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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... there's a good reason for that

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ms Plibersek is furious that independent and Catholic schools are copping a fair deal now that the useless Simon Birmingham has been shown the door from education to one marked “Harmless Tourism” with accompanying lei. But education is education and God knows we are behind on all fronts with only Catholic and Independent schools, without gender studies, showing signs of progress.

                                                  The hapless Birmingham

Yet Plibersek and Shorten are screaming that more billions must be plunged into public schools because, um, because, let me think… could it be that Public schooling has, along with the health sector, the highest concentration of unionism in the country?

The thousands of millions invested in education have not increased the quality of our kids’ education but have certainly increased the health of unions’ bank books.

ScoMo, who seems to be doing sort of okay so far, has adopted Julia Gillard’s tactic, as PM, of stretching four-year forward estimates out to ten years and beyond. The reason? Simple. Any necessary diminution or change in budgeting over a decade, as there always is, can then be classed as a “cut” by the heartless incoming Coalition. Hmmm, Julia Gillard knew she was about to lose government.

Do these decade-long forward estimates of ScoMo indicate he now expects Shorten to be in The Lodge next year and he wants to return the favour the Coalition has suffered from Labor since 2013?

“Cuts, cuts, cuts… unfair cuts” has been a common criticism thrown across the floor for the past five years, and it has been poorly combatted by successive Coalition PMs.

It seems both Parties will play the decades-long forward estimates game from now on because it dovetails well with “unfairness”. And the “unfair” tag has worked brilliantly for Labor despite the "allocated" sums never having been budgeted for.

Don’t underestimate ScoMo, he’s no mug. He will not be following Paris into the valley of economic death devoid of coal. But the doubters will have to wait until after the Wentworth by-election for a clearer picture of what he intends.

                                                         Crown of Thorns

There are no doubts about that scumbag Turnbull as he will soon have to explain, as a private citizen, the inexplicable half billion he handed to a dodgy little Barrier Reef mob that asked for only 5 million.

 There’s something real fishy on the Reef.


Unless and until I see Sco Mo walk away from the UN and the Paris agreement,I will NEVER be voting for the"Uni-Party"Labour(can't even spell their name)Liberals(sic,should change their name to labour lite)Greens(communists)I plan on voting for Corys Conservatives,Paulines One Nation,or Independents(making sure they truely are).

There is a very good reason why the ALP adopted 10 year forward estimates. To go longer than that would have required them taking off their shoes and socks.

Sunday's paper has a big article about the MH370 pilot. Someone has done an awful lot of in depth research into him. It certainly isn't the Malaysians as they are not forth coming with a few important details. Anyhow No.1 on the list of evidence about this pilot is that he once plotted a course down into the Southern Indian Ocean and then later deleted it.

Just an example...A highly educated University Professor said to me a while back.."That Shorten Fellow Seems like a Good Bloke.....".... need more be said?????

Anyone who thinks Shorten or Plibersek should be Prime Minister cannot see past their own pockets. And the rest are not much better, but at least with the rest, there is SOME hope, not matter how little it be.

Funny how Australia rarely sees a government that actually works for the country. Oh, they throw in a few benefits now and again to those who they'll know they can get their votes... ( which takes up anout 10% of their time, and the other 90% is just a bunch of mumbl8ng idiots vieing for the top Job.

Pillbeserk is always raging on about cuts to policies Gillard and Swan didn't have the money to pay for. If they had stayed in office our debt would be double the $600 billion it is now.

Health and Education - that's all labor ever talk about - God help us if Labor achieve a government next year - more union hacking - as for that screaming Plibersek - she is so embarrassing - Gillard made sure she stitched the country up whilst prancing around the world on our taxes advocating some sort of Feminine thingo - as with Rudd, no one wanted to employ her - both disasters - ScoMo is no fool - let's wait for Wentworth - and trust that screaming Greenie woman gets no where near government - another fake on the take.

not even his real name evidently on the zionist payroll

Clown of Thorns!

Seeing we are financially stuffed by Labor how about Morrison plagiarising their game plan and putting us in to doubling the debt by giving us everything we want like getting rid of excise on tobacco, fuel and grog and let the goods tax keep their coffers fuller over a longer time .

I see the Dalai Lama has stated that Europe is for Europeans. Wonder what Tigershitforbrains sister Meshel (cant spell her name) Laurie the faux Buddhist thinks of that?

Absolute bullshit and as you were NEVER a member of One Nation you don't really know the real facts. LOSER

Now Scot Balson is a blast from the past. I use to post to News of the Day back in the days of ON Mk1.

not before time. Get earplugs - Labor will be screaming about this, fancy making cheats pay back the money they defrauded from taxpayers!

Stick insect is showing her true colours with her bucketing expose on 60 Minutes tomorrow night. Tarred with the same brush as Turnbull, a nasty, bitchy, conceited back stabber if ever there was one. Got where she got via pillow talk and never did a darned thing to enhance Australia's reputation as foreign minister. Only lined her own pockets and now in the obvious twilight of her parliamentary career she is about to discard the cloak of respectability and expose the bogan bitch underneath.

Are you all ready to face the psychiatrist ? is astounding.

"The rise of political correctness' today reflects the change in the use of language we saw during the rise of Nazi Germany. Demanding "obedience" and "conformity" of the people. Just like we see the PC Left operating now. The Left of today are the Nazis of today."

The American 'Antifa' terrorist organisation and Australia's 'Get Up' organisation are one in the same. Far Left terrorist groups applying pressure to a democratic political system, denying free speech and willing to do violence to achieve it's goals....