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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Conspiracy theorists are having a field day: The Israelis shot down MH17 to deflect criticism from their invasion of Gaza. Putin shot it down to kill 100 ‘poofters’ on their way to Melbourne for an AIDS conference. Ukraine shot it down knowing Putin would be blamed. Ukraine shot it down because they thought it was Putin’s private plane... endless nonsense, and it will continue, but the truth is... well, the truth is exactly what it appears to be.

Russian separatists shot an airliner out of the sky. Whether they knew it was an international airliner or not isn’t known, perhaps no-one owned a pair of binoculars so they just locked on to any aircraft. 

What is known is that Ukraine has many BUK missile launchers and the Russian separatists last month boasted of having captured one. Soon after, many aircraft were shot down over the warzone, including MH17. 

So why hasn’t Kiev moved to secure the site of MH17, it’s their sovereign territory and Putin would not dare try to prevent them doing so. Is it that the missile that killed 300 people might be shown to be theirs? 

Why are demands being made of Moscow and not of Kiev? Oh, I forgot, we're on Kiev’s side, aren;t we.

These known facts, along with well-publicised communications between the separatists, takes Moscow, along with Putin, pretty much out of the solution equation and renders Hillary Clinton a warmongering fool and an impediment to any quick resolution. 

One thing is certain, Putin will wash his hands of MH17 and the West will call him a liar, while an even bigger fool like the diminutive Campbell Newman thrusts himself on to the international stage threatening not to invite Putin to “his” G20.

I'm not sure Campbell, but I think that might be Julie Bishop's Foreign Affairs domain,

To suggest Moscow supplied a sophisticated surface-to-air missile launcher, capable of destroying anything up to 21,000 metres away, to a bunch of hot-headed, masked rednecks and taught them how to shoot down airliners with it, beggars belief. 

Putin may be a supercilious little Napoleon but he is no fool. He would have been well aware of the catastrophic international blowback.

The West is demanding Moscow’s cooperation but it’s uncertain just how much control Putin now has over this eastern Ukrainian maverick militia he has supported. 

After all, it is Ukraine territory and for Putin to step in and secure the crash site as demanded would display the very involvement he denies.

The extent to which he has armed this rag-tag bunch of hoons is reflected in the .22 rifles some of them were brandishing. Russian separatists are mostly made up of militant rural communities who don’t want to be dragged west to the European bloc by Kiev.

Putin’s main concern is that Ukraine is the largest, oldest, most fertile and richest of the former Soviet States. It is the breadbasket of Eastern Europe and the world’s third biggest exporter of grain. It also has a large European military, second only to Russia’s. 

It has massive oil and gas reserves and it houses the former USSR’s aerospace facilities. 

Is it any wonder Putin is concerned that Kiev wants to move west to the European Union, leaving Russia isolated and exposed in every sense?

NATO should move immediately, with or without Kiev, to secure the site of the MH17 wreckage. Any confrontation with the separatists on Ukraine’s territory will severely impact on Putin and disclose the extent of his backing of the rogue militia, so it’s certain he would stay well away from any NATO involvement.

To demand that Putin take responsibility for securing the MH17 site is tantamount to asking him to admit he has troops militarily opposing Kiev on Ukraine’s soil.

Putin can’t be sleeping well, his options are narrowing fast and he has no choice now but to abandon his loose alliance with the Russian separatists and leave them and himself exposed to European abandonment.

In the meantime Malaysia’s aviation officials are telling lies to the international Press again. They are blaming the “control tower” for directing MH17 on a course and height over the east Ukraine warzone. What garbage and how reminiscent of MH370?

The pilot in command alone dictates the course of his aircraft and he can request a quadrantal change in altitude or course at any time for any reason. 

This pilot chose not to follow the lead of every other major international airline and alter course to avoid an area where other aircraft had recently been shot down. 

Although there was no NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issued, this pilot was prepared to “assume” the separatists’ missiles would be unable to reach an altitude 33,000 ft. 

We are witnessing a tectonic and perilous shift in European geopolitics and the possible isolation of Putin’s Moscow. 

And all because the State-owned Malaysian Airlines (which has booked a loss of US$356 million for 2013) decided to take the shortest way home and save some juice.

[Sanitised versions of atrocities has led to a benign acceptance of what people suffer. Out of sight out of mind is okay for some.]


You are a Freemason, and therefore co-responsible for this disaster. Without MONTHS of intensive training NOBODY can shoot a BUK-missile system. You are full of shit, as usual. It were the Ukrainians, who DID have a BUK-system in the area that pulled the trigger on the MH17. The Nazi government in Kiev ARE the puppets of Washington and Rome.

You are a Freemason, and therefore co-responsible for this disaster. Without MONTHS of intensive training NOBODY can shoot a BUK-missile system. You are full of shit, as usual.

Winning Jackie.....lets see, You occupy a country ride rough shot over the gov't etc confirm your hunch that it has trillions in hard assets, Then set up & supply that country with gas and power etc which just like what happens here means they have gained sovereignty of the land so Jackie not only did they win but Russia now collects royalties as-well, its taken the US 30 years to cotton on, but this is why the US is trying to pick apart the arab states,

The photograph is of a Separatist fighter stating "Look what the bastards shot down." He then took off his cap and crossed himself. He was showing the site to international representatives. So much for MSM BS.

From what I have seen, the locals have been doing the best they can since the plane came down near their village. Blanket placed over bodies, small shrines with toys and flowers placed on bodies. I hope the relatives of those who died do get to see the small kindnesses that these local people have shown to their loved ones.

Kool Aid rots your teeth. For quick fast acting relief from the lapdog media, try TRUTH!

And now we see a van being loaded with passports, documents and material collected from the field not by looters but responsible and caring people.

I keep hearing Putin!, Putin!, Putin! but he wasn't there. Who is the leader of the separatist rebels? Does anybody on this site know? Who is the one that made the decision to target that aircraft? Did they believe it was a Ukrainian Military Aircraft or did they deliberately target a Civilian Plane full of innocent people? The PP Kangaroo Court is in full kill mode encouraged by the two big-mouths on the world stage, Obama and Abbott! Is anybody here interested in the truth and who ordered the shooting down of this plane? ........I didn't think so! I see that our Foreign Affairs Minister is doing a fine job for us in New York and that Russia voted for the proposal.

Putin would have to be a complete moron to pull off MH17 after his very recent and successful BRICS attendance. Russia and a few other countries (China, Brazil, etc) are setting up their own development bank.

No doubt BRICS is pissing off the masters of international usury at the IMF and World Bank. Maybe even enough to frame those that threaten their long standing economic strangle-control over the world.

This makes more Cui bono beneficial sense than the unsubstantiated drivel those like Alan ass clown Jones are spewing.

Alpinist, the full version of this has been released, see it on the link attached, where he removes his hat, bows his head and makes the sign of the cross

If you want the full version of the guy in Larry's heading holding the doll where he puts the doll down, removes his cap, bows head and makes the sign of the cross go to this link, it may surprise you. its about one third into the report

Hmmm .. after a lot of thought, I think that maybe, just maybe, the Russians were responsible. But when considering all the known facts, I'm positive that the dingo did it.

Nothing like ultra paranoia, talk about foggy brains.

Malaysian Airlines are the criminals first and then those Russian backed rebels or should that be the Russian secret advisors that controlled the BUK missiles and shot MH17 down, which in my opinion the latter is the true cause of what happened. But I ask this? Why would you fly an airline like Malaysian after MH370 and all the amateurish or inconsistencies that was involved with that flight? All our poor Australians that were on board MH17 (and my deepest condolences goes out to all the families that have suffered this terrible loss and tragedy from the deepest part of my heart, this should never have happened) should have known better and should have flown QANTAS or Lufthansa or the other responsible airlines which have not flown that route over the eastern part of the Ukraine for over 4 months. Our QATAS is a responsible and the best airline in the world bar none, I would not fly anything other than our responsible, well staffed and with the exceptional pilots skill (e.g. QF32 is just one of the exceptional flying skills that was demonstrated by QANTAS’s pilots) that QANTAS has and have demonstrated in all their emergency situations over the years, I know that in MH17’s case it was not a pilot error and the pilot could not do anything to save the plane but Malaysian Airlines miss judgement and the pilots miss judgement had very much to do with this murderous flight that killed so many innocent lives.

Malaysia’s aviation officials are telling lies to the international Press? Really Larry? Don’t forget this is their plane! The truth, Kiev based Ukrainian air controllers redirected the plane over the war zone area. Lets ask a question who benefits from this disaster? United States, with its propaganda machine, hard-press all of its NATO partners, without any public announcement, with misinformation, frontal attack on freedom of speech and dissent, instant removal from the battlefield of alternative sources of information and unprecedented violence against journalists, who do not
capitulate to their foreign polices YOU HAVE TO BLIND NOT TO SEE THIS.

It is easy to imagine this but the fact is, a picture of a grim faced fighter holding a child's toy, could it not be a recognition of the utter tragedy of the site, I cannot see a hint of disrespect on either of the two faces.

Oh ok so the Spaniard could see right across the Ukraine from his tower, some 1500ks pull the other one, mayb he had special high powered binoculars, and his name was manuel - Check this out for a new angle.

Check this out for a new angle.

Larry, I have just asked Facebook why your page was taken down.Will be interesting to see if they answer!