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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


1. Scott Morrison had forced the Indonesian Government to, in effect, give millions to the military out of its own pocket. The Indonesian Government was powerless to stop the boats and was cleverly bypassed in settling the boats issue by Morrison dealing directly and solely with the military.

The amount (millions in bribe money) the military were paid to stop the boats and allow the turnbacks was subtracted from the annual aid budget thereby depriving the Government of massive funds that, in their minds, rightfully belonged to them.

The Government copped a double whammy by then having to bear the cost of supporting the illegal immigrants on its own soil. It couldn’t publicly complain but it silently seethed in anger at Australia's interference.

2. Both boys and their legal teams would have been witnesses in the upcoming judicial bribery inquiry.

3. Eighty per cent of Indonesians wanted the killing of the Australians to go ahead.

4. Australia cancelled all live meat exports to Indonesia without notice.

5. Australia bugged the phone of the former President’s wife.

6. The boys (at least one of them) made the mistake of converting to Christianity.

7. Islam by Koranic law must be seen as superior to any other faith and the execution of heretics is very much a part of that imposed Islamic dominance as decreed in the Koran.

8. All Indonesian Muslims hate Australians.

9. There was wild public indignation that we dared suggest our assistance in the Aceh disaster should be taken into account. Aceh is the Sumatran birthplace of Asian Islam.

10. Indonesia has murdered many Australians before with complete impunity.

Indonesia will pay a high international price for this macabre, caveman form of State sanctioned killing of foreigners. Australians will still flock to Bali but the effects of these executions will be felt in the heart of Jakarta and will extend beyond merely recalling Australia’s Ambassador.

Widodo has proved the niceties of diplomatic exchanges are dead and buried.

Australia has nothing to fear from Indonesia except loss of trade, but they have shown that mutual trade is as equally important to them by quickly renewing live cattle imports.

The Abbott Government still doesn’t understand that the Islamic psyche involves a show of dominance over all non Muslim States. That perceived dominance is unwarranted.

Australia must now finally make a stand against this corrupt, third world neighbour and its belief in a supremacy gifted from Allah.

A good place to start is the genocide we are currently turning a blind eye to in West Papua.


Iam.indonesia muslim and i love and my friends always wanted to go aussie..we want to see kangaroo: v..... if u say all muslim indonesia hate australia...thats tottally WRONG! U just dont know anything....if u wondered why jokowi do that.blame tony abbot. He just pour some oil in fire

This buck tooth little monkey has been playing Australia for fools all along.

Thats it in a nutshell. But I can guarantee you that there is not one in the Australian gubmint that understands this.

Most of the bogan Aussies who go to Bali don't even realise its part of Indonesia

I'm now waiting for the announcement from the National Art Gallery that they have paid a mottza for all the paintings Sukumara did and will hang them in the N.A.G. Canberra,

The boats have been stopped Indonesia has played a large part in that one.

Spent 6 weeks in Jakarta about 20 years ago. Couldn't wait to get out of the place - haven't been back and not going back, even to Bali. The place is foul and corrupt from one end to the other. I think it's dangerous to even fly over it. The worst part is having what little sleep you can get interrupted by crazy bastards moaning the call to prayer on cheap-shit amplifiers turned up full all going off like off-key baritone roosters. Stay away folks, there are better and safer places to visit. Why the hell do we give these buggers aid?

Killer on death row are there for years these days. No rush to the gallows or firing squad or electric chair....this is done to allow for appeals and further investigation because of the execution of innocents in the past. Rather hold them on death row for years than executed an innocent.

The only way to deal with Indonesia is not to kneel and bow to them every time they get upset or we put their nose out of joint. The aid that Australia gives Indonesia does not go to the people, it goes to all the corrupt politicians that live a high life and support their families with abundant riches to go to every university around the world and live the highest life that is unimaginable to us Australians. We are kidding ourselves if we think that Indonesia is or will be our ally in time of need, most Muslim Indonesians hate Australians and are arrogant to our culture, take this from me because I’ve been travelling to Indonesia for the last 25 years and I’m also married to an Indonesian fine Christian woman, and I’ve seen it all there and I’ve heard it all from the non Muslims and what problems they have.

Joko Widodo is a very mislead and populace driven president, he came into power promising everything and anything to beat his adversaries and especially that other criminal opposition candidate Prabowo Subianto at the election. Prabowo Subianto, is a and was a very dangerous pro extremist and pro isis supporter and if he would have come into power then Indonesia would have been far worst off then anyone of us could have imagined. The only reason why 'Eighty per cent of Indonesians wanted the killing of the Australians to go ahead' is because Widodo promised them that before the election and unfortunately Widodo is way off and has no clue of how to deal with international diplomacy and this more appropriate to his foreign minister Retno Marsudi who was the main culprit to the executions.

Widodo is pictured above giving a Baphomet, Satanic HAND SIGN

Australian can only stop the flood of illegals via the boats with the cooperation of Ind onesia and its Defence forces. Those executed were drug smugglers who knew they faced death if caught...they took the gamble and lost.Why all the many people died from drug overdoses or from home invasion by drug addled who were looking for the wherewithall to pay for these compassion for them...not a word or thought on their behalf...why is that ?

It's OK Baz we have 20 of the population Psychiatric in some way , and rising with imports . so that means we all have 1 living next door , one across the road and BLUE

This would be a good time to invade West Papua to free the native population of their Indonesian captivity .

This would be a good time to invade West Papua to free the native population of their Indonesian captivity .

Would you like to delete a few copies ?

for christ sake stop calling them "the Boys" that term of enderament is reserved for men who are respected by our nation not convicted drug dealers. Get over it.

Nick Xenaphon must need money to pay school fees. A senate estimate inquiry headed by him into the part the AFP had in the drug affair is set as soon as the budget is announced.

Well said, Rosa. Agree 100%.

Now I admit to not being the sharpest tax in the box by a long shot certainly do not have a the cognitive abilities of one whom is bright enough to have attended university, BUT! Me thinks that there may be some lack of logic in this post by The New Blue ( are there really blue horses or does it require the like of heroin to see them) Aside ; If Indonesia were to invade Darwin I strongly suspect it might just upset at least a few of the Australian Residents? Further I am not sure I would feel terribly comfortable with a foreign nation occupying the top 2,000 kilometres of my country. Still different strokes for different folks I suppose. Communists appear to view domination of our Nation by other than Democratic force far differently to I. Like aiding and abetting the Muslim invasion.