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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The only defence of Bill Shorten the Left can offer is that “the Libs did it too”. Well, the Libs are guilty of many things but certainly not of aspiring to care for the welfare of workers through unions only to be bought off by employers.

Anyway this is a Royal Commission into damned unions, not the Liberal Party. So, how can the Left justify such a rotten longstanding practice of shafting workers?

The truth is that Labor couldn’t give a stuff about Bill Shorten, in fact most despise him. An enraged Labor is not defending a disposable Bill at all... it’s defending the mother union movement!

The union movement birthed the Labor Party, it’s their umbilical baby and they will defend it to the death. When unions are threatened, the very existence of the ALP is threatened and that’s where the loopy Left hemisphere takes over.

It is hardly a good criminal defence to point to someone else and claim that person did the same thing, but that’s exactly what the Left’s defence is.

When a bank discovers an employee has his fingers in the till, he is sacked. The bank doesn’t suggest that it’s acceptable because other employees in other banks are doing it.

Despite the fact that all banks steal from their members, the bloke publicly caught with his fingers in the till must go! The scapegoat must be punished for being caught, otherwise the entire banking system is seen as corrupt which, like the union movement, it mostly is.

So you would think the sensible thing for Labor to do would be to tap Bill on the shoulder and suggest that he goes quickly and quietly for the sake of the union movement, ergo the Labor Party.

But no, the Left hemisphere kicks in again and they all pretend to fall in behind him.

Only Labor stalwart, Bob Hogg, tapped him on the shoulder and told him to go. But Bob and his wife, the ABC’s ex Maxine McKew, may also have a conflict of interest. You see Maxine has always claimed that she lost the seat of Bennelong due entirely to Shorten’s knifing of Kevin Rudd.

I suspect she is right, but she shouldn’t feel too miffed as Bennelong belonged to John Howard as PM and was temporarily loaned to McKew before being regained by the Libs’ John Alexander.

Anyway she feels her truncated career as a politician was due entirely to Bill Shorten’s treachery, so Bob Hogg’s outburst deserves some backgrounding... it’s a mix of common sense and his and his wife’s hatred of Shorten.

It was astonishing to witness on SKY the wild-eyed, blind rage of ex-Labor Premier, Kristina Keneally. The Abbott, Abbott, Abbott tirade bordered on maniacal as other panellists headed for cover to escape her uncontrolled verbal and biro-pointing aggression.

Did her performance represent her love for Shorten? Hardly. She was defending an attack on her mother... the union movement.

No-one is seriously defending the now naked Shorten, not even his eventual successor, Albanese. ALP Members are defending their very being, the very reason for their existence, their placental life blood... the union movement!

It is being attacked by the Philistines and there is a united call to arms that has little to do with Shorten, who is bathing in a false warm glow of success over a Jeremy Stoljar onslaught.

The Left has always attracted the less mentally agile but even the ALP front Bench will soon realise that Shorten, if allowed to remain as leader, will give them no chance of winning Government.

Shorten has become a lightning rod for Lib accusations of union corruption and the attacks will continue right up until the next election.

Political sanity demands that Shorten should get the hell out of there... but he will never make that decision himself, the Party must make that decision for him.

He has been mortally wounded and the Liberal attack dogs know they have him by the Shorten curlies and are breaking their leashes to finish him off.



In the lead up to 28th. December 2019, lookout for These Li’l Beaudies.
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I Get it Warthog I was also having a dig at Johnston01 however I give him/her credit as the delete button was not used this time.

What’s the origin of anti-Semitism?
Jealousy? When I look at Jews, I see a nation that has been persecuted for all its history —
Tuvia, bigots see what they want to see!
And what do they see?
They see Jewish success.
Show me.
If you look at the issue of anti-Semitism, they believe that the Jews control: They control banks, they control finance, they control government.
I know what they say. But explain to me the “jealousy” part.
They see that Jews are rich, that Jews are smart…
Are Jews really smarter than other sects or groups?
I don’t know. Some people say, look at all the Nobel Prizes. I think that Jews are more driven; education is part of our culture, and it’s also part of our baggage. If you are a people who cannot work the soil and cannot be in carpentry, you study. You develop skills which are a lot different.

Read more:

Greece is just another country crushed by the global banking cartel unless, they exit the Euro they are stuffed as planned all along. The aim is one Global currency which is electronic.

Killwarren...Remember watching Stephen Fry doing his show touring USA and visiting Ted Turner. What an eye opener that was. He had to go to extreme lengths to get permission to visit Turner's 'empire' and then he was bowing and scraping and nearly kissing Turner's boots the whole time. I, for one, got the picture of the Mr Big of the world lording it over us. Your are correct. He had stopped any culling of wolves in the whole state he lives in and the ordinary farmers are having an horrendous time trying to protect their farm animals. Idiots like 'skymonkey' today, are just the cannon fodder for these multi billionaires.

good comments SJ

A picture of you with the legend "I am a fuckwit" would be appropriate.

New story, thanks Larry.

Hothie, I agree with your comment but lets get one thing clear are you saying labor would stop it or a you a member of the greens?