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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


NSW Labor Senator, Sam Dastyari, is emblematic of the reason why Labor keeps losing to the loony Left Greens. The diminutive Sussex Street sleaze demanded the sacking of the only honest member of his dishonest Party, Martin Ferguson, for telling the truth. At least the Greens are honest about the extent to which they are dishonest.

Luke Foley’s pathetic use of Sinophobia to denounce possible foreign ownership was equal only to Bill Shorten’s use of the Japanese war effort in regard to an open tender process for the building of our new submarines. The electorate didn’t fall for it.

Labor is against all foreign investment where it might impede union claims. The rate at which electricity costs will fall will be directly related to unions no longer having the ability to hold a State-owned facility to ransom.

But little Dastyari took the cake when he agreed with Luke Foley’s attempt to emulate Annastacia Palaszczuk’s successful, yet dishonest, scare campaign in the recent Queensland election.

The Foley xenophobic outburst took little note of the Chinese donation of $A400,000 to NSW Labor and it certainly didn’t stop Dastyari running to the same Chinese company, the Yahu Group, when he needed money to settle a debt for which he was being personally sued.

The Yahu Group duly paid a confidential settlement figure allowing Dastyari to remain a NSW Senator.

The Chinese must be confused as to who their Aussie mates actually are.


Has anyone noticed how much this Dastyari bloke looks like Mr. Bean? With that in mind, alone, certainly not the sort you would want in the trenches with you in case he pulled the pin on something else less desirable!

Another thing that is very interesting is, that the left movement(s) which labor and the greens are made of, the mindset of their followers are mainly as follows; If you’re 20 and not of the left you have no heart, If you’re 40 and of the left you have no brains, If you’re 60 and still of the left you’re stark raving mad.

Dastyari is a grub that was bailed out by other grubs the Chinese development "Yuhu Group" who I cannot understand why they have so much interest in our political system and especially labor? Surely that signifies something is wrong just like labor and the union movement, Ahhh Haaa, that is it THE UNION MOVEMENT, corruption, favours etc etc that is where the connection and the Yuhu Group must gel.

Yes the Chinese are of course communist and this Dastyari is one of their comrades (so they think) if you question most Chinese who do they vote for all of them say "labor" of course and when you ask them why? They say well they are like the Chinese communists and we were told by our friends that voting labor is the best for Chinese. The Chinese immigrants (who btw 95% do not speak English and never ever will) have no idea of the Australian political system, they are told to vote labor and that is what they do. If you looked at the election telecast last Saturday then you would have realised that every labor members polling staff (who were all dressed in red which is the Chinese favourite colour) were mainly staffed by Asians and Chinese. But coming back to Dastyari who is typical of labor and that is that; Martin Ferguson committed the most terrible of crimes for a labor politician “He Told The Truth” and that is what this grub Dastyari so confused about like all labor politicians are and will be as long as they keep the spin of today and that is of being a party that is propped up by their greens lunatics partners headed by the union movements.

Dastyari, Another Evil Labour MP. Its almost a prerequisite to be extremely incompetent, A Liar, A Thief, A Lesbian with a Poofter Token Partner, A yet to be convicted Rapist, Completely corrupt or Caught within illegal brothels to become a Labour MP.

Dastyari, another in the long line of self-serving political hacks and union crooks from "Richo to Arbib & Bitar" to come out of the bowels of Sussex St, parachuted into the swill of the federal senate to enhance their own self-interests. Probably end-up getting a job later with the Packer group. Remember this little Arab-turd paid Craig Thompson's legal bills ($350k) with hard-earned low-paid union members fees.

Christopher Pyne knocked it out of the park tonight on Q&A, a brilliant performance that won the audience over and exposed the Labor lies. I think people are finally waking about about all the Labor scare campaigns.

Send the Prick an email,I did

Mr Bean is a Little Raghead Crook.

How come he hasn't been picked up on the vote rigging??? In fact how come a lot of the union LP MP's haven't been named and charged in the RC???

Yes - he does look like Mr. Bean. Has Rowan Atkinson thought about legal action for somebody as disreputable as him, going public with this image?

4 Years of Syrian Resistance

U.S. efforts to overturn the government of Syria have now extended into a fifth year.

For four years of sabotage, bombings, assassinations and a mercenary invasion of more than 20,000 fighters recruited from over 60 countries have spread great ruin and loss of life.

“If the Syrian government would agree to give a monopoly to France to extract gas from Syria, then you would find [President François] Hollande visiting Syria the next day. If the Syrian government would give the monopoly to [the United States of] America, [President Barack] Obama would declare President al-Assad as the legitimate ruler of the Syrian people.”

Iraqi Commander: US Participating in Tikrit Operations to Help DAESH

[Fars News Agency, 29 March 2015] ~ A senior commander of Badr Organization stressed that the US-led anti-ISIL coalition forces participated in Tikrit operations to help ISIL terrorists flee the scene of clashes and also confiscate the victories of Iraqi security and popular forces for themselves.

"The Iraqi army and popular forces have taken back 80 percent of Tikrit from ISIL control and the presence of the US and coalition forces in Tikrit operations is meant to confiscate this victory," Brigadier General Jabar Ali al-Mashkouri told FNA on Sunday.

He said the US has been pushing the Baghdad government to take part in the Tikrit operations in a bid to help the ISIL terrorists escape the scene.

"The US warplanes have bombarded the positions of Iraq’s popular forces in the frontline in Southern Tikrit, killing at least five popular forces and injuring dozens more," and this shows the real intention of the US meddling in Tikrit operations, he said.

Earlier today, the US fighter jets once again struck the positions of Iraq’s popular forces during their fierce clashes with ISIL terrorists near Tikrit, injuring a number of fighters.

The US and coalition forces conducted eight airstrikes near Tikrit, but they hit the popular forces’ positions instead of ISIL.

The All New Aussie Submarine
AKA the "Downunder"
As featured in the Latest BOND Film
"You Only Dive ONCE"

You expect anything different from Labor - the same ALP that brought us the White Australia Policy. Dastyari is a great example of what Labor cadres are - a place on the public payroll and a healthy pension. He will be around until he qualifies.

With all labour's posturing about multiculturalism, the truth emerges they are pure and simple xenophobic.

Larry,enlighten us - who is The Yahu Group and what is the amount of the debt settled on behalf of the "Shah of Sussex St"? Meanwhile congrats to Mike Baird, I watched Sky's election night coverage and saw that strange outburst from Dastyari re Martin Ferguson - good luck with that Sam!

Another act for the circus: "The Animal Justice Party is vying for the final [NSW] upper house spot, with both Labor and Liberal sources saying they are in with a significant chance of winning a place in the legislative council."

As I've posted before: he has every intention of becoming a PM - already has the baton in his backpack. I'd say in about 10 years time, he'll be at the despatch box.