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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In September of 2012, it was reported in the that a certain South Australian Labor politician (and former Police Minister) named Bernard Finnigan was about to be charged with no fewer than 14 offences relating to accessing child pornography between August 2010 and April 2011.

This afternoon, over three years later, he was found guilty.

Mr Finnigan’s maiden speech to Parliament went like this: “I pay tribute to my parents for my Catholic faith. I would like to acknowledge that, despite my stumbles along the way and however imperfect my efforts, I am a servant of Christ and a subject of His reign in history."

Because Labor’s pre-selection process is factionally driven by unions and never more than a predetermined farce, no-one has the ability to stand up and suggest that this person should not be considered for Parliament.

Certain people would have known of Mr Finnigan’s devious predilection for child sex and allowed that fact to go undisclosed.

So thanks to Labor's union-based pre-selection process, SA voters never knew who they were electing.

Not only was his name ordered suppressed during three years of legal manoeuvring but the Labor Government allowed him to retain his seat in the Upper House so that his level of income would not be diminished.

This is an indictment on ex Penny Wong partner, Premier Jay Weatherill, whose Government held on to power despite the LNP gaining 53 per cent of the primary vote in the latest State election (the LNP has lost in the past despite holding a massive 57 per cent of the vote).

This stinks of a gerrymander of Bjelke Petersen proportions.

And as for the suppression order? I ignored it... what if this monster lived next door and had offered to babysit my kids?


.... a gerrymander of Bjelke Petersen proportions .... In fairness, although Joe maintained the Gerrymander, the Labour Party - as it was then known - designed and initiated it. (My old - Crop-Care Aviation - boss) Joe and his Country Party mates just inherited it.

I just cannot believe a goose like him would get any votes, other than his family.

Is he still in The SA Government. If so wont he have to resign and isn't the SA government in with a very slim majority and has to depend on the cross benches?? I wonder if this will make any difference.

Just heard on the TV that 250 islamists have returned to France from Syria over the last month - wonder who carried out these attacks in Paris. Any Australians who are over there and try to come back should not be allowed to leave the middle east under any circumstances.

Thank you Killwarren, this is vey interesting to those of us who have invested in gold and silver. Also, not all can access links from this site.

Man arrested after disgraced former MP Bernard Finnigan's home was vandalised

More than boring. I am sure that a link would suffice. There is no way that I would even try to read all of that. Killwarren, your efforts were in vain.

CS, I wonder how Bruce's 'wounds' are healing. What a stupid thing to do. Well, that is, if he really did it and it was not just a figment.

Another "servant of Christ" who is a perv. Nothing new there.

"MLC Bernard Finnigan quits politics after being found guilty of child pornography charges"


Compared with this guy, someone with mongolism, or Down Syndrome, looks definitely normal. Not to mention behaviour!

Thanks for all this Killwarren .. a lot to digest

I have invested in silver and gold - physical metal ... 80% Silver / 20% Gold

Interesting that the global debt prevents the economic collapse of the west.

China has been buying a lot of gold recently ..

Wonder what Turnbull has in store for us ? ... given his "membership" of the banksters

Labor seems to attract all the great politicians. HA HA!

This is the quality of Labor!

Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon
By Preston James, Ph.D on November 10, 2015
There is growing dissent inside the Pentagon associated with the divided political loyalties of various factions.
Slowly but surely more and more Pentagon officials and their subordinates are beginning to wake up and understand that they have been seduced to fight foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.
And that they have done this for the large Wall Street Banks, their associated “no bid” defense contractors, and for the state of Israel.
And they are beginning to understand that all this has been a big trick pulled on them by Traitors within their ranks who used Gladio-style, inside-job, engineered synthetic terror on 9-11-01 to attack America and then wrongly blamed it on innocent foreign Mideast nations. And they did all this in order to deceive America to fight illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, unjust wars.
Not only do these foreign wars of aggression violate the Geneva Conventions but constitute crimes against humanity under International Law besides being completely illegal and unConstitutional.
Many folk inside the Pentagon are now just beginning to understand that the American Military has served as the policemen, enforcers and cannon-fodder for these Banks and their associated defense contractors.
And that this has all been done to generate obscene profits and gain cheap access to other nation’s natural resources with absolutely no concern for the lives or welfare of heroic American Soldiers or their families. And much of the medical care provided by the VA is insufficient and in too many cases disgraceful with lost and missing records................................."

Wonder why the fuck Turnbull will promise that German bitch ?

And Belinda Neal is running for preselection. Happy days.

As a pissed-off "blue team" member, I will be handing out how-to-votes as I think our MP deserves re-election. My hatred for Turnbull is only eclipsed by my hatred for the Labor/Union Mafiocracy and the Commugreens.

Turnleft and Luce are out of the country for a bit. Lucky us. Unlucky them. First stop Indonesia - so how many reffos will he relieve them of and how much will he pay them to let us have them?

do you think you are the keeper of souls?