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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Thank God for Islam and thank God for ISIS

...they may yet be our salvation

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


For the longest time, we have had diversity and anti-racism rammed down our throats. Strangely enough however, the people doing this don’t really seem to care about diversity and anti-racism. At least not for non-white nations.

If they did, they might have said something about what happened in Zimbabwe. The minority Europeans of Zimbabwe were threatened, raped or murdered before being ethnically cleansed from the country.

None of these diversity Nazis complained about it. Neither did they complain about the lack of diversity in any of the other African nations that ejected Europeans.

                Elderly "Farangs" accused of playing cards detained in a Thai police station  

Thailand is currently working to make it harder for Western “Farangs” to stay in that country. Despite this, the diversity police are strangely silent once again. Likewise, China, Japan, Korea and other non-Western nations never come under pressure to increase diversity. Enrichment just doesn’t seem to be important for nations with homogenous populations of Asian or African people.

This might sound strange, but I would like to live in a nation which has a majority of ethnically European people. Quite a lot of Europeans feel this way. Strangely enough, a remarkably large number of non-European people feel this way too.

This view however, is unacceptable or (depending on where you live) illegal for white people like me.

                                                         Murdered white farmer

If current trends continue, then within 30 to 40 years, there will probably be no nation in the world which is majority European. Europeans (and only Europeans), will not have the option of living in a nation in which they constitute an ethnic majority.

Maybe that will work out just fine, but I have some reservations about this. If I express these reservations however, I am vilified as a racist. Why? I have no wish to burn crosses on people’s lawns. I have friends, family and children who are not white. That doesn’t mean that I want to radically change the ethnic or cultural identity of this country however.

I don’t believe our rulers have the right to do this either. Not without first consulting the people. Who the hell do they think they are? It also appears, that a large (and growing) number of people feel the same way. Unfortunately, these people have been bullied and threatened into silence. 

The silence of so many has left us feeling that we are a minority, that we are “extreme.”

We are made to feel that a nation in which the power is in the hands of a white majority is somehow evil or dangerous. Trying to argue against these people is pointless. They own the newspapers, the TV stations, the universities and the politicians.

Five minutes studying European history proves that cultural diversity is a disaster. Yet if you quiz them on it, the only answer the Left can give us is, “Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Australians send their children to school thinking they will get an education. Instead, they come home believing that their parents are bigoted simply because they happen to care about their country.

Up until a little while ago, it all seemed so hopeless. The useful idiots and their paymasters had things all sewn up. They couldn’t lose. Everything was just going so perfectly. But then they met Islam.

They just couldn’t help themselves. The Muslims were so brash, so confident, so aggressive. It was love at first smite.

They just had so much in common. They hated capitalism, they hated Christians, they hated America, they hated white people and they hated people who hate (because Love Trumps Hate). It was like, OMG, I totally agree, right?

They knew Islam was bad, but they were sure it could be reformed. It had never happened before but they just knew that this time it would be different. They would settle down together and live happily ever after. Those "deplorables" just didn’t know what they were talking about.

Of course, bad boys don’t settle down. It was always a fantasy. These deluded fools underestimated Islam completely. They really believed that underneath that tough exterior was a heart of gold.

There wasn’t. There wasn’t a heart at all, in fact if thereever was it was bad to the bone.

In desperation, they cling, tragically to their dreams. They hang on desperately, because to let go means to admit that they were wrong.

That is the one thing they fear above all others. It is a fate worse than a jihadists bullet. The admission that the "deplorables" were right all along.

They see only one way out. They need to bring in enough migrants to out vote the awful racist white people. If they can do that, they feel confident that they can keep themselves in power. That way they will never have to admit they were wrong

The tide however, is now moving against these lunatics. Thanks to ISIS (and other jihadist organisations) people are starting to realise that something is terribly wrong with Islam.

Each atrocity undermines the claims of the Left and leaves people more open to the truth.

Once people see what Islam is really all about, they realise how brazenly they have been lied to. When that happens, they understand the danger of our current policies and how treacherous our political classes are.

This trend is undermining the political establishment. It is working in favour of people who have the best interests of their nations at heart.

I know my book has made a difference. Last Christmas I dropped my prices and asked people to give copies as Christmas presents. Due to popular demand, I am going to repeat it once more. If you haven’t done so already, this is a great way to get the information out there. If you don’t have relatives who would appreciate it, you could just wrap it up and put it in your neighbour’s letter box.

I think we are getting much closer to breaking the grip these treacherous elites have on power. When we do, we will have the chance to hold them accountable.

I’m proud to be part of that process. I hope you will be too.


Top Photo...White funded Black angry Men wearing Gang Colours.... matching Bowties and Kerchiefs...Nothing changes... Red for the Muscle Grey for the bosses..

As I am entitled to my opinion. I am totally offended by anti-semitism.

Declare Islam a proscribed organisation.

The left wing media hasn't gone away.

The left wing media hasn't gone away.

Lights - if that is what God has given you to believe at this time in the order of events, that's really and genuinely okay.

Again, I don't agree and I think you're tending to generalisation. I believe (actually can't see how anyone couldn't) that where God is concerned, everything within his parameters - and those are the KEY words, DR - within his parameters - God has His grand plan laid out carefully - His earth, the human beings He peopled it with etc. In that sense, and for the long term (including biblical history) I believe the major events are pre-ordained. But I believe our God gave mankind the ability to make CHOICES - or free will, whatever you wish to call it. The only rider is that God has the final word. The old saying "Man proposes but God disposes" is true. Then we have the Lord Christ, and His challenger, Satan. None of us can know the "Why", at least, not yet. But yes, definitely free will

"If his wife wins the election" ??? Does billy boy have insider knowledge re the electoral college votes? And re the Clinton Foundation - what "work" would that be, billy boy ????

And we have the anti-semitic, drug addict scum like you.

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We outnumber them and that's what makes this a very dangerous time to live....they know we know.