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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Strange that Labor front bencher Ed Husic has refrained from accusing Barnaby Joyce of allegiance to a foreign power, namely New Zealand. Perhaps it’s not so strange because Husic has already demonstrated where his treasonous allegiances lie when he said, “There is no way I am walking away from my Islamic faith”. He then duly swore on his beloved Holy Koran at the Governor General, Quentin Bryce's, swearing-in ceremony.

Hmmm, perhaps New Zealanders want to eradicate democracy from our Constitution, maybe they are intent on chucking pillow biters off buildings or legally being able to bash their womenfolk? Maybe Kiwis are demanding we all become Islamic daggy sheep shaggers or face decapitation as apostates? 

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Well, I don’t trust Australian Kiwis any further than I can pee, but I’m pretty damned sure not even they would conspire to effect an Islamic caliphate over Australasia, as a Muslim is required under Islamic law to effect, along with ISIL’s plans for the Levant.

Section 44 of the Constitution pales to an irrelevancy when compared to swearing on the Koran when taking a solemn oath of office prior to joining an Australian Parliament. WTF?

      Ed proudly displays his allegiance to his Muslim top heavy safe Labor electorate 

"I couldn't possibly take my oath on a Bible ... I am a Muslim", said Ed Husic. Well, someone should explain to Ed that we are a Judeo Christian nation and if he aligns himself with Islam he would be welcome in many other countries. Countries that would forbid a Bible to be sworn on.

The ANZACS have a history of fighting off and being killed by Muslims yet there is no historical example of any Muslim coalition with Australia to fight off and be killed by any common enemy. Because we have no common enemy. 

They ARE the enemy!

Now Ed Husic could have chosen to swear on a Bible but that would have evoked the ire of Allah and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or he could have sworn on a copy of Barack Obama’s dodgy birth certificate, but he instead chose the Koran which makes no secret of its determination to destroy the very same Parliament in which he aims to serve.

Shorten is playing with fire as there will be a steady stream of Laborites found to be running foul of Sec 44 between now and and when Barnaby's case has been decided by the High Court some time this coming December.

Bloody hell, if Shorten had a brain he would leave ol' Barnaby alone.


I agree with everything except that we are a "Christian nation." It's simply not true. We are supposed to be a secular nation but I acknowledge our Jurado-Christianroots. Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Australia at present.

Never trusted this Husic. Why do we have so many stinking fucking Muslim arseholes in Parliament? I don't give a fuck. They all follow the stupid tome, thus should not even be in the country.

Obviously shortarse doesn't have any brains.

Hmmm, Parliament House, Canberra, gets turned into a Mosque. State Parliament houses likewise! Choice, bro.

Does Malcolm Turnbull have dual allegiances?
“............Security was also tight around the Central Synagogue in Sydney's Bondi Junction where both leaders received rousing standing ovations on Wednesday evening. Mr Turnbull - whose electorate contains the synagogue - referred to it as "my local shul" using the informal Jewish term.
Guests included former Liberal Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, as well as Jewish business and religious leaders and community leaders from around Australia.
Mr Turnbull said it was impossible to imagine the success of modern Australia without the "brilliance and enterprise of the Australian Jewish community". He said he would accept Mr Netanyahu's invitation to Israel for the 100th anniversary of the cavalry charge at Beersheeba. "Bibi has promised everyone a horse", he joked.
Mr Netanyahu began his address to the synagogue audience with an emotional reference to Jerusalem as "our eternal capital never to be divided again".
"There is no better friend [than Australia] for the state of Israel" he said, echoing sentiments he'd expressed earlier in the day at an official lunch.
"When I colour the map, I colour Australia in the same colour as the United States" he had told the lunchtime audience.
In some of his strongest language in support of Israel to date, Mr Turnbull again turned his guns on the United Nations on Wednesday night, slamming a recent UN resolution that accused Israel of breaching international law.
"My government will not support anymore than the government of John Howard would, or the government of Tony Abbott would, a resolution so one-sided, attributing fault only to the state of Israel" he said.
Australia is at odds on the issue with France and the UK, which supported the Security Council resolution. The United States - at the time under President Obama - abstained.

How many politicians are "Israel firsters"?

John Anderson (Deputy Prime Minister 1999-2004) explains the SSM debate with wisdom and clarity - I encourage all to watch this and pass onto your contacts.


The smarmy look on Goatfucker Husic's face makes me think the Serbs may have been justified after all.

Sell of the titles office for 2.6 bill, then the stick gives 2.6 bill to the chinks. WTF use was that deal/

Yes. We need to seriously consider treason. Fucking multiculturalism was NEVER put the people. A massive change to our culture here. It should have been put to a referendum. The thin edge of the wedge with dipshit Whitlam then idiot Fraser followed... I can never forget that maggot Al Grasby..

Check out the footage of this dogman working in Sydney in the sixties. Watch from 2.01 to 2.44 in this clip:

I wonder who he was? He looked like an eagle in his mastery of heights.

Police have apparently found a 9mm automatic handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammo at the Sydney home of John Ibrahim's mother.

I don't know how long the Ibrahims have been in Australia but a 69 year old woman, presumably the mother, required the services of an interpreter when spoken to by police.

all to true

You all forget that it's a pollies job to screw the country for their own benefit and bugger the future generations. Only a pollie could limbo under a snake's belly.

the Yarra Council highlights one of the main problems with our country today. At any time did the people of the Yarra Shire have any say in the matter of doing away with the Australia Celebration ??

fking brisbane times
if we are intolerant what the fuck are the desert monkeys

The Americans should not preach to Australia, look at their own back yard, hypocrites. The most messed up country on this planet, Australia second. Hanson is right, Australia has made a mistake, we should have helped refugees in their own countries and above all not participated in the US wars in killing them and generating the refugee machine pumping out human fodder aimed at Australia and its free hand-outs offered by our multitude of Lilly livered nincompoops . "Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull disagreed with her views and said 'my commitment is to an inclusive multicultural society which is based on mutual respect." A disconnected waffler enhanced by idiocy

Obama just made twitter history with 2.8 million likes on his comment about the riot in Charlottesville , read the full story in the L.A times.


No Planes on 911 - Part 1 by Gari Jones