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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PM Abbott’s pet signature policy of Paid Parental Leave was always a dead duck. There has never been such a woolly-headed idea from either side of politics. How can a thought bubble to shore up Tony Abbott’s lack of female support be promoted as a “productivity” measure when multi billions are proposed to lure women out of the workforce (possibly never to return) to have babies on welfare?

If Abbott wants equality with Public Service entitlements then the pampered Public Service should be brought back to the reality of the struggling private sector.

The policy ideas pouring from the Coalition’s party room are proving excellent targets for the Opposition.

Forty job applications per month for the unemployed! What idiot thought that one up?

Cabinet’s resident religious nutter, Kevin Andrews, and his $200 counselling vouchers to keep married couples together, belongs with the other nutters on the cross benches. 

He and his wife coincidentally own a counselling service, but no thought of declaring an interest.

Now another brilliant idea! People will be forced to spend their dole money on healthy stuff. 

And another one! The $7 co-payment is likely to be reduced rather than increased to where it might dissuade hypochondriacs and might actually raise some money above the cost of its administration.

The budget is a disastrous mishmash of offsets that was never framed around the likely acquiescence of a likely new Senate.

Abbott deferred treating the gangrenous open sore of Industrial Relations until after the next election in fear that he may have lost the last election. 

He is solving the Islamic threat with, “Oh, when they return they’ll have to prove they weren’t involved in Jihadist activities”. WTF is next? Perhaps anyone visiting Thailand will have to prove they didn’t have relations with little boys?

If they are Islamic and their passport says Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, send them back, or charge them. Why try to dance around the problem?

His mate Campbell Newman is completely out of his tree, restructuring the judiciary to quickly cope with his enforcement of undemocratic legislation before the High Court throws it out.

Meanwhile a seditious, extreme Left ABC has been slapped on the wrist with a used condom for openly trying to dismantle Morrison’s successful Sovereign Borders policy. 

His newly appointed, homosexually confused, Human Rights Commissioner is undermining his boss, while Malcolm Turnbull remains unrestrained to do the same.

It seems Morrison is the only Minister with balls enough to grasp the nettle and dare the extreme Left to challenge him. 

When 70 per cent of the electorate doesn’t like its PM, it’s time for that PM to show strength beyond a universally acceptable MH17 response. This Government is sinking fast to the equivalent of a Fraser administration which achieved and mended nothing.

Abbott is not only handing ammunition to that despicable union thug, Bill Shorten, he is losing the very constituents who worked very hard to get him there... the true blue believers! 

Abbott’s wimpish stance on everything controversial is encouraging the far Left and discouraging his Conservative base. 

His personal approval polls won’t improve until he either shits or gets off the pot!

I will stop now before I type something I might regret.


Jacqui Lambie for PM.

Chips .... Has somebody got chips ........... I love chips ....

Well hes better than anything and everything that we have got as politicians. The labor/green and pup's are a bunch of lowlife vote grabbing power hungry bigots that are willing to sell us off to the enemy wherever they are. It's better to have Abbott then to send Australia into an uncontrollable left wing socialist mess that will destroy this nation to beyond repair and morals. Your analogy Bruce Rugby is a full-hearted one and atypical of the traitors that governed Australia by the labor/green/independents to point of beyond repair and has elevated these rouge nationalities to bring their troubles to and upon Australia.

BR, if they come after me because of my encouragement of you, so be it , I think you know me better than that I, like you say what I believe and let the chips fall!

Sorry Bruce I'm not that Disraeli. He died some time ago.

Bob down Brown and his merry team of tan track terrorists.

" They want to die, the whole bloody lot", we should become facilitators , to help them achieve that ideal.

Not satisfied with the threat that Ebola will accidently get into the US, they have repatriated an infected doctor to Georgia.

C'm on now Brucie... you're the one wearing the shades!

I think you are on a different planet bruce, the Australian voters will do as they seem fit and remove him if they wish . A lot of sour grapes on your part .

You clearly have an axe to grind BR. Tony and the sorely missed DJT are both wonderful fellows.

Our elected Government does whatever it likes like no matter what we say here. lol and hotrocks, we are just voting tax paying spectators. you may like what you see but I don't..

Agree with senior....Israel, like Iraq and Syria is fighting for survival against the most vicious, largest, well financed / equipped group of terrorists that ever existed.....Hezbollah has no chance against ISIS.....Unless west west steps in, half the M.E. will soon be controlled by terrorists......The west next.

I'm with you Hotrocks... it's time we all gave our 'elected government' a fair go! - even you Brucie!

hotrocks, what are you on? pass some around. The Abbott team are acting like amateurs and are leading us over the cliff and you lemmings can't see it.

Ukraine -- At least 10,500 people have died since the beginning of the military operation, launched by Kiev in the southeast of Ukraine in mid-April, People’s Governor of Donbas Region Pavel Gubarev said.

“We only have the approximate figures, but at least 2,000 people from our side have been killed during the conflict, 60 percent of them were civilians, others – from self-defense forces,”

the lights are out?

"Abbott’s wimpish stance on everything controversial is encouraging the far Left and discouraging his Conservative base."
TA's sitting-on-the-fence routine for every possible topic really shits me off even though I know for a reasonable-facsimile-of-a-fact that he only does it to lessen the whining of the left on everything he does. They do it anyway but they can't nail him down on anything he says - or doesn't say.
Bob Katter & Clive Palmer both come across as nutters at various times but at least they both have the balls to say something meaningful even if it is 'controversial' according to the media.
Tony Abbott: For fucks sake - take a stance on something... ANYTHING.

I think your hatred for Abbott has clouded your judgement bruce . There is not much wrong with the Abbott team.

For those that actually understand democracy and the principles of free speech (excluding those draconian provisions of Section 18c of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1975), each and everybody that posts on PP, on topic and trueness of heart should have some level of respect offered towards their opinions, whether it is not of the same line of thought of the reader or not. However, those red raggers who do nothing but disrupt an intelligent conversation can go stuff themselves ...... so sayeth the pyg.