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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh has always struck me as one of those party nerds who try way too hard to please and to impress. The school wonk you always wanted to give an uppercut after he sat down from reciting word-for-word the first six volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The class dobber and teacher's pet desperate for approval, collecting all the little merit badges in his over reach for school prefect. 

Basically, Labor's Christopher Pyne without the wit and cheek. 

In case the name doesn't ring a bell, the face probably will. It's the one that was always nodding so furiously in sycophantic beat to the then PM Julia Gillard's monotone announcements - he was the one behind her shoulder inching ever closer into camera shot at any opportunity, especially when she was announcing another multi-billion dollar wasteful thought bubble. 

Leigh's also been a professor of economics at the ANU which only underscores his dissociation with the real world. All theory, no practice. Academia is a world away from reality. 

Economists are so engrossed in their theoretical formulae and computer modelling data that they completely missed seeing the Global Financial Crisis until it whacked them on the noggin. 

A lot like global warming scientists whose computer models tell a different story to Mother Nature, who refuses to be told what to do. 

Yesterday Andrew Leigh came out demanding that Julie Bishop apologise to Ms Gillard for suggesting that the former prime minister had benefited from siphoned-off funds from her boyfriend's slush fund, which she had set up.

What was it I said about economics boffins who don't live in the real world?

Firstly, there's been no finding or judgment either in favour of, or against, Ms Gillard. 

There's been a submission to the Commissioner by the counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Union Corruption and Governance. 

In that submission the counsel has stated the following: 

'...for the reasons set out above the Commission should find that Ms Gillard was the beneficiary or recipient of certain funds from Mr Wilson, consistent with the evidence of Mr James and Mr Hem...But she was aware of facts, had she turned her mind to them, which would have indicated that the source of the wads of bank notes cannot have been the low union salary of Mr Wilson of about $50,000 – a man who was supporting his family in Perth, his own household in Melbourne, and his relationship with Ms Gillard in Melbourne, and who was not shown to have had any income from property exceeding the cost of mortgage repayments – but must have been some fund he did not own but did control. That is, she must have been aware of facts, which had she turned her mind to them, would have revealed that Mr Wilson was making payments to her in breach of some fiduciary duty.' (end)

Isn't that exactly what Julie Bishop suggested? 

So why the need for an apology? Bishop was on the money.

Sorry, Master Leigh, but we're going to have to confiscate a couple of those merit badges for that one. 

Secondly, what Master Leigh and so many casual observers don't understand is this is not a court of law. Just a submission by counsel to an RC. 

This RC has limited powers, which don't reach into other matters where the police or courts do. There's still a Vicpol investigation afoot. 

There's still evidence to be read and corroborated by the Fraud Squad. The Wilson Slater & Gordon files for example. There's also a matter of the transcript from the WA Administrative Appeals Tribunal where Ms Gillard represented Wilson in her application to have the decision of the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner appealed and overturned, when Blewitt (on behalf of Wilson) failed in his application to register the dodgy slush fund as an association. 

We know that transcript is there because the WA Incorporated Associations Act states an appearance at the WA Admin Appeals Tribunal is the only way to overturn the commissioner's decision, and Wilson confirmed they appeared together in WA when giving evidence at the RC. 

He described the room where Gillard appealed as "a type of court room". 

There's so much more still to come which is beyond the scope of the RC. And a possible court case. 

Let's not jump the gun, Master Leigh, or jump to conclusions. 

That's precisely the sort of excitement that got you sacked when in government with Kevin/Jules/Kevin trying to run the joint, that is when they weren't ripping out each others' eyes. 

A lot less excitement and a little more attention to detail wouldn't hurt. 

Worth a shot, at the very least.


He is a Labor apparatchik and a Gillard lover. And goodness knows what he sees in that fat arse and ugly moosh. Not to mention that bogan eardrum destroying voice.

Looks like you are right. He might have been on Michaelsmithnews where Raplh Blewitt discusses this in detail. He states the PoA was fraudulently signed.

Paul I couldn't agree with you more. He is such a suck. I'd feel like giving him an upper cut also. He was In love with Gillard and now the the bloke with the big head. That doesn't have a brain it. Wedgehead.

Blewitt is on audio re-stating that the Power of Attorney was a false document and was not witnessed by Gillard on the 4th February as purported. Blewitt makes the logical point that had it been witnessed on 3rd February at the Thai Restaurant, the date would have been hand-written in beside the signatures, not typed. He is adamant he signed it after the auction. Any notion by Stoljar that an admitted fraudster's evidence is not believable or even admissible, is a screen for Gillard and, as the illegal document did, probably facilitates further miscarriage of justice. Lauritsen didn't discount Blewitt's evidence when he admitted to his role, despite risking possible loss of personal liberty:-
People just don’t tell lies so they can get lumbered with police charges. There’s an opportunity for further submissions to Commissioner Heydon. Let’s hope some of the brains who know how to do it, take the opportunity to nail the one with the fading power, money and cronies.

Hi Mr Zanetti, I hope you have a pleasant Melb Cup Day later on:)Cheers to you and your company kept.

ZKTA........I don't believe it was mentioned.

Acker Bilk passes away at 85 years. Maybe take 3 minutes out of your day to enjoy Acker's "Strangers on the Shore" 1988.

says it all really and why the australian public service party (alp) will get in.Every body is a fckinug public servant no jobs here earning export income anymore just borrowed money by public servants buying the latest model 3 series

We used to beat people like him up at school.

Hermes' and DJT....please explain.

Thank you O.R. I don't think TA wants to win the next election. "No chages to pensions". Just hollow words. I think he felt more comfortable being in opposition and wants to get back there. It must be time for Pollies to get another pay rise. They froze their pay for a year but I'm sure their next pay rise will compensate for this.

I live in Canberra so Andrew Leigh is unfortunately the Labor member for Canberra. He is always sending me emails about how well he is doing and 'representing me in Govt. and how proud I must be of his achievements for Canberra.' I sent him back an email asking him to please refain from sending me his self-congratulary emails as I didn't vote for him nor would I ever vote for him. He sent me a personal email reply where he expressed how hurt he felt by my email dismissing him acheivements. I thought he must have been a snotty-nosed school kid when he said I'd hurt his feelings! I wonder if he will ever grow up?

Just read the views of the two top notch QC's re Juliar's involvement in her pet project, the AWU Scam, on MSN i suggest Andrew Leigh take his tongue out of Gillards arse for 5 mins & have a look how justice unfolds.

Make that money grubbing Hyenas.

If you want people's votes the idea is that you don't piss them off. I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Just a small thing but it has pissed me right off so the chances are it won't win a popularity contest for the LNP in Victoria. The Government in their wisdom decided it was no further necessary to have registration labels on cars and that by doing away with them they will save $60m bucks. Beauty, out Politicians using initiative and are being efficient. So what happens, does my car Registration go down? No it goes up along with my caravan Regio and trailer Regio . What a pack of Hyenas.

I simply don't understand the hold that woman has on, not just men, but anyone. There is no personality, nothing to attract, and she is so dishonest.

Smithy has published a link to this story on his blog today:

Let's hope Dyson Heydon shares the same view as the retired QC.

OT the Penrith Council thinks there is no problem with approving a far kin mosque for Penrith area. On of the councillors pointed out that the area he grew up in Auburn now has 3 mosques and look at the shit place its become.
Then we hear that the shooting at Greenacre overnight was a Muslim and was shot by ISIS Mussies ....
FFS - WHO let these front bums in here ...
Oh yeah it was that far kin failed demigod of the Liebor party - EG Whitlam , Grassby and Co under the guise of Multiculturalism .
Bamph - EPIC FAIL Then No pants Fraser let the bloody Lebs in .
And then RUDD GILLARD RUDD , let 50,000 in by boat .120 k by front door large % of them are NON WOrking Muslims ..
Rant NOT quite done yet

Already is pretty fcuked down here now Kenny