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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Take Aunty Too!

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Memo to Nine: “Now you have bagged all the Green-Lefties in Fairfax, please take Aunty too.”


For the tax payer Viv it would be good economics for us to pay Ch9/Fairfax $100000 a year for the next 50 years to take both of them, think of the 1.5 billion we will save per year.

ABC and SBS are both publicly funded and are supposed to present 'unbiased' programming. They are frauds. The only place for them is at the bottom of a 'long drop'.

Haha lovely Vic.

Reports are coming in (sourced in both cases from RT) of someone having blown themselves up in the middle of a football field in Verviers, Belgium …..

Relax, this sort of thing’s quite routine nowadays — except that it seems nobody else was killed or injured. Local Mayor Hasan Aydin thankfully reassured us, quickly downplaying speculation the person may have wanted to commit a terrorist act; “Suicide seems most plausible, if he wanted to do more damage, he would certainly have been in a place in town where there were more people”. The Mayor’s a Muslim and sounds like he knows his Islam.

And who are we Kuffar to disagree? We must, as always, immediately rule out terrorism, what with Islam being beyond any shadow of doubt a religion of peace. Suicide, furthermore, is prohibited in Islam. Curiously, there's no such prohibition, as Allah so sweetly revealed in Sura 9 verse 111, as to “those who slay and are slain in fighting in the cause of Allah” — their being guaranteed they “shall be rewarded with Paradise” ….. “this a promise binding upon him” as Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him etc) confirms. So if the clumsy sod was a Muslim, and his intentions pleased Allah, he's still being fast tracked to Islamic paradise.

Not coincidentally, there's been news of another mildly disturbing incident, this time in Tajikistan (whose population just so happens to be about 97% Muslim). A group of foreign cyclists were not only deliberately run down (as confirmed in a gruesome video), but the vehicle then did a U turn and ran them over again before it's occupants got out of the car, assaulting the victims with guns and knives for good measure. Two Americans, a Dutchman and a Swiss citizen were killed and three others seriously injured (seven Kuffar in total)! “We're looking into all possible explanations — accident, robbery, even a terrorist act” rambled the Tajik Interior Minister.

While the best and brightest minds of the admirable Tajik forces continue to ponder this vexing conundrum, it can be noted that ISIS have beaten them to it and claimed responsibility. It might also be conceded Allah has again given stern guidance, this time in Sura 8 verse 12: “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers. Strike off their heads and strike off the tips of their fingers” ….. and for good measure ….. in Sura 47 verse 4: “When you meet the Unbelievers, strike off their heads, and when you have made widespread slaughter among them, bind your captives firmly.“ Perhaps the Tajik Interior Minister just needs to reread his Holy Koran.

Don't expect to hear or read much about this on your beloved ABC or SBS however — let alone any explanation as above. They're nothing but ‘effing Fake news.

Time was when it was aunty. Now it's Their GayBC and nobody would pay for it, except idiot taxpayers.

Poor old BB who wrote the first post just doesn't get it., Viv.

The last COMMERCIAL left-leaning media called Fairfax is no more. All that's 'left' - enjoy the pun, BB - is taxpayer-funded media: Their GayBC and SBS.

So Viv has every right to ask why should taxpayers fund leftist propaganda?

The new brand "Neine".

I would like to know why the staff of the ABC are being paid above normal public service rates. They are just public servants (well not really because they serve no purpose but they are employed by the government). Thehighest wage for staff should line up with the pubic service rates for people holding similar responsibility. That means trash like Tony Jones should be on less than $100k

Hear hear - do the country a favour - $1.1 billion of taxpayer money goes to this Marxist propaganda machine and sheltered workshop for leftists per annum.....over paid and underworked the ABC is a daily 24 hour insult to the Australian people with the biased and censored so called "news" and current affairs programmes most people have long ago ceased to watch...where once they were a must now they are not worth two minutes of the average intelligent Australians time. Out of control, ignoring its charter it's time to decommission the ABC (and SBS as well)

They should be able to pick up the ABC for nine cents a day, no, make that one cent a day, the ABC would never sell for more than that.

.... and SBS ethnic multiculturalism promotional vehicle

I agree, may as well have them all in the same hole. Then we can seal it off for safety.

Indonesia unlikely to change coal supply, pricing rules until 2019
Reuters | about 7 hours ago |

JAKARTA, July 30 (Reuters) – Indonesia is unlikely to change its rules on domestic coal supply and pricing until 2019, Coordinating Maritime Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said on Monday, amid government talks on how Southeast Asia's biggest economy can increase export revenues.
Pandjaitan was referring to proposed revisions to rules introduced in March requiring Indonesian coal miners to sell 25 percent of their thermal coal output to domestic buyers, with a price capped at $70 per tonne for coal sold to state electricity utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).
"Even if this happens it will probably be next year at the earliest we can do it," he said.
Any revisions would need to be discussed with the coal and power industry beforehand, and any impacts on state revenue would need to be calculated, Pandjaitan said.
The government is looking at revising domestic coal supply and pricing rules "to see how much money (Indonesia) can get from here," he said, referring to government efforts to increase export revenue.
Indonesia is the world's top exporter of thermal coal, and its economy has benefited from rising demand and prices which hit $104.65 a tonne in July – their highest level since May 2012.
The proposed changes are part of Indonesia's efforts to increase these benefits, to reduce the country's current account deficit amid the threat of a global trade war that could further weaken the rupiah, one of the worst performing currencies in emerging Asia having lost 6 percent this year.
The cap on domestic thermal coal prices was introduced to shield PLN from price fluctuations.
Indonesia did not want to control the market or dent PLN's revenues with the proposed revisions, Pandjaitan said, without providing further detail on what form any new rules would take.
Rosan Roeslani, chairman of Indonesia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), said the government was considering a possible revision of the price cap.
The 25 percent quota could also be "adjusted to meet domestic demand," said Roeslani, who attended a meeting with Pandjaitan along with mining ministry and state electricity utility (PLN) officials on Monday to discuss the coal rules."Adjusted to meet domestic demand."
Roeslani was referring to coal grades that do not meet PLN's requirements.
Coal with energy levels above 4,500 kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg) or below 4,000 kcal/kg could potentially be exported because it wasn't needed by PLN, he said.
Discussions, though, were "still in very early stages," Roeslani said, and another meeting is planned for this week to discuss the matter further.

that pretty much covers it Viv. Nothing more needs to be said on that.

Viv running out of power
Take a week in the sun old mate.