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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Perhaps only one innovation is equal to the effects of the computer and that could be the drone. It is already encroaching on every part of life from serious weapons of war to kids’ toys.

                                       From this to no bigger than a match box

Helicopters are experiencing extensive downtime due to far cheaper drones replacing them on commercial jobs that were once the domain, and the lifeblood, of the hard working chopper and its pilot.

Even dumb terrorists have finally worked out that it's not necessary to blow the crap out of themselves. “Those 72 virgins will just have to wait until we collar some more infidels.”

Aviation authorities are on triple time and a half trying to update civil regulations that apply to these increasingly sophisticated drones. But it’s not regulations applying to civilians that we need to worry about. It’s the unregulated enemy who is becoming aware of just how valuable drones can be.

                                  Aged Phantoms are now being used as drones

One thousand pilots can be sitting opposite the White House, in Arlington County’s Pentagon, launching one thousand GPS kitted-out drones and ordinance-laden pilotless old Phantom Jets from South Korea into the North to hunt down and destroy every nuclear facility in the country while smaller drones are pinpointing every haunt the mad Zika Kid frequented in the past year. 

All complete with high res cameras to ensure we get to see the fat guy’s surprised, contorted, face as he frantically tries to finish his third helping of crepe suzettes. 

In case anyone survives the initial drone or Phantom blast, every bombed site is followed up with one MOAB each to suck the oxygen out of the air for miles around before setting it all alight … this will be the way of modern warfare, no soldiers, no pilots, no weaponry at risk, where the greater technology is always the winner.

Oh, the little piglet might get one or two of his ICBMs off the ground if he’s lucky but the Iron Dome defence already deployed in the South will take care of them before they get warm. And guess where they will be landing. Every day that Trump delays dealing with this, the more difficult the task.

The next concern is civilian use of drones and, you know, delivering pizzas (above) and other stuff like drugs, smokes and alcohol. Of course the paedophiles will be able to hover near the windows of toilets at child-care centres and the normal pervert soon knows who likes to sunbathe starkers in the "privacy" of their own back yard or a workplace roof (below).

The serious voyeurs can get footage of famous divas on the toilet or in the shower or even shagging someone they shouldn’t be shagging. Media will pay good money when the voyeurs are finished with that footage. 

Unfaithful husbands are easy meat, as grubby private eyes learn to operate the things. Get the film evidence, point the drone toward Chile and let it go. It will run out of fuel somewhere in the Pacific leaving no evidence… but so what, they are as cheap as chips anyway.

CASA, who still doesn’t understand why planes fly, says this of drones: “Australia’s safety laws for drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) generally depend on whether the operator is flying commercially or recreationally.” The idiots believe people will tell them what they are up to if they intend operating a drone illegally. Hmmmm.

Public Servant, Shane Carmody (above) is yet another dickhead CASA CEO without a commercial pilot's licence

But good ‘ol incompetent CASA has updated the rules to include terminology, so they say: “It must now align with the International Civil Aviation Organization, for example, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) must now become RPA (remotely piloted aircraft)”. Hmmm, as long as we get the name right everything should be okay then?

                                  Amazon uses this model to deliver purchases

CASA is incapable of regulating RPT so HTF could they ever effectively regulate new-age drones?

But the third and most important shift to drones is (or soon will be) in the terrorism industry. Muslims have never been known for their high IQs but destructive drones need no more than IQs of 10 to operate, so that suits Islam ideally.

Everything from agriculture (above) to search and rescue, mustering and traffic duty, drones are here to stay and helicopters are gone, commercially.

Drones that are sold in the local store come with instructions and lots of assembly pictures and all that is needed is how to tape on the latest compact explosive hooked up to a detonator that can be activated by radio or a simple mobile phone. Islam already has a wealth of experience in detonating things. 

All that is needed now is a train or a plane timetable, where the drone can carry its payload to a railway line or to a flight path. Airline pilots are already reporting drones adjacent to flightpaths. Hmmm, I wonder what they are practising for.

           The Norwegian "Griff 300" weighs 165 pounds but can lift up to 500 pounds so                 you can easily get your mates, lots of grog and grandma, into the footy for free

                                              Kits are available everywhere

There are a lot of terrific railway bridges in Sydney and Melbourne where ungrateful Muslims can send a thousand mainly Australians to their deaths in the Hawkesbury River below. 

               The already seriously corroded Hawkesbury Bridge is an easy target

It would make a terrific photo to send to Brussels or al Raqqa and only a small amount of Semtex or C-4 is delivered to the rails approaching the bridge a mere minute before the train, which has no hope of stopping, is due to arrive. High fives all round and back to Lakemba for the celebrations.

Or camp on Bondi Beach and hover the drone on the flight path to or from Mascot to intersect the next jumbo (departing is much better as the aircraft will be full of fuel as they discovered during 9/11). Or flying one into Parliament House during Question Time would create a few divisions.    

The best part is that the hitherto martyrs are now living, breathing heroes with 72 excited Muslim sheilas eagerly upping their burkahs, or that’s what the blokes reckon. But even if the Muslim sheilas turn out to be a mirage, there are always the shy, mini-skirted, infidel ones who are easily caught.

Australia’s new Homeland Security Force combination may have thwarted the latest Muslim plans for a large airliner, but it can’t thwart what’s to come,

… and they will never catch the perps.    


After the muslims ,Africans ,''refugees '' have served their purpose of destroying the much hated White Western Christian civilization [for the jews ] what will happen to them? ,having served their purpose [since the jews always get Others to do their dirty work for them] the allies in WW2 ,and the U.S Military in nearly every other conflict ......................

Mein Kempf excerpts.

On the Weapons of the Jews [pp. 293-296]

CH9 news, SSM, a white bride and a white suited pink tied lezzo with an almost mohawk. Wish I were there to yell out "flashes ya cock darling". Why do these have to parade as fake men?


If you have an unauthorised drone hovering above your rural property are you entitled to blow it out of the sky? Just wondering because my neighbour has one. I might have to test the law.

Country Bloke..I worry about drones too.They are great if honest, decent people use them for the right reason...but how often does that happen? Look at the gun situation.Big Brother is taking over more and more.

Hurry hurry, NEW POST UP.

When drones first came out years ago my first thought was that our governments are going to be using them against us. I worry more about our own 'authorities' than muslims, as far as drone (mis)useage goes!

Alan Jones - 'Word from inside the Liberal party is that Turnbull's leadership has become terminal. Right faction leaders are lining up Dutton/Hunt as potential challengers for the leadership. They know the only one who can beat Shorten is Abbott.'

'There is no fight in the Liberal party, they don't know how to handle Shorten they just fall into line with him.'

Peter Dutton - 'There is chaos and mutiny in the government at the moment.'

Can you imagine Truffles doing this?

Mr Abbott yesterday said he was “full of admiration’’ for the two police officers who confronted Haider. “I met with them and have maintained contact with them ever since,’’ he told The Australian. “They are both good blokes, they are very normal Australians who found themselves in a very hazardous situation through no fault of their own … and responded with courage.

“To suddenly find yourself in the presence of a frenzied attacker … and to respond with coolness but at the same time with appropriate use of force … shows the valour of these two young policemen.’’

More in reply.

O.T. Subject: "Pest Control". A man in northern Minnesota woke up one morning to find a bear on his roof. He looked in the Yellow Pages, and sure enough, there was an ad for “Up North Bear Removers”. He called the number and a remover said he’d be over within an hour.

The remover arrived and got out of his van. He had a ladder, a baseball bat, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a mean looking, heavily scarred, old pit bull dog.

The homeowner asked: “what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to put this ladder against the roof. Then I’m going up there and knock the bear off the roof with the bat. When the bear falls off the roof the pit bull is trained to grab the bear by the testicles, and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough that I can put him in a cage in the back of the van.”

He then handed the shotgun to the homeowner.

“But what is the shotgun for?” The homeowner asked.

“If the bear knocks me off the roof, you shoot the dog”.

OT - couldn't be bothered opening it. The Guardian has a sob piece on Dastyari banging on about his mother having not been executed.

He is making a bid for more power. Nothing surer.

Hahahaha.... CNN last week were saying how Scaramucci was a scum bag and that Trump should fire him. So after Trump takes their advise and fires him now they are saying what a poor thing to do to the guy after he sold his company and split with his wife. Cant have it both ways guys!!

A question for all you Christian scholars out there. I have heard it said that Christianity is just a branch of Judaism and that the modern Catholic Church is a re-branded Western version of the one true Christian Church which is the Eastern Orthodox Church. And if Christianity was named after Him, what religion was He at the time of His crucifixion? Please discuss.

"We have the best security and police forces in the world" Turnshit takes every opportunity to mention this during his nauseating press conferences. We may well have good security services but "the best in the world" is not accurate or truthful. Now we find out a foreign intelligence agency intercepted communications relating to an imminent attack in Australia, our own security services were tipped off by other intelligence agencies. It is a concern that we missed it and we had to rely on outside help.

Daily Telegraph carries photo of two very dark skinned officials frisking white grannie. Why do they employ people of middle east extraction in jobs requiring security. ON my last flight out of SYdeny airport my ID was checked by a middle eastern woman wearing the usual head covering. Gives you a lot of faith in airport security!!!

Further to Rosa's post at 07:27.

Federal politics: Malcolm Turnbull faces spill over gay marriage
PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership is “terminal” if he cannot stop MPs from his own faction crossing the floor on same-sex marriage, senior conservative Liberals said.
As a group of moderate MPs called for a conscience vote on gay marriage as early as next week, senior Liberals told The Daily Telegraph they will move a spill motion on Mr Turnbull’s leadership if his government breaks its election promise and allows MPs to cross the floor in a vote on the issue.
The Right faction is lining up a ticket to replace Mr Turnbull, should this occur. Faction leaders said the most likely new leadership team would have Peter Dutton as leader, with Greg Hunt as deputy, rolling Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
“It’s terminal. If Turnbull can’t control the moderates, what’s the point of his prime ministership?” one senior Liberal asked.
The Right faction leaders, who have been supporting Mr Turnbull, warned the spill would be called if the PM failed to bind members of his own moderate faction to the party policy of a plebiscite on same sex marriage taken to the 2016 federal election.
A second senior Liberal told the Telegraph that if there seems to be a “green light” for Liberal MPs to cross the floor, “then someone will move a spill very soon after in response because you’ve lost control of the House of Representatives.”
The senior Liberal said: “It would put Malcolm’s leadership under threat.”
The senior Liberal made it clear he supported Mr Turnbull’s leadership, but this would be an issue that entirely loses the Liberal Party base.
“I don’t want there to be a change of leadership. I want Malcolm to lead us to victory at the next election. But you can’t have a situation where we completely lose control of the parliament,” he said.
“Effectively it says to our base, ‘We just don’t care about you.’ There are people sticking with the Liberal Party and the National Party, despite the difficulties we’ve had, because of our stance on issues like marriage.”
A group of moderate MPs, including Warren Entsch, Dean Smith, Tim Wilson, and Trevor Evans — supported by Christopher Pyne — have been working secretly behind the scenes to allow a conscience vote in Parliament on same sex marriage.
The plan is to distribute a private member’s bill for same sex marriage this week. If that vote fails to achieve an outcome when Parliament sits next week, the MPs would side with Labor and members of the crossbench to pass gay marriage in Australia.

Mr Evans said he would be prepared to exercise his right to a conscience vote and cross the floor.
In response, Mr Turnbull said backbenchers “have always had the right to cross the floor”.
“It’s a very different political culture to the very authoritarian and centrally controlled culture of the Labor Party,” he said.
The Right will call for Dean Smith to resign as whip, while they plan to roll Mr Wilson at his next preselection in his seat of Goldstein, reminding him the Right have the numbers in his seat. Some in the LNP have threatened to disendorse Mr Evans if he crosses the floor.
“Tim Wilson is gone, Evans is going to get disendorsed, and (moderate leader Trent) Zimmerman will probably get challenged anyway,” one senior Right MP said.

Probably means that PP bloggers do not watch it!

The senate's resident musso arsehole ,Dastardly's book seems to be getting some attention this morning...Calling it an infomercial from the GayBC.....

Any money spent on getting tats should be deducted from any benefits and fines and deductions imposed for making them selves look like twats and thus unemployable!