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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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…because the damage will be greater later!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I suggested May first this year as a likely date that Pyongyang would be destroyed after Trump had drawn a line in the sand in late April. That small window has closed and Trump’s confidence in China’s ability to assist in closing the Kid down has been shattered.

Neither Trump nor Obama have understood North Korea’s close association with Iran. It has never been mentioned. Okay, I have been banging on about it for years, yet both rogue nations' nuclear proliferation has been driven in tandem. Whatever Pyongyang achieves nuclear, so too does Iran, and fools Obama and Kerry have already ensured Iran’s nuclear capability.

 So North Korea's capability should be no surprise

                             The little fat kid wih some well tutored admirers

The Kid can afford to thumb his nose at China simply because he no longer needs it. It’s China that needs North Korea. And Trump’s blustering about sanctions is farcical as the Kid can get his French Champagne, caviar and blonde hookers from any State that hates the US… and that means from just about anywhere.

US Defence Secretary, “Mad Dog” Mattis, has been given a free rein by Trump although a pre-emptive strike plan must first pass the Oval Office desk. But there really isn’t any choice, the longer this obese jerk is allowed to develop an increased nuclear capacity, the greater the eventual damage. The question is how much damage is South Korea prepared to sustain now as compared to later?

The other question is what role would China play in the event of a Korean war? China would almost certainly stay hands off, so it all comes down to South Korea.   

The US would already know all underground and surface launch sites and could easily take them out along with wherever the Zika Kid is. He has surrounded himself with old obedient fools and bawling women who are commanded to applaud his every move, to put it bluntly he now believes his own bullshit, which is a dangerous thing in any war.

Every facility in North Korea must be bombed (and really bombed) every palace and site that the Kid may be in also. Every military department and installation. Prior to that an iron dome must be thrown over Seoul and 30,000 US troops will cross the DMZ to mop up. 

Only then can starving North Koreans  be fed and political prisoners be released.

There will doubtless be some damage, but that damage must be weighed against the damage certain to be suffered later if nothing is done now.

Two birds will be killed with the one stone as Iran will pull its head in in the wake of a North Korean annihilation.

Japan will be supportive of a US strike and in the case of Iran there is always Israel who has taken out Iranian installations before.

The US has everything in place… Nuclear aircraft carriers are right now prowling the western Pacific.

An F/A-18 Super Hornet assigned to USS Ronald Reagan practises takeoffs and                                                        landings near the island of Iwo Jima

The USS Ronald Reagan carrier has also arrived meaning there are now three carriers including two Nimitz-class on hand with the USS Carl Vinson already off the Korean coast. The carriers have a total of 90 F/A-18C Hornet and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighters.

They are protected by escorts from Destroyer Squadron 15, including the guided missile cruiser USS Shiloh and Aegis destroyers Barry, John S. McCain, McCampbell, and Mustin. 

Shiloh, a Ticonderoga-class cruiser, has an advanced version of the Aegis Combat System capable of shooting down any ballistic missile launched by North Korea, as do the destroyers Barry and McCain.

                  One of the imposing Nimitz class carriers, armed and ready

Carrier Strike Group Five consists of Ronald Reagan’s air wing, Carrier Air Wing 5. Based at Naval Air Station Atsugi, the air wing consists of Strike Fighter Squadron 102 ("Diamondbacks"), Strike Fighter Squadron 27 ("Royal Maces"), Strike Fighter Squadron 115 ("Eagles"), and Strike Fighter Squadron 195 ("Dambusters"). All four squadrons fly the F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Nuclear attack submarines shadow the carrier strike group to provide anti-submarine protection.

When you consider the massive US buildup of nuclear military force adjacent to the Korean peninsula and that the US has today asked for a closed door meeting with the UN Security Council, it appears some action is afoot and it could well be a pre-emptive strike.

Anyway, what other choice is there?        



If North Korea didn’t exist the US would create it
There is only one reason why the US is obsessed with North Korea. It allows the US to maintain a massive military presence in East Asia. If not for tensions on the Korean peninsula, the US would lose its rationale for its network of military bases in the region, which are primarily meant to threaten and contain China
……………To top it all, U.S. performs, twice annually, the largest war games in the world with South Korea, in which it practises an assassination of North Korea’s top leadership, the invasion and occupation of North Korea, and a nuclear first strike against North Korea with imitation armaments.
The Foal Eagle war games include 300,000 South Korean soldiers and 15,000 US troops. This year, the exercises also feature Navy SEAL Team Six, which is best known for assassinating Osama bin Laden on Obama’s orders.
Moreover, an American plan was made public last September proclaiming that “the North’s capital city will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map if it shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon”.
THAAD provokes anger
The US also installed an advanced missile system in South Korea, known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). This provoked strong opposition from China and Russia who consider it a provocative move and a threat to their national security. Chinese Foreign Ministry said:
……………Undoubtedly, Kim Jong Un knows only too well how Gaddafi ended his days, the way he was overthrown and then lynched under US/NATO command. By surrendering his military weaponry, he signed his death warrant. He submitted his weapons and deposited some $200 billion of Libyan national wealth in Western banks. Yet in the end the West took its skin.
In the West it is rarely brought to light that the US has repeatedly turned down North Korea’s offers to end nuclear weapon development. Offers have been put forward by North Korea back to the Clinton administration in the 1990s but were then rejected by the US.
The most recent proposal was made in 2015 when North Korea offered to “halt nuclear testing if the United States would cancel an annual spring military exercise with South Korea”, but Washington rejected the proposal………..”
Read on –

Dialogue didn't work with Adolf Hitler , WHY would anyone think it will work with NK or China for that matter.

Its military will be fully engaged in trying to prevent millions of deaths from starvation, lack of water and essential services. But with its economy in ruins the government would soon run out of money to finance its military.
It is no surprise China is sitting back. It will let the deranged Kim do the dirty work, then step up to become the world’s hegemon. Australia would be a tempting target. China sees us as a food bowl and source of minerals.
The recently released book, Western Civilisation's Coming Apocalypse, provides a graphic description of the threat posed by an EMP attack from NK or Iran, with the consequential loss of millions of lives.

People on the ground will hardly be aware of the explosion, except for a flash in the sky, but in seconds the electricity grid will go down. Soon there will be no power, no phones, no internet and no banking, and within a few days, no fuel, no transport, no water and no food. This a truly apocalyptic weapon. America will be sent back to the pre-industrial age with horrific consequences for the population. If a number of extra-high-voltage transformers are taken out, it may take months, or even years to restore the electricity grid.
Following such a devastating attack, the US will be finished as the world’s policeman, protecting Western countries such as Australia.

Media commentators are focused on Kim’s potential use of a conventional nuclear weapon against the US or South Korea. He has a much more dangerous weapon available. North Korea, along with China and possibly Iran has been developing an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon. Intelligence reports that such a weapon is already in the hands of a number of nations, including NK.
NK only has to fit a relatively small, low-yield nuclear warhead optimised to produce maximum EMP to its ICBM. Such a weapon exploded at high altitude over America (or Australia) will generate a massive electromagnetic pulse that will fry all electronic devices including SCADA control systems, for thousands of kilometres around. More at

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Let South Korea Be South Korea

South Koreans have a new president who claims to be more in favor of dialogue with the North than confrontation. Why won't the US let him give diplomacy a chance? If, as polls show, 80 percent of South Koreans want more dialogue with the North, why should we get in the way?
Tune in today's Liberty Report:

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The only choice is serious negotiation that gives the DPRK security against military threats in return for cessation of the missile program. Russia and China made a sensible proposal but America chose to treat it with contempt by conducting a military exercise in South Korea.

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We should also remember that the NKs are still fighting the war of 1950s ! but while the rest of the world (not counting isisl) has moved on, the walls between the east and the west has almost disappeared, the NK is politicly and socially stuck in the past, They still have the idea that ""we was robbed"", albeit that the two Koreas and most of Asia,are now poles apart in living standards etc, Stalinism is a failed ideology, as is marxism, but many refuse to move on,refusing to accept that given the choice . the people will vote with their feet as they are doing by the millions by migrating ,ie ""invading "" europe and ""the great satan"" the USA every year.

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Wonder if this will be the last G20 meeting with the US as a full member
Dumpster is against their objectives of free trade, the tectonic plates are a moving.
Despite the fake news spread here yesterday, Russian and China certainly see things very differently from the psycho P.O.T.U.S .

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