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Friday, 22nd March 2019

If you would like to be involved or support the upkeep and further development of this site, it would be very welcome no matter how small.


Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Pickering Posters,

I have just had an extremely sobering conversation with all of the other people involved with the upkeep of the Pickering Post. All of them are in agreement that we should close it down as of now.

As the people who work and pay to keep The Post going, we are the ones who are likely to bear responsibility in the event of legal action. I am not a lawyer. I do not know how that would pan out, but I also have no wish to find out.

We live in a post-free speech era. Here at the post, we fight and rail against this. Our constitution and legal history tell us that free speech is our right. Unfortunately, the people who now control our legal system will urinate all over our constitutional rights and there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

If we are going to turn things around, the Pickering Post is a valuable tool. Do you want us to continue to fight, or do you just want The Post as a forum where you can spew out your own opinions without caring for any consequences?

Option 2 is not an option by the way. If people are going to use it as such, we will just shut it down.

We understand that many of you feel aggrieved at the Mardi Gras or that minority groups seem to have more rights than the majority. However, it is possible to complain about this without sounding unreasonable or threatening.

If we remove your post, it is because we feel you have stepped over this line and you have exposed us to risk of litigation. If you continue to do so, we will delete your account. Why would anyone take this personally?

Have a look back through the posts since Larry passed away at the number of times I have had to write, asking people to pull their heads in in the comments section.

This takes valuable time of which I do not have much. The work we do here is unpaid, yet I consider it important. If we lose the Pickering Post, it will be a great setback.

If you want your free speech back, you will have to make sacrifices for the fight. That doesn’t mean storming a beach under fire. It just means biting your tongue sometimes and understanding that those of us doing the heavy lifting could be put at risk by your indiscretion. Loose lips sink ships.

If your post is deleted, it is because we think it puts us at risk. Please use that as a guide for future posts. If we miss your post, someone else may pick up on it and use it as an excuse to try to fry us.

Do not attack the moderators or the people running the site. No, we are not Larry, but we do our best in a difficult situation. We would like to have completely free speech but we are not prepared to put ourselves at risk to make some hollow gesture. 

If you do not like the way this site runs, please find an alternative or start your own blog in competition. We are happy for you to promote it in the comments section.

If you want to continue posting on here, please be mindful of the risks you could be exposing us to. If we don’t get cooperation, we will just call it a day.


The left masquerading as conservatives are having a field day

Harry, for fear of being sued (Larry didn't care - good on him) - think you are correct - too many trolls out there - even when they are incorrect you would still come under fire - the HRC doesn't assist in any way and we are becoming more socialist every day with the trolls and the lefty media. It will be sad to see the site go, but, yes, it is in your best interests and there have been some disgusting comments over the years - you keep your life risk free. All the best.

Thanks Harry & all the others keeping this site running. I will rein in my sometimes caustic opinions.

HERE WE GO FOLKS....The NWO has shown itself for the first time...
Call to action on the creation of a UN parliamentary assembly
An international group of MPs calls for a body to strengthen the democratic representation of the world’s citizens in global affairs and the UN’s decision-making.............

First time i have been back here in a long time. This site has degenerated into a shit fight between certain posters that go off track from the articles posted by the guy & girls keeping Larry's site going. I'm over each article after about the 4th -5th comments that start drifting off topic and become boring tit for tat arguments between tossers. That is all.

We should be very worried about the Electoral Commission in the coming Federal election. A red flag went up for me when I read that they claimed Get Up had no connection to Labor.They must think we are all idiots! Then they tell us 16,000 "please explain" letters went out after 2016 election, asking why people voted several times. No action was taken on any of these. I remember something similar happened in Queensland but can't remember the details.We now know which side they are on.From all the social media I have been reading, I would say Labor and greens will be dumped, the majority loathe them.If they are said to win after votes are counted, I think the AEC and their methods should be looked a very carefully!

Harry,,something Grandma posted below got me thinking.
When you are re working the PP,would it be possible to have a section that has all the Federal MP'S e-mail address linked into it. And,when we start to discuss a certain topic it could be attached to the e-mail and sent to the sniveling pricks as commentary on their ineptness,or rarely the good policy they propose.They should not be able to complain about harassment as this site just discusses current affairs.They actually might learn what the great unwashed is really thinking of them. No bad thing,in my book.

Harry you are a hero

Bill Shorten another word used for Fuckwit !!!

Thank you Harry for the stellar job you have done to continue PP. I am an avid reader of every post, tho don't often comment. I see that they are digging away at Andrew Bolt's sky news, with advertisers pulling out because of the debate about George Pell's verdict. NIB the big health insurance co. has pulled it's ads. Michael Smith News is running on the smell of an oily rag. If PP and the latter go, it would be too sad to imagine. I do wonder if we are an apathetic lot, just object in our comments but do little else. I am old and not that mobile, but those able bodied men and women, should form a peaceful protest group, 'Keep Free Speech', not all hot headed like the Patriots, but people from all walks of life. Have a peaceful protest in every town and city, send a message from thousands.

I was wondering how long it would last after Larry passed on. Completely understandable, but a terrible shame too. I agree with SimonT that somehow if the Dissenter platform could be integrated, then any comments made are beyond PP's control.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Can I suggest that the solution is to replace the current comment section with Gab's Dissenter? (see ). Dissenter is only about a week old and is trying to become the free speech comment section for the whole internet. If each comment section was replaced with a link to the specific Dissenter link then free speech could be had, and all the risk would sit with Gab/Dissenter and not For Example the Dissenter URL for this specific website is

Remember that stink the other day about the hay truck being 25cm oversize or some such ridiculous figure? I wonder if it was as bad as this:

Malcolm Roberts - Pauline Hanson's One Nation
4 hrs ·

A number of people who are deciding whether to vote for One Nation at this next federal election have asked where One Nation stands on foreign workers and penalty rates.

There's quite a bit of scuttlebutt and mistruths being peddled by Labor and we want you to have the facts so you can make an informed decision this election.

#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #WadeRothery #Capricornia #Jobs #Rockhampton


Political Alert

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House Democrats plan vote to condemn anti-Semitism after Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar claims pro-Israel American Jews have 'allegiance to a foreign country'

Rep. Ilhan Omar said last week that she condemned 'political influence' in America 'that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country'
Remark came in the context of an audience member's shout about an anti-Semitic comment she had previously apologized for
Jewish Democrats condemned the 'slur' and rejected the stereotype that American Jews' first loyalty is to Israel
Omar refuses to back down this time, saying that as a member of Congress she 'should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country'
Nancy Pelosi is planning to hold a vote Wednesday on a House resolution but it's unclear how strongly worded it will be
One version under consideration directly condemns Omar, while another denounces anti-Semitism in general without naming her

What a nasty woman

Hillary Clinton Remarks at Bloody Sunday Commemorative Service

This is what happens when you send a boy on a man’s errand. Frydenberg is such an inconsequential wimp his very existence as the Member for Kooyong attracts potential predators. Frydenberg is like a shirt tail in the breeze. Cobbled together a national energy policy to suck up to Turnbull when he was PM. Now he puts together another plan that will please Morrison but without any original thoughts of his own.
The latest alternative, Julian Burnside is even worse so I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils. Burnside is related by marriage to Rob Hulls, the AG in Victoria who is at the core of its current law and order troubles. AS AG Hulls stacked the benches of the judiciary with limp wristed clones of himself and Burnside who now fail to impose adequate sentences on habitual criminals, grants bail like tram tickets and resile from the imposition of maximum sentences against criminals who justly deserve it.
Hulls was the antithesis of everything a responsible attorney general should be. He and Burnside are like a pair of Siamese twins in thought, word and deed. If he gets elected he and Dreyfus will make a good pair or should I say a disastrous combination. God help Australia. Shorten will be bad enough but only be a puppet being orchestrated by these two. Burnside’s degree of arrogance can be gauged by his forthright proposal to re-impose death duties.
It is just another example of the dearth of brainpower at Liberal Party HQ when a seat like Kooyong is wasted on an inconsequential dope like Frydenberg. He deserves to lose and so do the Libs but thankfully the vote of the idiot fringe may be split between Burnside and Banks.

Old campaign trick: Field independent candidates, Labor, Green in seats Labor Green could not win swapping preferences. Then all the lefties preference the "independent". As in Wentworth where Phelps won the seat with 29% primary vote.