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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The never Trumpers must surely now reconsider him as likely to be America’s greatest ever President. For those who still have a preference for Obama and Clinton please consider this:

When the Obama Administration sat down to construct a deal for Iran to have nuclear weapons within the decade (seven years now left) Obama and Kerry ignored American hostages being held by Iran.  As we now know, Iran does not recognise dual citizenship, so it refuses to allow even a consular visit to those being held.

At least five Americans were still being tortured and/or condemned to hard labour while the Iran deal was being wrapped up by John Kerry and his associates.Those hostages didn’t even make it to the bargaining table.

It was only after this shocking deal was finalised that Obama “swapped” Iranians America was holding without trial for American hostages in an unrelated arrangement.

The difference between how Obama sees the world and how Trump sees it, is that the three hostages held by North Korea have now been released before anyone has even decided on where the table is to be sited. 

Trump is welcoming them home at the Andrews Joint Airforce Base at 2AM tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how the Washington Post and CNN spins this one. Media still haven’t comes to terms with a President who does what he promises to do…it is so unClinton and so unObama. 

Trump is rebuilding US foreign policy to where it is no longer treated as a joke by nefarious States and European nations and still the mad Left refuses to acknowledge anything he has done, except a porn star.

Meanwhile the Senate is conducting a confirmation hearing on Trump’s nomination for CIA Director, Gina Haspel (above). The desperate Democrats, in the belief that Trump cannot do anything constructive, have set about tearing her down. It isn’t working…she will be confirmed! 

                                                    Interrogator Feinstein

An example of Democrat questioning: “Have you ever been alone in the Oval Office with President Trump?” 

I just want to say that I now believe there is at least one woman in a high place who is the equal of, and probably better than, any man.

I have said this before and you can tear me to bits again; “There is nothing more sexy than a highly intelligent woman of any age (even 61) and any shape.” 

She will be a welcome adornment to the Agency. 


U torkin 'bout ME?

You can’t make this shit up. Some very light coloured so-called blackfella, wearing white man’s gear, telling some idiot journo that all they want is to run the blackfella embassy in Canberra with self-government.
I would love to see that, but not using taxpayers’ money. They want to be blackfellas and not Australians, and continue the pathetic whining, do it the way the illustrious noble savages did it back in the day before the evil white man arrive and civilised the nation, using nature’s bounty only.
No filthy white man’s money, nothing that came about after 1770.

The revelation that a south Sudanese army general had ,via his relatives bought a massive and expensive mansion near Melbourne should be nothing new, This sort of stuff has been going on for decades elsewhere, Many powerful people have bought up big on foreign ""bolt holes"" especially those from ex colonial countries ,often taking their ill gotten gains with them, , We in Aus are just realising that we have indeed now joined the rest of the world in this respect, in this case via our exploited (under labour)migration programme .As an aside,They dont call London ""Londinistan"" for nothing.

The federal government remuneration mob set the pay rate and they are always reviewing them

The media are talking about the lack of the rise in wages , There are two sides to this,Firstly the cost of living is rising mainly because the cost of production , via the energy needed to just keep the lights on , This was always going to happen,the promises of cheaper energy always were a lie,decades ago the green/left were saying that energy was too cheap. the feds and the states have all run up massive debts , which somehow will have to be repaid,, The other problem in the room is our ability to compete with our trading partners,it is my belief that many of our exports of non farm goods are at borderline profitability, small rises in costs, plus exchange rates would be very bad for industry and local employment,Meanwhile some get salary rises far above the norm ,

That's who I thought of first :-))

Just tuned in to Ch.9 program "My Embarrassing Body".
Scenario: Close-up shot of woman, legs akimbo, showing her distended, diseased vagina.
This is OK, medical science on the move here.
What if it was a delicious nubile healthy BABE!
Oooh nooo!
Even worse, what if it was the perfectly normal pussy of an empowered wimmin!

A successful businessman was driving his BMW past a lunatic asylum when a tyre burst. He jacked up the car, removed the wheel nuts & got the spare out of the boot. Unfortunately he kicked the wheel nuts he had removed & they rolled into a gutter.
"What the hell do I do now?" he thought.
Just then an inmate of the asylum stuck his head against the sturdy cyclone fence & said: "Just remove one wheel nut from the other three wheels & use them to affix the spare. That will get you to a repair-shop".
"That's rational thinking", said the businessman. "How come you're in a loony-bin?".
"It's to do with my theory on the auditory organs of spiders", said the loony.

ALPBC: 735.
SBS: 932.
Commercial Meeja: 3.

They are public servants lacking the talent to cut it in the real world. They have created their own empire in which all sing from from the same hymnal. Problem is, we adults are paying for this shit. "Four legs good, two legs better".

I didn't know the fat stupid cunt Michael Moore was a Scientologist.

Call the President

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Switchboard: 202-456-1414
TTY/TTD Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

U.S.prefix added of course

All the smart ones stayed home with their Nintendos.

Kym is trying his hand at impromptu comedy.

Why? Because they value add to this richly diverse community!

You dont like Palestinian children and wish many more had been shot it seems

Looks like Trump ISN'T going to Singapore
The deal maker is failing repeatedly

The Qur'an is the most tried and proven Terror manual currently available on Planet Earth.......It’s Message is what YOUR Government is currently Promoting and financing, whilst members of this Terror Infused Cult continue to be imported, to walk among Your Children as they prepare to battle Australia to strip us of Our Western, Principles and Conservative Culture….The very same Principles our Soldiers Fought for, since Federation…Simple Logic…100% of the Terror attacks in Australia in the last 10 Years or more, have been carried out by the 3% of people in Australia whom are Islamic. All to the detriment of the other 97%.........Who would inflict this Cancerous Cult upon their own Kin, or Countrymen?....This is not about Inclusiveness, this is Suicide by Political Correctness. ..

Not enough of them.