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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Early this morning I yelled upstairs to the missus, “Get down here, there’s some history happening.” I actually wanted her to make a cuppa, ‘cos she isn’t really into sport and there was no way I was leaving the TV. She didn’t come down.

There was this Canberra kid I’d hardly heard of throwing a racquet around like it was an extension of his arm and he was making the world’s number one look ordinary. But Nadal was far from ordinary, Kyrgios was just that good!

The only teenager in the singles tournament at Wimbledon, 144th in the world, a wild card entry and facing the world’s best player, the winner of 12 Grand Slams and the most determined left-hander for the first time on grass.

Now there’s a 100/1 shot if you’ve ever seen one! But he proceeded to swing his wand like a 100/1-on favourite and in the process took tennis to another level and put fear in the hearts of the top four.

This bloke is a true blue Aussie and from now on the engraver had better get his name right ‘cos it will take better than the Joker, Murray and Federer to prevent him winning Wimbledon.

His mum didn’t think he could win, but I did and I wasn’t going to miss a ball this morning because there was a real chance of seeing history made, and it was.

This kid is the complete package, all he needs now is a decent haircut. 


Gosh the tennis finals were exceptional this morning Larrygent*.I really thought it expert sport.

How long will it be before the media give Kyrgios some stupid Knic- name like Thorpedo or Missile?

I'm so pleased that there's a new Aussie tennis hero on the scene. Getting a bit fed up of those, "Brave Hewitt goes down in [n] sets at the [x] open. Vows to come back stronger and better next year" headlines.

What's wrong with his hair cut - looks ok to me - .... hope he gets through.

IM not a tennis buff,but can remember as a kid---Yvonne Goologong,and Margraret Court,----that was good tennis,suppose not as fast as these days.

Hope the lad can back it up. Game 3 on Court 1 so maybe 1am at the earliest

In a very different time Pharlap represented hope and a relief from the hardships of the Depression years. Is it so different that everyday Australians are looking for relief from all the hassles of the recent years? The goodness in most people responds to the stimulus of a young fellow doing his best and succeeding! Whether he continues his winning ways during this tournament is irrelevant. He has demonstrated the "never give in" attitude that commands our respect as Australians. My only hope is that he is not affected as some before but that he now knows that he CAN succeed and will grow from here to achieve his goals. Good luck to him.

Nearly sat on a red back on the a dunny seat tonight. Reminds me of a song. It would of been, good night sweet heart for me, at my age.

Oh My God!, Jack French, not another shistol pot!

Used to love watching our super lady tennis players. Specially very special Yvonne Goolagong. Loved watching Cathy Freeman do Oz proud. Reckon this young Greek will also do us proud. Let's ALL get with him in his Australian Sports Goodwill Ambassadorship.

Hark!!!!..........I he......

That's what I said Brian a champion not a hero. Like a lot of words hero has lost it's true meaning.

Not sure who are the Morlocks and who are the Eloi.....!!!!!!

brian sullivan.. I agree with you on this one, also being a very old fashion person I would like to see him clean up his act if he is going to be a roll model for our kids, I personally dislike the lines in the hair do, the earing and the tattoos , sorry I am a stick in the mud and very very old fashion, I guess I will be condemned for saying this.

REPLAY of the tennis tonight 7.30pm Qld time on SEVEN TWO and later the next match against the tall Canadian. No sleep tonight (or tape it like I will)’s about function following following culture. Kemari is a Japanese is non-competitive in nature. People on this post have recently lamented the Japanese ability to resist islamic and other foreign invaders as opposed to Australia. Japanese culture seems to be strong and inwardly fairly cooperative, possibly as a result of its feudal recent past as compared to the west.

Kemari possibly reflects this culture, it’s about cooperation and a shared goal by all the team….witness Japanese success in the use of “Quality Circles” in its businesses and industries. Japanese abroad seem to stick together, there is a group norm and adhesiveness apparent in their culture and obvious to outsiders. This is perhaps mirrored in Kemari, where the main object is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible and everyone on the field cooperates in achieving that end, there are not 2 teams tearing each other apart vying for dominance. Not so in the west, where our sport mirrors our society and culture, we “compete” in sport as we do in our businesses and industries. Sport could be seen as less of an escape from the demands of overbearing rules and regulations of day to day living to a more captive and oppressive trap where there are more rules and regulations inside the playing fields than the ones outside that we are trying to get a temporary reprieve from, by in indulging in sport in the first place.

In one form of comparison, we are pitted against each other, whether it be in daily life, competition in the workplace for positions or promotion, in court cases and in our form of government “ Her Majesties Opposition”? Our competitive nature is not necessarily the best form to follow, witness recent events in our Parliaments and on the sporting fields by our “Sporting Hero’s”…I just wanted to question, given all the discussion on this board of perilous issues for we and our Country out there, why we drop our guard, place our hands on our hearts and go all teary eyed when it comes to sport……to me it’s a smoke and mirrors job that the majority of Australians fall for, especially when you question the very nature of “Sport” in our culture as opposed to other genuine indigenous (Japanese in this case) sports not moulded in “competitive” activities but “cooperative” ones… Perhaps our future could be guaranteed by more cooperation in our people and culture rather than more competition……JF

OT...Janet Albrechtsen has emerged as a frontrunner for an influential position overseeing appointments to the ABC and SBS boards.

Media crap again. Just like channel 9 news the other night proclaiming "Our top story today". Would you believe it was the disgusting, despicable Carney and his exploits. Really - top story?????

Well,you were right to think of a soldier. We lost another brave soul to the war in Afghanistan. AN Australian special forces soldier has died from a gunshot wound in Afghanistan.

i agree, amazing tennis. great to watch, but a hero. not even close!! does a huge disservice to our true heroes.