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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When blokes get rich and successful they always pivot in later life to support social issues to cleanse their souls of the sins committed in attaining their riches. Turnbull is one of those blokes, and the Crown of Thorns starfish is his “social” target this time. He intends to spend $60 million that will only interfere with, and displace, the natural order on the Reef. 

Wilderbeest and zebra weren’t put there to feed lions and hyenas, those predators evolved to ensure the health and survival of the predated beasts. Every species on Earth needs to be culled, but not by man, because there are natural occurrences that promote the survival or demise of those species. And if a species is unable to survive there is always a better, more suited, species waiting to take its place.

Of all species that ever lived on Earth, 99.9 per cent have already become extinct… without man’s interference, and for very good reasons.

When rich Green blokes interfere we get stuff like the cane toad, plagues of crocs, destructive rabbits and foxes, the prickly pear, toxic Patterson’s curse, the Myna bird, the white cactus, wild cats, dogs and pigs… and Islamic African gangs. All imposed by man, except for the ridiculously protected croc!

The Crown of Thorns starfish culls the weaker corals in the same way as natural fires have given us our vibrant, healthy, bushland. Return to the Reef or the bush a year later and you will find even more vigorous and dynamic growth.

The Reef’s blinding white beaches are regularly replenished from pulverised dead coral after each normal cyclone. For billions of years this occurrence has finely balanced our Reef to where it is now, without marine biologists’, Greens’ or MalcolmTurnbull’s assistance. 

I have been flying over, and landing on, the Reef for over 50 years and it has never looked more vibrantly beautiful than it does now, despite Obama’s warning of doom to Australia’s salivating uni students.

Reefs need sediment and predators to survive. Africa’s millions of migrating ungulates are pursued by predators to find the sick, weak and aged. They kill the beasts that are an impediment to breeding, those that survive serve to improve their species. Migration itself also culls the weakest out of the breeding loop.

The incubator of Green insanity is Queensland’s James Cook University, it has been misnamed “The Centre of Excellence”. Thousand of students intent on becoming marine biologists pour on to the Reef each year intent on finding something wrong that needs their attention. They will always “find something wrong” because their only form of potential income, Government grants, depends on it.

These are the scientific idiots who insist that we only catch and eat the bigger breeding fish and chuck the small fodder fish back... the small fish that were never going to make it to breeding stage anyway!

Turnbull needs to stop encouraging these Green fools.      


If that's God, I thank the Lord every day that I'm not religious.

Everyone yells for him to stop,, but where's the action that might stop him???

Turd can't help it Mr Pickering, he thinks he rules by divine right.

"No cause ever in the history of all mankind, has produced more cold-blooded tyrants, more slaughtered innocents, and more orphans than socialism with power. It surpassed, exponentially, all other systems of production in turning out the dead."

~ Alan Charles Kors, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania

"The goal of Socialism is Communism."

~Vladimir Lenin

1917-2017: 100 years of communism = 100 million deaths

The document below seems to indicate that the NSA violated the Fourth Amendment and several other statutes in their claims to be engage in queries of "national security."

The Just Released FISA Document Shows NSA Violations Of Law In Queries Of US Persons

Earlier today, we posted a small report on the release of a FISA document that was filed in April of 2017. Frankly, even from what we have heard coming from congressman regarding a 4-page FISA memo concerning the enormous abuse of power from the Obama administration against then-candidate Donald Trump seems like child's play after combing through some of this.

The document below seems to indicate that the NSA violated the Fourth Amendment and several other statutes in their claims to be engage in queries of "national security."

Reporter - Pete - Santilli - Document - Today
Reporter Pete Santilli began reading through the document today and I listened and read along. I point to Pete as the fact of the matter is that Pete forged a lot of the legal aspects and evidence that was used in the Bundy trials. He was the one putting things together and he was the one who pointed out the presence of Palantir and their holding tank of information that was used against him and other defendants in the Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge protests in 2016.

What Pete discovered in the reading of the document is that while everyone is rightly in a tizzy over the #releasethememo agenda, the reality is that this is far bigger than Donald Trump. It extends to every single American alive and those being born today.

Presentation - Facebook - Understand - Memo - Spying
The live presentation occurred on Facebook. Understand, this is not, I repeat not, the memo that is being currently spoken about. Nevertheless, it involves the same unconstitutional and unlawful spying by the Deep State.

Over and over in this document, the government appealed to the courts to give them access to information in the name of national security.---Long Room

What about mans' (Asian mainly) taking all the conch from the reef...natural predator of the Crown of Thorns starfish. Also Prof Harry Bloom (Chemistry Uni of Tasmania circa 1960's) developed an never ending research fund by scaring everyone about the 'high' levels of mercury in the local fish...but there was NIL research on what was a 'bad' level! Seems the boffins will publish bullshit for cash everywhere!!

Salt of the earth. He'd give you the shirt off your back . . . for a small fee.

I like Salim.

Oh the injustice of it all.

I know the feeling.. Salim has my sympathy, that poor man has to deal with so much - as do I. If anyone around here tries to bring this Tall Poppy down BANG! the judgement of instant binning shall be brought down on them.'s in the rules

RFG Rule 7a and 7b cover that area of dissent.

Yes, yes, his mates Facebook page, that's right.

On the backposts TROLLING and setting people up.

............or on his favourite internet site (that shall remain nameless) looking at pictures of that which cannot be disclosed to the general population.

I have received feedback that the RFG (Rollmops Facebook Gang) riding roughshod over the PP has buggered the joint up by

a) TROLLING posters
b) Unceremoniously and deviously having posters binned
c) Putting halt to interesting conversations between posters
d) Telling lies to the main population about certain (targeted) posters
e) Are jealous of decent posters and the amount of interest their posts attract
f) Have 'accidentally' gotten the codes to the data base
g)Causing many good and decent posters to not return OR make their posts extremely scarce now resulting in *booooooooooorring* reading to the masses

All the above is inconsequential because RFG Rule 5.a.(section c.3) states any members of the RFG are above reproach and blameless for any fault lying therein. a muslim, lets see what excuses he comes up with ??? mental issues is a popular one lately.

Salim's wedding was rather subdued by Lebanese standards. He at least showed respect for the country that gave him refuge by only closing off a few streets for a couple of hours and omitting the traditional firing of AK47s into the air. Racist Australian law authorities ought to show him a bit of respect in return.

I'm with youse all

Sydney media showed how they can destroy anyone . All because he held a Lebanese wedding in a multicultural Australia that disrespects culture if those people are not cultured enough for the media liking .


Danistan is dangerous .