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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Had to scull another bottle of Mylanta last night and steel myself to endure another hour of the smarmy-faced Tony Jones. Well, he certainly lived up to expectations... yep, he still doesn't get it!

I mean if this galah with one Left wing had shown an ounce of contrition, or made a heart-felt apology, there might still be some hope for the out-of-step, un-Australian ABC.

But no! Q&A had inexplicably co-opted Anne Aly, a co-conspirator and fellow Muslim confidante of the grubby Zaky Mallah. This loud-mouthed, cosmetically challenged, uni freeloader, who is on her third husband, (which explains just how annoying she actually is) said that her little friend Zaky should have been given a voice and that Ciobo's response to him was out of order.

There was a Yank bloke on her left, fresh off a plane with a pock-marked face and wearing a pair of cartoon glasses (you know the ones that academics believe transforms an ugly face into an intellectually acceptable one). Well, he suddenly departed from bullshit black holes and string theories to become an expert on Australia's media.

After the ABC had shown him a tape of last week's program he agreed with Miss Annoying that Ciobo's response was ridiculous.

I have never seen two more annoying academics in the one place. And I have never seen a media organisation so blind to its own failings that it is prepared to ignore the vast majority of its potential audience.

But when your potential audience has to pay for you anyway, I guess you can ignore whoever you bloody well want!


Yesterday on the ABC...They had this big fat Pacific Island woman on whom was explaining that she is a Dancer? (Picture a Hippo in a Tutu.) She climbed into a large Perspex rectangular box and began to Dance?? The water poured into the box while she was in their. (This she claims was her Dance for Climate Change...) What the FUCK are the ABC up to... Giving this incompetent, air time...And what does an old Fart Coco-Nut tart, in a tank of water got to do with Climate Change BS,,,,

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils schools investigated by ATO amid claims of financial irregularities, falsified loans
By Alex Mann

Posted 45 minutes ago
Former Brisbane principal Dr Mubarak Noor
Photo: Former Brisbane principal Dr Mubarak Noor says he was sacked when he accused the school of falsifying loans of almost a million dollars. (ABC: 7.30)
Related Story: Parents 'kicked out' of Islamic College of SA meeting
Map: Adelaide 5000

Millions of dollars in financial irregularities and falsified loans at three schools run by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) are being investigated by the Australian Tax Office.

The AFIC runs eight schools, which receive about $40 million in state and federal government funding each year.

The three AFIC colleges under investigation are located in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Dr Mubarak Noor was principal of the AFIC-run Islamic College of Brisbane for a decade.

Two months ago he was sacked after accusing the school of falsifying loans of almost a million dollars.

"The irregularities have descended to all AFIC schools," he told ABC's 7.30 program.

"They're using all the AFIC schools as cash cows, and this money, we don't know where it's going.

"Some ends up with AFIC and some in a black hole.

"That prompted me to download financial statements of all AFIC-run schools and go through it school by school."

Police have already investigated financial irregularities in Brisbane and Sydney, but Dr Noor said there are big problems in South Australia.

"Of all the AFIC schools I've gone through so far, South Australia stands out," he said.
South Australian college 'a stand out' for financial discrepancies

Dr Noor said he uncovered millions of dollars in financial discrepancies and unexplained loans to AFIC.

He was so alarmed that he took his findings to the South Australian police, and the matter has been referred to the fraud squad.
AFIC vice president and board chairman Farouk Khan
Photo: AFIC vice president and board chairman Farouk Khan denies there are any problems at the schools. (ABC: 7.30)

Parents of students at the Islamic College of South Australia are fed up with the turmoil at the school and are calling for chairman, Farouk Khan, and the board to quit.

Parent Souraya Serhan has been protesting against the board's alleged mismanagement for weeks.

"Of course I'm angry, of course I'm upset," she told ABC's 7.30 program.

"This isn't helping the community and it isn't helping the parents and this isn't helping the education of students either."

As well as being chairman of the board, Mr Khan is also vice president of AFIC.

He denied that there is any problem.

"The money is there, it's in a format, it's been done by the accountants, auditors can explain," he said.

"I'm not an accountant."
Sacked Adelaide principal calls for chair's resignation

Kadir Emniyet is one of four principals sacked by the Adelaide school's board.

For the three terms that he was there, he was refused access to the school's accounts.

Kick yourself out. Do something good for the Muslim community in South Australia, step down from your position.
Sacked Adelaide principal Kadir Emniyet

"All the financial side of the school was in Sydney, in the headquarters there," he said.

"I didn't see much of the finances and I don't know where the money is spent."

He has also called on Mr Khan to step down.

"You like to sack people, you like to sack him, you like to sack her, kick him out, kick her out," he said.

"Kick yourself out. Do something good for the Muslim community in South Australia, step down from your position."

yeah ,i knew this bloke that use to wear tartan slacks just to look offbeat and quirky.Strange thing was,underneath this charade he was an arch conservative...its amazing who they will use for propaganda purposes,especially given the fact that they create memes that affect so many people when in the reality ,they knew nothing to begin with except string theory or say,... painting or singing...

If the Lefty wankers introduce "GAY" Marriage will the next step be... "Paedophiles wanting to marry children" or Muslims marrying Goats.... the list goes on.

the fact that the ABC board, Senior Management, All Q&A personal and all ABC Media personal. Cannot see what they have done wrong. And are in-fact trying to worm there way out, with the Lefty Help of Ray Martin & some ex-SBS person beggars belief. Suggestions: 1.) Sack the board without any remunerations/benefits what so ever. 2.) Sack all Q&A personal without any remunerations/benefits what so ever. 3.) Sack all ABC Media without any remunerations/benefits what so ever. Employ Australian born decent people with ability/talent and middle of the road outlooks to replace those aforementioned. (However place a Right wing Head of the organization for the next three - 4 years to further remove any left wankers remaining.

Haven't seen this weeks episode, but I am interested to know if they brought along the rent-a-crowd to again jeer at any coalition people.

The ABC's 1.4 billion dollar budget should be put out to tender. This will produce a far better result and instantly clean out the left wing rubbish.

If you are waiting on the PM to act then forget it. Here is part of his reply to my email about the ABC. "In the last Parliament, the Coalition took a principled stand against the previous government’s attempt to assert control over the media through its botched attempt at media reform. We will not go down that path, nor will we seek to privatise the ABC.As a former journalist, I understand the importance of debate and dialogue between media organisations and the people who read, listen to or view that news or editorial content. I know that no media organisation is without blemish, the ABC included. As guardians of free speech, journalists and editorial boards should always welcome editorial debates.I encourage you to raise your criticisms and praise with the ABC directly."

Whole world needs a shake up and do you know what happens then usually. War. Also sorts out any overpopulation which is at top of its numbers with they say now 60 million looking for a silly lot of taxpayers to fund their lifestyles and will overwhelm already debt ridden countries of the west way it is going. Bubbling under surface with Greece is the Muslim problem and immigrants from third world arriving whilst leftie bleeding hearts say we owe them. I dont think we owe them anything. Their failed countries and ancestors started off level pegging back in year 1. All about same or some say Asia and Middle East in front of Europe but Whites had to do it alone whilst these have had help for at lest 100 years. We shared inventions medicines knowledge. Explain to me why they didnt do it too

Executive Producer Peter McEvoy has been issued with a formal warning from the Board:

Thi slast version of Labor was worse even than Whitlam who dismantled the Lucky Country. Hawke/Keatind dismantled manufacturing and opened the flood gates signed us up to anything saying yes like lowering tariffs when all the others said yes but didnt lower theirs just carried on. We are such slow learners. Not just Labor or Greens although they are worst suffering from bad cases of leftism terminal imo but also Coalition isnt right of center as it too has leftism affected members so dont undo all the mistakes of Labor and make mistakes of their own. Like Howard Tax Benefits A&B Baby Bonus 2 lousy lemons that added to loss of revenue and of course the welfare state making it too easy to have kids stay home and never work again. Meanwhile taxpayers work and struggle. Nah we need new party

What amazes me is that there are people who actually watch Q&A. I never do - it has absolutely ZERO credibility. It's like watching an evangelist's rally with Jones as the chief Jesus-jumper. What a fool! Stay away.

i would love to see you on Q&A,larry,with your mylanta,instead of water,but it wont happen,they are obviously shit scared to have you on the show.ha

Same old tired lies from Socialist Labor apparatchiks. You can't refute a single fact. Get a life.

Abbott is the most community minded politician of recent history. He knows that less socialism means more opportunity to more people.

Why are leftists so abusive and so jealous. And why do they always have their hand out for more money stolen from productive people? Move to Greece.

Are you clever enough to engage on policy debate, Piggy, or just here to throw bombs?

Well said, Mike and DT. We must resist big government control. Let companies decide how best to do business and let consumers decide winners. Politicians, especially progressive ones are a spanner in the engine. Imagine Piggy with power over us.

Don't worry about carbon dioxide levels, Piggy. Human contribution is practically nothing. Oz contribution is nothing. Warming is good anyway. Research and open your mind.

Good work DT:
Apart from putting us on the road to Greece. it was their ethics and general conduct that denigrated the system of government and Australia as a generally. Just to name a few, Slipper as the Speaker, their very existence was due to embezzler (Craig Thompson), Oakshott and Windsor totally betrayed their electorates to ensure their high standing and to kept the Gillard government in, I can go on.