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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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(Part 11)

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Competition amongst Australia’s halal certifiers is hot and getting hotter. There are 33 known certifiers in a country of fewer than 500,000 Muslims - a relatively small halal market. Many Muslims in Australia don’t strictly observe halal going by chats I’ve had with Muslim shop owners. 

One shop owner tells me he doesn’t strictly follow halal anway and neither do his Muslim customers.

Halal Certification was originally intended for Australian red meat exports. Our abattoirs are now 100% halal certified. We all eat halal slaughtered meat. But there are only so many abattoirs to go round before before a halal certifier runs out of "customers".

Competing for tight market share means certifiers must chase business everywhere and anywhere, resulting in hundreds of supermarket items, restaurants, takeaways, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, packaging tins, plastic containers, toothpicks, Easter eggs, pet food, transport, clothing, pretty much everything no matter how ridiculous is being added to the list of targets.

The ever widening halal market attracts ever more competing certifiers. More players means casting the net as far and wide as commercially possible.

Mr Mohammed El Mouelhy of Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd (I can’t escape this guy, anywhere) is now expanding abroad to grow his halal certification business.

Our red meat exporters must be halal certified by genuine Islamic bodies that are recognised globally. For example, the Islamic Coordinating Council of Australia (ICCA) and the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat In Australia (SICHMA) certify halal produce to our largest Islamic trading partners; Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) halal certifies exports to all these markets except Malaysia. Others like the Perth and Adelaide mosques certify at least one of these markets.

But what happens if you are not recognised by our leading Islamic halal exporting markets because they have realised you are not who you say you are? You’re a fake. Then your business is doomed - or you could look elsewhere for a new market. 
So you set up overseas and target the infidel ignoramuses running restaurants and takeaways, say in London, Beijing, Chile or Mexico.

On December 4, 2014, Mr El Mouelhy posted this online:
“I am only one Muslim that brings $10 billion a year to this country and am criticised by a housewife that brings dole bludgers! What travesty!” (Now, that’s an untrue and defamatory statement if I ever saw one and is aimed squarely at Kirralie Smith of Halal Choices.)

Mr El-Mouelhy, also claims on another website, in a letter signed by him as ‘Chairman’, “Halal Certification Authority Australia (HCAA) generates 8 billion dollars for the economy of this country through exports”.

So let’s have a closer look at Mr El-Mouelhy’s claims.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture regulates halal certifiers through AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection service)

The Department’s list of 'Islamic bodies’ accredited for certification of red meat exports has been publicly available via the department’s website. The webpage was removed a few days after this investigation started its daily publication over a week ago. (I’ve kept screenshots.)

The Department lists 21 Islamic halal certifying “bodies” approved for red meat products for export. There are other halal certifiers not listed with the department for red meat exports, but who certify local takeaways, restaurants and local supermarket items.

Red meat is our biggest halal market export.

Mr El Mouelhy’s Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd is not shown as one of the certifiers for red meat exports to our largest markets, (Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates), but is under the minority general category of, “others”.

As our halal trading partners wake up to Mr El Mouelhy’s limited (if any) qualifications, I can’t help but ask the question:

How does this only one Muslim bring “$10 billion (or even $8 billion) a year to this country” if he’s not a red meat halal certifier to our biggest Muslim export markets?

No wonder he doesn’t want anybody to see his books.
He also makes the claim in his international promotional spiel that his business has “80% market share of halal certification in Australia alone”. Really, Mr El Mouelhy, that’s quite remarkable!

No figures are available to verify such a claim and Mr El-Mouelhy won’t open his accounts to prove it, so he can make up whatever unaccountable, grandstanding, nonsense claim he likes.

With limited qualifications (he is not an Islamic scholar nor food scientist) business growth requires overseas expansion to virgin countries not yet awake to Mr El Mouelhy.

On December 4, 2014 he posted :
“Presently I am travelling to several South American countries to introduce Halal Certification so these countries can enter the lucrative Halal market which is worth USD3.6 Billion.

"South America has so much potential and the Halal Dollar can increase prosperity.

"The Government officials I have spoken to so far are very enthusiastic, also the industry is very keen.”

Recently, Mr El Mouelhy has been making trips to China, Ireland and Mexico setting up offices in Shanghai, Dublin and Morelos.

In his global expansion he portrays his Sydney based business as an “Islamic body”.

Not so! In truth it’s a private company with himself as the sole director and shareholder.

Under the guise of the “Halal Certification Authority” being an Islamic body, he has registered the website:

He also runs the halal helpline as a .org: which is designed to direct business to his private company.

The .org is derived from the word "organisation". The domain extension was created for non-profit organisations, commonly used by schools and communities.

The .com is derived from the word "commercial" for companies and businesses.

For accurate representation of his commercial business activities he should be operating under a .com domain name, although that would risk exposing his company for what it is, and not the “Islamic body” he portrays it to be.

The Pty Ltd has been dropped from his company logo, Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd while the word “Australia” has been added, thus becoming the “Halal Certification Authority Australia”.

This sleight of hand easily misleads AQIS, consumers, clients, reporters, readers and viewers to assume his private business is some sort of Islamic body authority or government appointed authority. In promotional material he brazenly claims this to be so.

He signs off on his certificates and correspondence as, “Chairman”. Chairman of bloody what, Mr El-Mouelhy?

There is no board of directors of his business. He’s the sole director and shareholder of the business.

Did he take a vote of shareholders and directors (i.e. himself) and win the unanimous vote of, um, ...himself?

This self-proclaimed title of “Chairman” is designed to portray the travelling one-man halal circus as some sort of larger and authentic Islamic body! It most certainly is not!

Clearly his business representation is a breach of Section 18 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (formerly Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act of 1974). The legislation prohibits conduct by corporations in trade or commerce, which is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive. Fair trading laws in each state reflect the Commonwealth Act for individuals.

In overseas publications such as Tempo and The Jakarta Post, Mr El Mouelhy is referred to as “The President” of the Halal Certification Authority Australia.

He is no president of any authority except his own private business with a deliberate misleading name. Local media such as SBS TV have recently referred to him as “Chairman”. At most he is Managing Director of a small private company.

In his own marketing blurbs on various websites he states:

1. HCS* is an Islamic body appointed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) according to Federal legislation. (editor: HCA was formerly Halal Certification Services (HCS) Pty Ltd but changed to HCAA– allowing it be falsely perceived as an Islamic “authority”).

2. It is the most authoritative National Islamic body on the application of Islamic dietary laws and the most accessible repository of information on Halal. 

Fact 1: HCS/HCAA is not an Islamic body. Nor has it been appointed by AQIS.

Mr El Mouehly is no Islamic cleric or scholar. So how can this private businessman claim to be, “the most authoritative National Islamic body on the application of Islamic dietary laws”? To put it simply, he can’t! But he does!

Malaysia is the global leader in developing the halal industry and putting forth the highest standards, according to industry leaders. JAKIM (the Malaysian government halal certification authority) does not recognise Mr El Mouelhy nor does it recognise his company as an accredited certifier.

Neither do the MUI Islamic clerics in Indonesia recognise him (our closest and two of our largest halal export markets). Their decision to deny him accreditation was on the basis he is not an Islamic scholar and has no food science qualifications.

Fact 2: In regard to AQIS, halal certifiers are not “appointed” by AQIS, as claimed by Mr El Mouelhy. They must apply for recognition.

An enquiry to AQIS resulted in this prompt reply:

Question: Are certifiers appointed by AQIS or another govt agency, or do they apply needing to meet approved standards?

Answer: Certifiers of halal red meat exports are approved by the Department if they are able to satisfy a number of criteria, including that they have been recognised by an importing country authority as a halal certifier. The government does not have a role in approving halal certifiers for other food exports.

AQIS also referred me to the information on their website showing a condition whereby a halal certifier for red meat exports must be an Islamic organisation. The Department simply lists Mr El Mouelhy’s business in the "others" category.

Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd is not a “National Islamic body” nor is it an “organisation”, it’s merely a private company for personal profit making the beneficiary, in his own words, “a millionaire”. It’s a complete con.

From AQIS information:

“Only approved Islamic organisations can certify Halal red meat and meat products for export.” (end)

Australian halal regulations reflect other global government requirements – that halal certifiers must be Islamic bodies or organisations. For example in America, halal certification comes under the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service which states:

“The halal certificate should be issued and signed by the approved and licensed Islamic centre only, and each consignment should be accompanied by a halal certificate showing the date of slaughtering.”

In the halal meat export market, integrity and reputation is everything.

Local Muslim insiders and our international Muslim trading partners are fully aware of Australia’s dysfunction in enforcing our halal certification standards.

The Islamic Council of Perth Western Australia notes on its website in regard to the unregulated debacle:

“Even private individuals with no credible links to religious authorities or Muslim organisations have set themselves up as “halal certifiers” to the discredit of this nation’s reputation in the Muslim world.”

In an attempt to get around the challenge of no Islamic scholar in his business, Mr El Mouelhy’s 40 year-old daughter, Nadia El Mouelhy is currently studying Islamic Science and Theology at Charles Sturt University. Recently she has started signing the halal certificates as “Chief Executive officer” in place of “Chairman” Mohamed El Mouelhy who now spends more time globally establishing his business in unsuspecting foreign food markets.

The question that arises here is; can a woman be an Islamic scholar recognised by religious authorities and clerics? Islam is the most archaically misogynistic, sexist ideology in the world where women cannot hold a place of authority, so even if Nadia gets her uni degree will she be recognised by Islamic clerics and scholars as their peer?

That would be a first for islam. And how could AQIS then recognise Nadia’s qualifications if Islam doesn’t. After all, the final arbiter of halal “authority” is Islam itself.

What a conundrum? (Unless of course “Nadia” deed polls herself to “Neddy”).

AQIS is not enforcing its own rules in allowing a private opportunist to masquerade as an Islamic body or organisation.

Reading his regular, crass online comments (in Part 10) should raise suspicions whether he is from an “Islamic organisation” or in his words, “appointed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) according to Federal legislation”.

On 11 February 2015, Senator Jacqui Lambie said she intends to introduce a Private Members Bill that would enforce halal certifiers to open their books, to see if they are funding terrorism.

In defence, and to prevent scrutiny, Mr El Mouelhy now claims he is not operating as an Islamic body, but a private organisation. reported:
February 11, 2015


"Money from halal certification is not being used to fund terrorists but instead pay(s) fees, debts and employee wages like any company, it has been revealed.

"The founder of the Halal Certification Authority, the leading providers of certification, has slammed claims that fees collected from Australian businesses, to have their products certified, fund extremist groups such as the Islamic State.

"There is no truth whatsoever that money from halal certification is used to fund terrorists here or abroad," Mohamed El-Mouelhy told ninemsn.

"The money is used for the same reasons any company uses its revenue, to pay fees, debts, staff, travel expenses, et cetera.”

Mr El-Mouelhy declined to provide details about the certification charges imposed or the company's payments.

"Halal Certification Authority is a private organisation and is not under any obligation to reveal any of its working, expenses, revenue or profit that is between me, my accountant and the ATO," he said. (end)

The business is an islamic body when he needs to slip one past AQIS to get around their rules, but definitely not an Islamic body when it comes to opening his books. Two bob each way.


Mr El-Mouelhy’s “Halal Certification Authority Australia” now has a new little brother – “Halal Certification Authority International”, the entity for global expansion. The same logo is used but the word “Australia” has been removed and replaced with “International”.

There are no Australian trademarks issued for the new logo, “Halal Certification Authority International” which is now operating globally.

My searches failed to find any registered trademarks for “Halal Certification Authority International” in Mexico, South America, Ireland, the European zone or China where “Halal Certification Authority International” now operates, charging fees for a “registered” trademark.

Seeing as the whole business model of halal certification is based on registering a trademark and charging a licence fee for that trademark, how is Mr El Mouelhy doing this globally? He has simply modified his present logo.

Of course there’s nothing wrong or illegal in Australian companies expanding internationally, but a private business for profit should not be misrepresenting itself as an Islamic body in particular to international governments and businesses.

Will AQIS now investigate whether Mr El Mouelhy’s business is in fact an Islamic body, as represented? Or is AQIS’s own name being exploited and misrepresented in promotional material?

The risk to our halal export reputation has immense repercussion once it is found that one of our halal certifiers is passing himself off as something he is not, and Mr El-Mouelhy is likely one of many.

Even without the necessary qualifications, there is always a way for an enterprising businessman of the ilk of Mr Mohamed El Mouelhy to achieve his ends.

If the Mountain won’t go to Mohamed, Mohamed must go to the mountain.

Fair dinkum, the more you look into Mr El-Mouelhy’s halal affairs, the more he makes Peter Foster look like a home carer.

Anyway he better be sitting down tomorrow when he reads the explosive revelations about his links with sham charities that fund terrorist groups through halal certification.

Where’s the silly grin now, Mr El Mouelhy?

Oh, and if you’re thinking “urgent injunctive relief”, my solicitor would just love to show a judge (and the mainstream media) the stuff I’ve got.

(Part 12): THE TERROR TAX – Proof our grocery money goes to terrorists! (indirectly of course).



Larry you are incorrect in stating that ALL Abattoirs are Halal Certified. Luv meats at Booyal Q arent, Biggenden Meat Q works are not Inglewood farms Q are not and a few others. But thanks for the effort you put into this report on El Mouthey More ammo for the Senate Enquiry

i have posted this before, we in QLD had the best FREE hospital system in the southern hemisphere bar none , until bill hayden fed treasurer under hawke made lou edwards state treasurer under JOH sign the medicare agreement which fucked the free system in QLD completely , and our free hospital system was set up by a labor premier and was run with money from the golden casket system , which BUCKET MOUTH BEATTIE and the GO anna sold of the fkn lot .

Both Old Roo and JCM are both spot on with their replys as is matlo1960 with the comment about the senate. We knew they were prepared to pass no bills that the Gov. put before them. That's what happens when we, the dills vote for braindeads and that is the way they are trying to bring the Gov. down even though we, the people put the Gov. there. Palmer told the poops in the senate that they were not to vote for the reigning in of the union thieves so now they can cotinue to rip off the workers fees. JCM, if that money were to be put into medicare the sick would not have to worry. Years ago Joh put all the gambling tax into hospitals but beattie sold it to his mates and now they are raking in bills$.

agree 100% or.

On you LARRY! Brigitte Gabriel says whenever you see one of those mega mosques going up you can bet the finance is coming from overseas. We have 5 mosques being protested at the moment Penrith, Bendigo, Maroochydore, Salisbury and Griffith

Meanwhile in the back streets of Sydney and Melbourne innocent babies are being aborted by the dozen. Good riddance to that un Australian looking shit in Bali.

O/T Courier Mail A DRIVER who fled from police has been let off without a penalty after a magistrate declared tough mandatory sentences for the offence were “ridiculous” and refused to enforce them. Got to love it ... Mail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial

uh oh....somebody has found a fingerprint on Jacqui Lambies' beheading letter (envelope actually). ....not long now ...unless, of course, it's one of the 750 gazillion people who might have handled it during the mail delivery process - it was sent from Adelaide.

Confusion and chaos at highest levels of G7 governments as revolution begins

Posted by benjamin March 2, 2015

There is a dangerous leadership vacuum at the highest levels of power inside the G7 nations as financial collapse looms. There will be economic collapse, mass starvation, anarchy and civil war unless the system is totally rebooted. On the flip side, if the system is rebooted, living standards in the world’s countries can be doubled within a year. The key is to free the nations of the world from Babylonian debt slavery. For those who do not understand this reality, check out this link:

and then this one to see the extent of world debt slavery:

The msm will milk this to the max, especially ch 9. Shitwits all .

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Judge Says Courts Must Accept Shariah Influence


Read More At Investor's Business Daily:

I think I know where el-mouldy got his idea for his scam Halal monitoring committee in the UK set up in 2003. This clip from the BBC in 2011

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Pat condell
Free speech on campus

Banks are operating drug trade money laundering scheme -

"...Reporting on the investigation, the news website Great Game India observed last week that for years, “when banks have been caught laundering drug money, they have claimed that they did not know, that they were but victims of sneaky drug dealers and a few corrupt employees.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that a considerable portion of the global banking system is explicitly dedicated to handling the enormous volume of cash produced daily by dope traffickers.”

Great Game India said that contrary to popular opinion, “it is not ‘demand’ from the world’s population which creates the mind destroying drug trade.”

“Rather, it is the world financial oligarchy, looking for massive profits and the destruction of the minds of the population it is determined to dominate, which organized the drug trade. The case of HSBC underscores that point. Serving as the central bank of this global apparatus, is HSBC.”

Great Game India traced HSBC back to the 1890s when British intelligence agents operating the drug trade in the Opium Wars launched the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation “as a repository for their opium proceeds.”...


"THE price of a standard postage stamp is set to rise from 70 cents to $1 and mail will take longer to arrive, the government has announced.
Australia Post will introduce a two-speed service, with regular mail taking two to three days to arrive and “priority” next-day delivery costing extra.

The move comes after the postal service announced a 56 per cent drop in first-half profits, with losses on letters doubling to more than $150 million"

This is how a Moslem runs a business. Theft and passing prophets to Moslem interests.

Netanyahu’s ‘Fateful Crossroads’ Speech Destroys Obama’s ‘Very Bad Deal’ With Iran

Divide and conquer - illegal immigrant scam U.S. style -

Illegal immigrants that have already broken the laws of this country get enough rewards without giving them a cut of the tax dollars that United States citizens have scrimped and gone without to pay. We really do live in the land of the free. Providing you weren’t born here, providing you are not a hard working American that lives by the laws of the land, you can get almost anything free. Maybe we should hide our kids paperwork, rename them Juanita or Jose and wait for all the freebies to start rolling in. This idiocy has gone on long enough. I am all for welcoming those foreigners that have a skill that will enhance the productivity or benefit the United States in some way. I am all for assisting those that face genuine and proven persecution in the land of their birth. What I am not in favor of is five million illegals that contribute nothing to our country getting a get out of jail free card in the form of an executive action. I am not in favor of the strain these people are putting on the amenities and infrastructure in the areas that they decide to settle in. I am not in favor of the amount of freebies they get, paid for by the American taxpayers who in many cases are struggling to put food on the table for their own families. -

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