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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... but you'd never know that from our media

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Death to Turkey,” says Egypt, “death to Egypt,” says Turkey, “death to Turkey,” says Libya, “death to Libya,” says Turkey, “death to Iran” says Saudi Arabia,“death to Saudi Arabia,” says Iran, “death to Saudi Arabia,” say the Yemeni Houthis, “death to the Houthis,” says Saudi Arabia, but all agree as one when it comes to, “death to Israel and America”. What a bloody mess!

                 A female votes for al-Assad with blood from her pricked thumb

No doubt Bashar al-Assad is yet another Islamic monster the world could well do without, but a multi-candidate election in Syria in 2014 gave him another term in which to stave off the rag-tag bunch of rebels left over from the Arab Spring. These rebel groups number in the thousands. 

There are no fewer than a hundred identifiable Islamic terrorist clans that support myriad offshoots of violent jihadists, all armed by Obama’s CIA, and intent on a piece of the booty when and if al-Assad falls.

In 2012 most of the 250 parliamentarians elected to the Syrian Parliament were Assad supporters, either Ba’ath members or groups aligned with the ruling party. In that election the Ba'ath Party and its allies won 168 seats in the 250-seat legislature.

Funny but whenever the West is set against a foreign power the ruler quickly becomes a “tyrant” and the government a “regime”... it sort of verbally adds to the illegitimacy of the nation.

Well here are a few facts that never grace the airwaves here. Gas has always been a weapon of choice in Arabic conflicts. Gas has always been stockpiled in Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq despite the claims of Obama, Kerry and Loretta Lynch. And where do these rebels and tyrants hide these stockpiles? 

Yep, in and around schools, hospitals and anywhere near where children play. Dying children is an essential photo opportunity in war.

So, how can one assume, given the constant shower of bombs that are falling in and around Syrian suburbs, that one did not land on an existing gas stockpile?

Islamist rebels always embed themselves in civilian areas. It is doubtful al-Assad purposefully gassed Syrian women and children. No international Brownie Points there.  

And shocking as it is, it is only “collateral damage” when committed by our forces.

Given the extensive caches of gas secreted in Syrian suburbs it would be difficult to avoid detonating many of these hideous weapons along with the appropriate publicity and propaganda blame-games that follow.

It could well be that al-Assad dropped the gas himself. I contend that that is unlikely, given the predictable world-wide uproar over visually witnessing children dying a horrible death. But the West refuses to give al-Assad any benefit of the doubt about anything... maybe because of Putin who has single handedly destroyed much of ISIS.

I mean, al-Assad is in the same position as were Hussein, Gaddafi and Mubarak, except that he had the temerity to resist the coup with the help of Putin. Perhaps Putin saw the fall of Libya and Iraq as having a disastrous effect on the region. Perhaps Putin is right.

Perhaps Putin’s bombing of the rebels had the same effect as bombing ISIS. After all, there is no way to tell them apart and no way to control the competing rebel forces’ decades'-long bloodbath if Assad is toppled. Syrians only want their homes back.

I dare say that it is easier to deal with one tyrant than a palace full of a thousand competing jihadist tyrants.

View the list of rebels, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Iran and Turkey here:

President Trump has pivoted to claim Putin as a serious enemy, but he may pivot again once he meets with him to discover the other side of the 6-year conflict Obama was hopelessly mired in.

I stuck my neck out last week in suggesting Beijing may well have had a gutful of North Korea and would likely remain hands free if the US decided to act.

                                      Trump puts his case at Mar-a-Lago

President Xi went even further than that in suggesting he may decide to take out Pyongyang’s nuclear facilities himself... an astonishing stance for Beijing despite a clear and close alignment evident between a rampant Iran and North Korea. Suddenly the US and China are in the same boat sailing the same way.

A weekend in Mar-a-Lago may well see Vladimir and the Don sailing the same way in the same Syrian boat.

Higher IQs in the White House have made a remarkable difference. 


If Trump ever needed a place to build a fence......PLUS build one rather large bomb, job done. Thank you and good evening.

Frame up by kike owned media of Assad[same as Gaddafi ,Hitler ,Idi Amin,Osama ,Saddam Hussein where does it stop ???? [bet the gas attack was done by Mossad ] since Israel desperately wants Syria to become part of greater Israel and dump all the Syrians,Muslims ,Africans etc in Europe to kill off their [most ]hated the White races ,now I can wait for another Kike attack on my computer and daily harassing phone calls ,Truth must Hurt !!!

Just reading an email from Cory Bernadi. You would not believe this but taxpayers are paying for an open day to visit mosques due to Islamophobia.

zeit, maybe QLD is different.

Some need to read this;

" Lewis' character finds that many philosophical roads ultimately lead to a fascistic nihilism, his explanation of the flourishing Nazi movement and other socialist governments of World War II."

I think his best is 'Pilgrim's Regress'

Thorn I can think of one good thing he COULD DO............Fuck Off Permanently.

Z you will find that a lot of traffic work has been taken over by the Department of Transport, but of course they don't do as much shift work, most of the police I know of do not want to be involved in traffic work, it is now a specialised department. It is not about revenue raising either, it is more about quotas. If you don't get your quota of traffic breaches for the month then the boss wants to know why. Just like any other job really.

Hello hello , anyone out there ??

457 Visa Presser around 2.15 EST. SKY24 or ABC24 .

Turdbull announces 457 Visa to be scrapped ASAP.


Funny how BK goes to ground when the going gets tough. Never answers any questions. Just tells people they are ignorant.

Ralphie, that's what I have been trying to say to these people but they don't get it. Turnballs knows where to keep his enemies....on the back bench and soon an independant. Wonder what Abbott' senior advisors were doing....flying around the world on study trips. They are saying last year Politicians and their support staff cost us $1/2 a billion dollars on overseas trips.

Mark - Qld. This happened a few years ago. To be honest, I never checked to see if I'd lost any points, since the last ticket I got was 15 years prior. I do remember she said that I was to be awarded the fine only, which I took to mean no loss of points.

Rumpole - Bureaucratic enforcement of things like speed and red lights, escorts, etc..., could quite easily be split from the police and handed over to the Department of Transport since they are all revenue raising activities. This would free the police from revenue raising activities and allow them to focus on the public safety of things. Case in point, as of October last year, all speed cameras in the UK are being painted bright yellow and clearly signed where they are in operation. Seems it improves public safety when speeding motorists are given a visual cue to check their speed, rather than treat them like cash machines with stealth 'gotchas' and fines sent in the post several weeks later. Ounce of prevention vs a pound of cure.

The number of 457 visas handed out in the past year plummets, in contrast to Bill Shorten’s time as employment minister.

So glad my hard earned is going to such a wonderful cause. FUCK THIS SHIT !!!!

A rather pushy mother. But she was saddled with debt. I feel sorry for Grandpa Bob.