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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Left’s first response to a terrorist incident is, “It's more likely a domestic disturbance, or an out of control vehicular incident”. Once established that the perpetrator was screaming  ‘Allahu akbar’ it’s, “Other good Muslims must not be blamed”. When these ‘other good Muslims’ refuse to condemn the perpetrators, it’s a case of, “More people die in swimming pools than from terrorism”.Then it's, “It must be a lone wolf thing”. Or, “Some poor little Muslim kid has been radicalised”. Finally, when all excuses for Islamic terrorism are exhausted it’s time to call concerned Conservatives, “Islamophobes, racists and bigots”.

If the Left wants a reason why terrorism exists they need look no further than the nearest mosque. Ban the mosques and their firebrand preachers and terrorism can’t exist, it has no starting point, no instructions on how to kill compassionate hosts. No Saudi inspired and financed path to an Islamic caliphate. 

Stop the spread of Islamic mosques in the West and confine them to the decadent Middle East and North Africa and we will be free from terrorism.

We should have no respect for Islam.

For seven years I have railed against and physically protested the building of mosques, yet only now are dishonest media considering there might be a link to terrorism.          

How do you have dinner with friends and not ask their opinions as to WTF is going on with the the loony Green Left defenders of Islamic terrorism? They seem intent on breaking down the capitalist West into their favourite form of Marxist anarchy.

As surely as Trump will clean out America’s 16 infiltrated security Agencies, so too must our government clean out our seven Agencies. If they want to protect Muslims okay, but Islam itself needs no protection, it needs abolishment, and there will be no relief from terrorism until it is.   

The Greens’ little communist pet, Senator Lee Rhiannon, (above) was widely condemned when, three years ago, she claimed that coal was finished as an energy resource, yet today the entire unhinged gay Green brigade has fallen in behind this destructive communist ideal. 

And now the Labor Party has also joined in the off-key chorus with closures of coal-fired power stations across their Labor States.

You cannot get more demonstrably destructive than that! 

Between masturbating and masticating vegan rabbit food, they still have time to make a noise way beyond their station of around a shrinking eight per cent of voters.

An unhinged Adelaide couple who were once friends of my family have actually insisted their dog become a Green vegetarian. You’re not allowed to give their dog a bone, even a toy bone... that’s when they completely lost me! 

   The demented Di Natali and his decadent Greens want 18C protection from criticism

Thank goodness the gangrenous Greens are losing their grip, but only eight per cent of the population can still cause chaos, and they know it. Although small in number, and unlike Conservatives, they make a huge noise and never stop screaming. They are happy to die believing they made a small contribution to the critical communist cause.

Conservatives have no such drive for any cause except, “Leave us and our families alone to live our lives in peace”. 

     Obama and his pro Islamic infected National Intelligence Director, James Clapper

As surely as Trump is intent on cleaning out his 16 Obama-infected security Agencies, so too must our government disinfect our seven.

By the time sweets are served the consensus is that these complainants are usually extremely cosmetically challenged or homosexual feminists... or both, and supported by the weakest male garden gnomes around like Di Natali, Shorten and that excitable little Iranian, Dastyari.

Sally McManus of the ACTU and the horrific Jenna Price (above) have made clear their intention to “DESTROY THE JOINT”. That’s the title of their angry blog and they are as serious as another demented garden gnome, Kim Jong-un. “You can break any law you disagree with”, according to McManus... Di Natali, Price and the Green Party agree with her.

When these dangerous people finally realise that their agenda is a pile of unviable rat shit, they revert to type, as all tyrants do, and start destroying the joint. This Left minority believes that only then can their crazy communist reforms become possible. Divide and conquer, retreat and destroy until another opportunity emerges from the rubble.

The loopy Left worships a communist ideology, and this is what they want: No borders, a one World government, no life-giving coal, no nuclear power, no dammed rivers, no Trump, no defence forces, Putin must remain enemy number one (because that’s the quickest route to World war III). 

And then of course those economy-destroying carbon taxes driven by a global warming hoax. Naturally (or unnaturally) we must all become gender neutral and support an increased number of lesbians in government, via affirmative action devoid of ability.

Gender-neutral raising of innocent children must become the State’s responsibility and not untrustworthy, misguided parents.

  Drownings and terrorist atrocities are merely a small price to pay for the bigger picture. 

All democracies must endure a far Left element, but it must be called out for what it is. We rid ourselves of the Mafia without condemning all Cicilians or Italians. The KKK has all but disappeared from the South without demonising all Hillbillies. So why are over-represented feminists given loud hailers in Left wing blogs, Fairfax and the ABC?

The answer to that is that the Left has already infiltrated the media and is determined to infect education of the young. Older students are already tightly in the grip of post graduate academic bias. 

So each time we have friends over for dinner, we all finally agree, in a pissed state, that... These sexually confused excuses for women really do want the joint destroyed,

...and they are not exactly shy about it!



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The arse-bandits and pussy-munches are all over the greens and labor like flies around a sheep-arse, they sprook their leftist crap all over the place and are so far removed from the everyday hard working patriot Australian they are a joke.Most of them are chardonnay-socialist anyway living in hi-cost inner city properties, over-educated under-achievers who are mostly all on the public taxpayers teat.

No comment today - it would be too rude! Sorry the new Ruger .450 caliber rifle!

Not only are the ""gender benders intent on changing the definition of male and female, they also are attempting to change the meaning the meaning of ""mother or father''.as an example, If a high profile woman has a ""relationship"" with another woman,and that other woman conceives one or two children , either by natural means or some other ,without any biological input from the other woman , how does that make the first woman the childs mother? seeking to describe such a union as having two mothers is patently false,, and simply wishful thinking on behalf of those who have some other way of defining mother hood and fatherhood, I am not saying that women in such relationships do not love and care for their children and may well be better parents than straight couples ,

Rihannon has big blue eyes, probably from staring at the sun too much!

Plenty of hoons doing wheelies around the street with no licence and mostly with stolen cars,which they then set fire to , a bit of paper means nothing to these idiots,

Thanks THORN, but for you I'd be marooned !!

What determines a terrorist attack as opposed to an incident. In question the Burke Street Mall Melbourne Incident. Why was this not called a terrorist attack. I consider any attack that strikes terror & fear is terrorism.

Former KGB Agent Explains how Elites Brainwash The Pulic from reality worth watching all the way through.

Well, you may be tired of this, but the GST figures have been released and we are now going to get 38c in the dollar. Let me assure you lot in the EAST, we are very angry, and to us you are all nothing but basket cases. QLD is going to get $1.18, Tas. $1.14 SA GST is going up. WE really have had enough of being treated with ignorance and we are seriously considering secession, and let me assure we are not joking this time. Be happy with your money folks and please spend it wisely and consider your poor cousins who pay you lot to enjoy your benefits.

I think the person you referred to as a 'demented old stalker' showed much more nous than you did, Thorn.

I reckon Sally is a bloke posing as a sheila posing as a bloke, she might get the rough stuff that way, who knows.

Senate hearings on the HRC, what a joke the ALP senators are, they need a good kicking to make them shut the Fk up. Always interjecting trying to win browny points, bullshitting over issues. They must think people watching are just stupid, when really they are the stupid ones.

Hey everyone...compulsory viewing. Larry's statement about Terrorism coming out of mosques needs to be expanded on. INCLUDE MUSLIM SCHOOLS... This film clip is taken from a hidden camera inside a Muslim School in the UK, the content of it is very disturbing as they preach hatred, bigotry and incite hatred against us. The low life grubs groom children while at the same time many will no doubt be on some form of welfare. All the more reason to ban muslims from our western Countries and societies. Where are our politicians ? They haven't the guts to confront them or do anything about it.

Former KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov on Soviet Subversion, Cultural Marxism & Fall of the West (1984)

Western countries should all be renamed Sitting Ducks Land. Our armies can do nothing to protect us. Our politicians and lefties have rendered us defenceless. Anyone in the past, or now for that matter who speaks common sense about not allowing foreigners into our midst and counsels common sense is litigated against, threatened or shut down. This lunacy is utterly too much for my brain to cope with, and is unfathomable to me.

Why are all leftie dykes short haired ugly bitches?? When I go to my favorite porn site (Porn Hub) the girls there are all gorgeous long haired babes..........

Labor’s assault on free speech.......EDITORIALS (Aust)

The Australian12:24PM March 24, 2017
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Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs has blasted the government’s proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and the speed with which they are being presented to the parliament for a vote.

“I think it’s very, very clear that we do not approve the changes to the substantive provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act,” Professor Triggs told a Senate committee in Canberra. “We believe that the provisions operate well as they have currently been interpreted by the Federal Court for 20 years.”

Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane also warned the changes to remove the terms “insult,” “offend” and “humiliate” from section 18C and replace them with the term “harass” would likely see an increase in litigation.

“We … have 20 years of judicial consideration of the current provision and the full effect of replacing ‘offend,’ ‘insult’ and ‘humiliate’ with ‘harass’ would not be known until courts had the opportunity to reflect on that,” Dr Soutphommasane said.

“There would be an increase in litigation because the community or sections of the community would wish to have judicial consideration of the meaning of the word harass.”

Professor Triggs said she was “especially concerned” the word humiliate was being removed from the section under the government’s shake-up and it was “curious to say the least” that the word “harass” had been added in its place.

“The definition of the word harassment in the sex discrimination act takes you right back to the language, the precise language of offend, humiliate and intimidate,” she said.

It was “an entirely circular process” and “highly unsatisfactory” as a drafting proposal, she said.

Professor Triggs said the Human Rights Commission was also “deeply concerned” by the inclusion of a reasonable persons’ test warning it could potentially make the “situation for vulnerable people even more difficult than it is at the moment.”

Professor Triggs said she fully accepted the need for process changes at the Human Rights Commission and was pleased a number of these had been included in the government’s bill. However, she said the commission did not accept all of these changes and three in particular were of particular concern.

“We are concerned that these provisions will limit the capacity of Australian citizens to have a voice before the Australian Human Rights Commission,” she said. “Very little can stop them ultimately going to court, but we provide a free, efficient (and) fair system for conciliation of matters before they need to go to court. To place a chilling effect on that … is very worrying.”

“The speed with which this is happening is also troubling,” she said. “To have a bill introduced with very few days to consider it … is a matter of deep concern to the commission.”

Professor Triggs said the commission had “not been consulted” in relation to the substantive changes to Section 18C included the government’s bill.

She also rejected claims from Attorney-General George Brandis that she had been advocate for reform to section 18C. “That is categorically not correct. We have been consistent for at least the last two-and-a-half years … the current language has worked extremely well,” Professor Triggs said.

Dr Soutphommasane said he believed the changes to section 18C represented a weakening of the protections against racial hate speech. “You may well have situations where someone has experienced serious racial vilification … which would not be captured by a new law,” he said.

Professor Triggs said the government’s legislation to overhaul section 18C had been provided to the commission a day before it was introduced into parliament. “We had a matter of hours … to go through it.”

Professor Triggs warned that the bill’s inclusion of a “mandatory accept/reject” phase into the Commission’s process for dealing with complaints of unlawful discrimination were counterproductive.

She said this mechanism meant that someone who received an adverse decision at this initial stage, would then be free to go to the court system to further their complaint. She said one of the key functions of the Commission was to establish “a voluntary process in which the parties come together to hopefully conciliate the matter” and remove the prospect of further legal action.

“We think that is a retrograde step,” she said, adding that the commission had a 76 per cent conciliation success rate.

As usual it's a pack of lone wolves