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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


[Editor’s note: Several days ago, an interview with Nicolai Sennels on Muslim inbreeding was published but taken down soon after at the request of the author, as it was decided that several themes needed to be buffered by more evidence and research. The final product ended up working best as an article by Nicolai Sennels himself, which is presented below].

By Nicolai Sennels:

A tragic phenomenon which is taking a terrible toll on everyone involved.

There is a dire phenomenon rising in Europe that is crippling entire societies and yet the continent sleeps, refusing not only to confront the destructive elephant in the room, but also to admit its very existence.

The troubling reality being referred to is the widespread practice of Muslim inbreeding and the birth defects and social ills that it spawns.

The tragic effect of the Left’s control of the boundaries of debate is that any discussion about vital issues such as these marks an individual as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist."

A person who dares to point at the pathology of inbreeding in the Muslim community is accused of whipping up hatred against Muslim people.

But all of this could not be further from the truth. To fight against inbreeding anywhere is to defend humanity and to defend innocent babies from birth defects.

Fighting against this Islamic practice stems from a pro-Muslim calling, since identifying destructive ideologies and practices in Islam enables the protection of the Muslim people from harm.

Massive inbreeding
Massive inbreeding among Muslims has been going on since their prophet allowed first-cousin marriages more than 50 generations (1,400 years) ago. For many Muslims, therefore, intermarriage is regarded as being part of their religion.

In many Muslim communities, it is a source of social status to marry one’s daughter or son to his or her cousin. Intermarriage also ensures that wealth is kept within the family.

Islam’s strict authoritarianism plays a large role as well: keeping daughters and sons close gives families more power to control and decide their choices and lifestyles.

Westerners have a historical tradition of being ready to fight and die for their country.

Muslims, on the other hand, are bound together less by patriotism, but mainly by family relations and religion.

Intermarrying to protect the family and community from outside non-Islamic influence is much more important to Muslims living in a Western nation than integrating into that nation and supporting it.

Today, 70% of all Pakistanis are inbred and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30% (Jyllands-Posten, 27/2 2009 “More stillbirths among immigrants“).

A rough estimate reveals that close to half of everybody living in the Arab world is inbred.

A large percentage of the parents that are blood related come from families where intermarriage has been a tradition for generations.

A BBC investigation in Britain several years ago revealed that at least 55% of the Pakistani community in Britain was married to a first cousin.

The Times of India affirmed that “this is thought to be linked to the probability that a British Pakistani family is at least 13 times more likely than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders.”

The BBC’s research also discovered that while British Pakistanis accounted for just 3.4% of all births in Britain, they accounted for 30% of all British children with recessive disorders and a higher rate of infant mortality.

It is not a surprise, therefore, that, in response to this evidence, a Labour Party MP has called for a ban on first-cousin marriage.

Medical evidence shows that one of the negative consequences of inbreeding is a 100% increase in the risk of stillbirths.

One study comparing Norwegians and Pakistanis shows the risk that the child dies during labour increases by 50%. The risk of death due to autosomal recessive disorders — e.g., cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy — is 18 times higher.

Risk of death due to malformations is 10 times higher. Mental health is also at risk: the probability of depression is higher in communities where consanguine marriages are also high.

The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of mental and physical retardation and schizophrenic illness.

And then there are the findings on intelligence. Research shows that if one’s parents are cousins, intelligence goes down 10-16 IQ points. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70 (criterion for being “retarded”) increases 400% among children from cousin marriages.

An academic paper published in the Indian National Science Academy found that “the onset of various social profiles like visual fixation, social smile, sound seizures, oral expression and hand-grasping are significantly delayed among the new-born inbred babies.”

Another study found that Indian Muslim schoolboys whose parents were first cousins tested significantly lower than boys whose parents were unrelated in a non-verbal test on intelligence.

It is estimated that one third of all handicapped people in Copenhagen have a foreign background and 64% of school children in Denmark with Arabic parents are illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system.

The same study concludes that in reading ability, mathematics, and science, the pattern is the same: “The bilingual (largely Muslim) immigrants’ skills are exceedingly poor compared to their Danish classmates.”

These problems within Islam bring many detriments to Western countries. Expenses related to mentally and physically handicapped Muslim immigrants, for instance, severely drain the budgets and resources of our societies.

Denmark, for example: One third of the budget for the country’s schools is spent on children with special needs. Muslim children are grossly over-represented among these children.

More than half of all children in schools for children with mental and physical handicaps in Copenhagen are foreigners — of whom Muslims are by far the largest group. One study concludes that “foreigners inbreeding costs our municipalities millions” because of the many handicapped children and adults.

What must our role be as a humanitarian society to this rising crisis?

We know that the greatest concern among pregnant women and their husbands is for their child to be healthy.

It is not difficult to imagine the sorrow and stress among interrelated couples who are forced to marry and pressured to have children.

Is it not our duty to fight for the rights of these human beings subjected to such Barbaric and inhuman predicaments?

What is it we can do?

Denmark is a pioneering example of where to begin: In order to counter forced marriages, the country does not allow Danish citizens to marry foreigners younger than 24 years old.

It also offers non-Western immigrants up to 15,000 Euros or 20,000 Dollars to emigrate back to their countries of origin.

Immigrants who are not Danish citizens are banished from Denmark if they commit violent crimes. The state does not support families economically for having more than the country’s average amount of children.

This prevents foreigners from coming to Denmark who have plans to have a lot of children and live off the State’s child support system.

The country also denies resident permits to foreigners who are marrying their cousin in Denmark.

Right now, the country is working on a complete halt to immigration from countries that are not oriented towards Western values (mainly Muslim countries).

No more intermarriage
We must simply forbid intermarriage among first cousins. Doing so will not only help slow down all the terrible consequences of inbreeding, but also prevent Muslims who insist on practising this damaging practice from moving to our countries.

Let us keep in mind that Muslims are the first — though maybe not the biggest — victims of Islam.

As long as we know that our motivation is to help them, then our conscience is clear in the face of the Left’s accusations that we are somehow “anti-Muslim” when we show our concern about Muslim babies who are born with mental and physical defects — and about their parents who endure endless suffering and worry.

In fact, it is the Left’s callous silence on this issue (and on so many others) that exposes who is truly “anti-Muslim.”

As long as we stick to facts, have a compassionate motivation, and are still able to be brave, we can be certain that not only are we right to reach out to protect Muslim people, but that in doing so we are also protecting ourselves from destroying our own basic humanistic and Western values while struggling against anti-human and aggressive practices and ideologies.


Let them breed with their siblings in their home countries, another few generations and it'll all be over. Never let them into your country to bludge on their neighbours.

The foolish comments I read below are not going to help anyone. Inbreeding is a real problem and genetics is what it is and no amount of what I see below will help. You cannot laugh, sneer, condemn or by any other means make the problem go away. Get yourself educated about genetics and the result of inbreeding before you make a fool of yourself.

This is Proteus Syndrome, another FAKE news article.

Cousin breeding heat seeking welfare arseholes. Why they were EVER allowed into Australia is a mystery, but Chinky Pete the immigration minister still defends them. Anybody with a scintilla of intelligence DETESTS the scum. I have lived in several areas of Sydney totally fucked by Muslim inbred welfare bludgers. A bit of food poisoning in mosques would be a great idea, and I believe in the area of Manchester where the latest arsehole scum sucking muslim bastard killed over 20 people, there are five mosques. The french are now officially stupid, Marine le Pen was going to stop immigration and get out of the EU. French voters were probably starry eyed 25 year old idiots, there was ballot fraud directed at le Pen -- the sexiest voiced politician in the world -- low voice, French accent.

they are getting what they have coming to them, they do obaminable things, they become obaminable. they wont be going to heaven that is for darn sure, it is a one way trip to Hell for every last one for them.

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The hateful words from these ignorant infidels reminds me this Hadith from the prophet of Allah before 1400 years ago, (And those who disbelieve say to those who believe, "Follow our way, and we will carry your sins." But they will not carry anything of their sins. Indeed, they are liars)

It is only those who believe not in the verses of Allah, who fabricate falsehood, and it is they who are liars.

Islamophobia is real. When you have people out to kill us, we're justified to be scared. And a big percentage of them support terrorism; when Muslims murder innocent men women children and babies in Israel, many Muslims (and of course left wing politicians and "humanitarians") will call it justified resistance, freedom fighters and all that garbage. Then if these Muslims want to know why their children are following their religion and becoming terrorists, they should just look at home, where it often starts.

Wally of the Project is an inbred Egyptian who has bred a retarded child even though his wife is new blood so it is by now impregnated deep within Muslims DNA .

Even the very primitive tribes in New Guinea were aware that inbreeding could cause chronic birth defects, so it was part of their cultural belief to meet with other tribes and swap Females to decrease the chances of inbreeding.

And the Left want this ignorance foisted upon us. Angela Merkel obviously didn't give it any thought either. These people can only be a burden on us in every way, there is nothing to gain or share. Let them do whatever they want in their own countries but not come to normal western countries and have them sort out their defects. Funny how they find us so evil but don't mind living off us and using our expertise (which they don't have) to sort out their mutations caused by inbreeding. I wouldn't be surprised if western doctors will be called upon to fix that guy's deformed head.

Is it me or does that guy look like Admiral Ackbar?

DHIMMIWIT: When standing in the middle of the highway and told that a Log Truck is bearing down, about to kill them, rants off about "Truckophobia" and "spewing hatred against Truckies"... Splat! Instant Frisbee... Oh well, Obladi-Obladah...

This could explain why all the wars and hatred stem from Arab nations. They are morons. Another report on same subject. Add this to your data to email or snail mail your MPs etc.

Inhuman practices indeed use this also against the Left. Time we got down to demonizing them in return but politely. Goes farther than their ways of hurling personal insults and bad language.

And reading the facts which we knew really but collated as in this article, please email it to all your MPs and Senators a must have reading. Since Denmark with future Aussie Queen is doing things then maybe it will encourage our lot to do same. We have to stop this in-breeding as is already costing us but not allowed to ask as Left again - ask and racist Islamophobe etc. We have around half a million known Muslims here who should not be allowed to marry daughters off to old men within family but do at 9 even - Here ship them out to marry too. And maybe not only Muslims but Indians also.
Honestly time to put a stop to all of these inhuman practices."Subject line email" - grab their attention.

I was also under the impression that in most western countries certainly UK, Australia New Zealand - marrying within the family ie first cousins etc was banned by law. Americans have to do a blood test prior to marriage. Not sure why. But always thought in the light of today's Left encouraged practice via pc that women just have babies by any father handy or IVF since invented, it would be a good idea to blood test here also to check if half siblings were marrying each other. No way to know otherwise and we do have ourselves an increase in the deformity, and other birth defects in last say 20 years and the 60's was start of the encouragement to break down the family unit by the Left o time has gone by and siblings are attracted to each other naturally they say.