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Monday, 19th March 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While embattled PM Nawaz Sharif complains that Obama has violated Pakistan’s sovereignty by blowing Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour into mince meat in a drone strike marginally inside Pakistan territory, he is lucky that Obama didn’t do what he should have done... destroy the Afghan poppy fields that the Taliban and Afghanis rely on for their war effort and the Pakistanis reach across their northern border for a sizable piece of the action

The heroin that is slowly destroying the West is supplied almost solely by a $60 billion Taliban crop and successive corrupt Afghan governments have relied on this exported opium and its derivatives for income while the US Administration looked on.  

Afghan guerrilla commander Sirajuddin Haqqani, is a likely successor to Mansour and would prove an even more implacable foe for Afghan and US forces. So, what exactly has Obama achieved by personally authorising Mansour’s killing?

Afghan Government forces are as much of a joke as are Iraqi troops currently lining up to retake Falluja from ISIS, only 60 mile outside Baghdad.

But the Iraqis are rumoured to be absent for the Olympic sprint events, as it was noticed that whenever a gun went off they ran like hell. So we can’t expect the liberation of Falluja any time soon.

Crumbs, and Pakistan is an ally of the West? The poor Pakistani bastard who told the Yanks where bin Laden was hiding (in plain sight next to a Pakistan military establishment) is still in jail and will rot there if he's not executed. At least the Americans have saved $20 million on his reward.

Spraying the immense poppy fields of Afghanistan will leave both the Afghanis and the Taliban broke and back in the stone age where they belong, and it will allow an earlier exit strategy for Obama. But the Saudi, Afghan and Pakistani Governments won’t allow spraying. (The Saudis own, train and help finance the Taliban.)

WON’T ALLOW IT, FFS? What sort of war is this!

Sooner or later dysfunctional countries run by these corrupt Islamic baboons must be left to wallow in their own excreta. Not before we have sorted out ISIS. 

But it appears Obama wants to leave Office on a high note where only Westerners die.


Has any US President ever considered using their much vaunted drones to spray the opium fields of Afghanistan and the cocaine fields of Columbia with herbicides? Maybe not and maybe that is because they are quiet beneficiaries of this evil trade.

Bring on The Donald

Excellent post Larry

O/T: "Sydney siege inquest: Police did not enter cafe earlier as first shot was in air, not at hostages'

Anybody with eyes in their heads would have seen that shot fired when some of the hostages were escaping through the front door went high, in fact it went through the glass panels well above the door height.

It is such a shame people have been dumbed down in matters gun related. That would have been the perfect time to overpower the gunman before he reloaded the pump action shotgun.

Invade Saudi Arabia and the world's problem will be nipped in the bud. The Arabs will then crawl back under the nearest pile of camel dung ,just where they belong and then we need to deal with the UN and it's quest for a new world order as it's brand has long past its used by date.

What will trump do

Your right Donna, I also know a concrete mind when I see one.

I personally believe there is definitely is a god and at the core of the illusion,control system here on earth the controllers are all satanic at the core.
It doesn't matter what you personally believe about this unless people wake up and see the"big picture" things are are not going to get better for humanity in the near future .. in fact if the elite have their way there are going to get much worse.
Try to point this out and the likes of lights have no problem calling you a nutter and are quite prepared to watch the world they once knew turn to shit if front of their eyes while blaming socialists, communists and moslems for it. Well lights you go ahead ..

Pauline Hanson will be on Ray Hadley's Show (2GB) in the second hour (10am-11am).

PAULINE Hanson’s chances of securing a Senate seat in Queensland have increased and both major parties admit they have little chance of stopping her.

The controversial anti-immigration former MP stands her best chance of returning to Parliament thanks to the lower bar needed to win in a double dissolution election combined with a new Senate voting system that will disadvantage micro parties.

With Clive Palmer bowing out of the race for the Senate, Ms Hanson now only has to battle with Glenn Lazarus to pick up the conservative protest vote in Queensland.

Labor and LNP strategists both concede Ms Hanson is likely to pick up the last Senate seat in Queensland, where she could share the balance of power after the election.

“The Liberal and Greens changes to Senate voting, together with a double dissolution, have made it easier for Pauline Hanson to win a Senate spot,” Labor’s Queensland state secretary Evan Moorhead said.

A senior LNP source said Ms Hanson’s appeal could be larger than expected because many people were too ashamed to admit they would vote for her when surveyed for opinion polls.

Malcolm Turnbull is scheduled to return to the program of powerful 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones this Wednesday after a two-year boycott over a personal feud between the two leading Sydneysiders.

But the Prime Minister has given no commitment to appear regularly on Jones’s program, and the controversial broadcaster is not expected to give Mr Turnbull any easy interviews.

Although there has been no commitment to a regular appearance, as Scott Morrison has with Jones’s fellow 2GB ratings titan Ray Hadley, it is expected there will be more than just ­Wednesday’s appearance during the election campaign.

The Australian revealed two weeks ago that Mr Turnbull had reached out to Mr Jones to again appear on his program, which has the top ratings in Mr Turnbull’s home town and state and is also broadcast into the electorally vital areas of Brisbane and southeast Queensland.

Liberals had been concerned that Mr Turnbull was turning his back on a necessary commercial radio audience in Sydney and Brisbane while favouring appearances on the ABC and on Melbourne commercial radio.

Mr Jones’s animosity towards former Queensland Liberal Nation­al Party premier Campbell Newman was credited with contributing to the LNP first-term loss and Liberals were concerned Mr Turnbull’s refusal to go on Jones’s program, and a broader boycott of 2GB, was ­encouraging criticism and appeared out of touch.

There were concerns that Mr Turnbull appeared to be an elitist concentrating on ABC radio and television, and ignoring huge radio audiences in Sydney and Brisbane, where the election will be won or lost.

The Australian was told yesterday that the lunch meeting ­between Mr Turnbull and Mr Jones had gone well and they had patched up personal differences. But it was agreed that there wouldn’t be a “soft” approach to interviews because they would not be credible.

Mr Turnbull has boycotted 2GB radio since June 2014 after a heated interview between the pair, in which Mr Jones accused the then communications minister of undermining Tony Abbott by ­having dinner with Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer.

When Jones asked Mr Turnbull to declare his support for the Abbott-Hockey team and the 2014 budget, the then minister replied: “Alan, I am not going to take ­dictation from you.

“I am a cabinet minister.”

Mr Jones was unable to attend an earlier planned meeting two weeks ago due to illness. After two weeks of the election campaign, a lunch meeting was held in the­ ­Sydney CBD penthouse of property tycoon John Boyd.

Mr Turnbull confirmed on Saturday that he had met Mr Jones and would be going on his program. “I’ve known Alan for many years, for decades, longer than perhaps we’d care to recall,” he l said in the marginal NSW central coast seat of Dobell, which takes in Jones’s radio territory.

“I had a very good discussion with him, I’m looking forward to appearing on his radio program.”

Political Correctness - is that in the minds of idiots it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end. Courtesy of Texas A&M.

Yep that would be Obama breaking international law by sending a drone over a sovereign nation and killing the Taliban leader along with an innocent taxi driver, the same bloke has now wrecked Iraq by pulling troops out early, wrecked Syria, Libya, Yemen and destabilised Ukraine and other parts of eastern Europe so he can provoke Russia into a fight, he's been one amazing president full of fuckups everything he's touched has turned to shit, history will not look kindly on this incompetent stupid leftoid puppet

I hope they gave this bastard fair warning: loosen your tie, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Settle down, Kym! . . . and get back to work - Shouldn't you be doing your ward rounds with a stethoscope slung around your neck, pretending to be a doctor?

Heh heh . . . reported on ninemsn: One hundred members of the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus took the field at Petco Park ahead of the Padres - Dodgers baseball match to sing the US anthem. But as they prepared to sing 'Star Spangled Banner' for the crowd a recording of a woman singing the anthem kicked in, drowning out the choir. As the choir left the field some spectators shouted 'you sing like a girl' as well as other homophobic taunts.

How sad . . . never mind . . .

AUSTRIA VOTED:...... and got a GREEN idiot for President, one Alexander Van der Bellen narrowly beat the FAR RIGHT, anti-immigration fellow, Norbert Hofer, you guessed it... POSTAL VOTES. Funny that. I wonder if the AEC Senate vote counters from WESTERN AUSTRALIA went over there to give them a hand or if they have their fraudsters and dishonest shitheads counting their votes too? Funny how all conservatives, in fact anyone, who disagrees with Islamic rapists, Islamic child molesters and Islamic murderers (never mind the myriad of less obnoxious, disgusting and unpalatable negatives the CULT practices) being injected into their nations suddenly becomes ....FAR RIGHT and even a NAZI? .....Well folks, all I can say is ....if that's what it takes.

Toss pots"....nice....cute even. As Micky C said. Language. This site is on the schools curriculum as first grade reading now and I would ask you to resist the temptation to swear in such a course manner please. This site is a valuable aid in directing young fertile minds away from the socialist, some may even hint at communist manifesto chipping away at the fabric of society at present. Unfortunate that it is not having the desired result on your own. One point from Harry.....Grow up Kym!!! Barack is a bummer pure and simple just like you. Have a nice day....Twinkles.

Notice, once again "the Saudis" figure prominently. They always get the staring role. Why is it so ?

Oh the discrimination!! Labor will give the go ahead on SSM within their first 100 days. What about the bestial lovers? When can they sleep easy with dogs without persecution?

Language !

How do you expect people to treat you like a lady when you have a potty mouth like that.
No one will ever marry you if you continue to behave like that. You just let yourself down.