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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While embattled PM Nawaz Sharif complains that Obama has violated Pakistan’s sovereignty by blowing Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour into mince meat in a drone strike marginally inside Pakistan territory, he is lucky that Obama didn’t do what he should have done... destroy the Afghan poppy fields that the Taliban and Afghanis rely on for their war effort and the Pakistanis reach across their northern border for a sizable piece of the action

The heroin that is slowly destroying the West is supplied almost solely by a $60 billion Taliban crop and successive corrupt Afghan governments have relied on this exported opium and its derivatives for income while the US Administration looked on.  

Afghan guerrilla commander Sirajuddin Haqqani, is a likely successor to Mansour and would prove an even more implacable foe for Afghan and US forces. So, what exactly has Obama achieved by personally authorising Mansour’s killing?

Afghan Government forces are as much of a joke as are Iraqi troops currently lining up to retake Falluja from ISIS, only 60 mile outside Baghdad.

But the Iraqis are rumoured to be absent for the Olympic sprint events, as it was noticed that whenever a gun went off they ran like hell. So we can’t expect the liberation of Falluja any time soon.

Crumbs, and Pakistan is an ally of the West? The poor Pakistani bastard who told the Yanks where bin Laden was hiding (in plain sight next to a Pakistan military establishment) is still in jail and will rot there if he's not executed. At least the Americans have saved $20 million on his reward.

Spraying the immense poppy fields of Afghanistan will leave both the Afghanis and the Taliban broke and back in the stone age where they belong, and it will allow an earlier exit strategy for Obama. But the Saudi, Afghan and Pakistani Governments won’t allow spraying. (The Saudis own, train and help finance the Taliban.)

WON’T ALLOW IT, FFS? What sort of war is this!

Sooner or later dysfunctional countries run by these corrupt Islamic baboons must be left to wallow in their own excreta. Not before we have sorted out ISIS. 

But it appears Obama wants to leave Office on a high note where only Westerners die.


Has any US President ever considered using their much vaunted drones to spray the opium fields of Afghanistan and the cocaine fields of Columbia with herbicides? Maybe not and maybe that is because they are quiet beneficiaries of this evil trade.

Bring on The Donald

Sandy: I listened to all 25 minutes and interesting it was too. It told me without a shadow of doubt that even a Judge (retired), in this case that judge, can make uncommon sense when he is not presiding in a Court of Law. However, it did not address my question to you personally.

Lol: Decided to be friendly, have we? I'm well aware of who Sandy 57 is. Which is why I addressed my questions to him. I think him to be quite knowledgeable of the subject in question and I am (still) interested to read his response.

M60... 'Sandy' is a person called Bruce Whiteside... check him out on Google... he's an authority on many things!

Excellent post Larry

Thanks Sandy, but I was talking about more recent examples. In this Parliamentry term.

Sandy57: Without going too deeply into things regarding 'obstruction' in the Senate, could you tell provide some examples please: IE; what was the obstruction and who was the obstructor?

meh...I hear the 2nd debate is going to be on the ABC on Sunday - chris yulman (sp?).....won't be turning that on...two lefties chatting about what they believe in - no thanks....I would really like to see a debate between Pauline, Kirralie, David Leyonholme, Di Natale, Shorten and Turnbull....I would like AJ to be the moderator....I would watch that...ut it on ch 7

I'm glad she is getting a fair trot this time...hope to see her in the Senate. We can pretty much ignore the reps and get government out from the Senate

O/T: "Sydney siege inquest: Police did not enter cafe earlier as first shot was in air, not at hostages'

Anybody with eyes in their heads would have seen that shot fired when some of the hostages were escaping through the front door went high, in fact it went through the glass panels well above the door height.

It is such a shame people have been dumbed down in matters gun related. That would have been the perfect time to overpower the gunman before he reloaded the pump action shotgun.

Lol, thanks for that. Pauline was a breath of fresh air at the time. We remember how they distorted her maiden speech pushing the racism card. I hope she does well, always did. Cheers.

R56 - couldn't agree more... I too sick of all this nonsense!

Mike... you have it right here! Spot on!

I supported Pauline from day one, she said what I wanted to hear. Because I didn't form a support group or knew about your efforts Bruce didn't mean I wasn't interested or concerned. Perhaps you should direct your anger elsewhere away from supporters here.

Pauline may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she is one thing and that's honest and sticks up for Australia and its way of life. She'll get my vote a long time before that buffoon Lazaras.

Invade Saudi Arabia and the world's problem will be nipped in the bud. The Arabs will then crawl back under the nearest pile of camel dung ,just where they belong and then we need to deal with the UN and it's quest for a new world order as it's brand has long past its used by date.

A great interview (Hadley/Hanson)... she's certainly passionate about this country.. I wish her well.

It was a good interview. Makes a lot of sense that lady, hope she gets in.

R56: Correct. She fields candidates on the NSW Senate ticket. She is well on track, almost assured (save for AEC fraud and those so-called postal votes that have a strange habit of going missing or outrageously favoring a major Party) to easily win her deserved place in the Senate, at last. Good luck.