,

…or perhaps you can both manage that as a joined-at-the-hip item, before holding hands and jumping off the nearest building.


I have a vinyl record made by Cat Stevens. Brilliant. Wouldn't touch this yusaf Islam with a ten foot barge pole. But they're the same person you say. Not a bloody chance Cat Stevens died when this bloke converted.

Yep, a bloodthirsty, uncivilized, Neanderthal, CULT!

A least we know KittyCat is Sunni , Wal wouldn't be caught dead with him if he were a Shi'ite .

On the road to find out haha

The worst Muzzie cunts are the converts like Stevens. Go put a suicide vest on in a mosque you paedo poof.

Aging rabies inflicted goats please Larry.

Pharma-government medical mafia meets Aussie resistors
Dr John Piesse has been targeted by corporate-government health bureaucrats (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) because he willingly provides exemptions for infant vaccinations.
AUSTRALIA’S deep state is meeting serious resistance from people hungry to see justice for children injured, maimed and killed by vaccines............................."

Well said Larry.

How can anyone with any intellect at all read the Koran and still remain a Muslim. Waleed Ali with his faux intellect, understandable, besides it's a nice little earner for him. But cat Stevens ? Would I trust him with my grandkids ? No

What is it that attracts so many black entertainers and sportspersons to convert to Islam? Perhaps it is the opportunity snub and work against all others without impunity. Reply

If CBS do take over Channel 10 and keep this Wally Weed creep on they will go down the same path to insolvency. I too don't watch Ch. 10 at all. Same as the ABC, can't stand the lefty rubbish they have the hide to broadcast including Aljazeera. And while I'm at it the crew on Ch. 9 are a scruffy bunch of uglies too. Wilkinson and Wilkins in particular have become well past it for interest.

Larry, if I knew your address I would gladly provide security 2 days a week, including Friday nights after Muslim prayers. I will bring my own buckets of pig shit to insert into the ugly gob of any Muzzie attacker I kill or severely maim.

Susan Carland is a dumb sub-human cunt.

Walked Aly is Mr Hanky from South Park.

It would be funny is Stevens & Aly were raped by a pack of faggots.

As an active supporter and member of this killer cult of retarded inbreeds he should never be permitted to enter or even come near this country. .

Could not have said it better myself. Well said Mr P, smash them, you are on fire! It is amazing to watch a network prepared to hang onto that shit head, that is obviously causing immense financial hardship to the brand. If he wasn't from that particular breed, he would have been off loaded ages ago. As for Cat Stevens, enough said!

"I love my goat"

Ten, the free to air version of the ABC

Cat Steven on BBC Program Discussing Salman Rushdie

I can't find the end of that show but Robinson makes the boss rag head look a right cunt.

Sir Salman Rushdie slaps down Yusuf Islam