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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My hand was shaking with trepidation last night as I fingered the remote trying to find the ABC. It was a spanking new button as I hadn’t ventured there in years. I rolled a smoke…“Surely the ABC has become responsible by now”, I was thinking. Well, bugger me, I was disappointed again, 4Corners was on for an hour about what a great man Turnbull was and what an arsehole Abbott still is.

That was followed up by the bloke who desperately stifles a smile because he has implanted toe nails for teeth. It was the annoying Paul Barry, who was insisting that Bolt, Jones and Hadley had been the “players” who mercilessly assassinated poor Mr Turnbull.

Bloody hell, as if that wasn’t enough, then Q&A had some Green sheila claiming crocs were also green and were only eating people because they had been drinking too much. Blimey, I didn’t know that our crocodiles were on the piss!

So, will ScoMo now finally put this media mire to sleep? It has no role other than re-electing Greens and ALP unionists. Half of its crazy budget of taxpayers’ $1.2 billion goes on wages for its under-worked, over-indulgent, hard-Left hacks, who somehow believe they speak for ordinary people.

I remember when the public broadcaster actually filled a valuable role on a tiny fraction of its current budget.

With an ear to a threadbare, fabric-covered speaker, we strained to hear the distorted Ashes commentary from Lords, the ABC covered Menzies’ fireside chats, the Queen’s 1954 visit and the Demons’ 1955 VFL Grand final.

Then along came another Malcolm fool (this time it was Malcolm Fraser, who I knew well). He had a ripper idea that immigrants could avoid learning English by tuning in to his SBS channel (or WOG 0 as it was known then).

He was a good bloke and at country functions with long lines to the toilets we would share a saltbush piss out the back without breaking our conversation. But as he got older he shifted his support to the gangrenous Greens and we lost contact. But SBS stayed on to waste even more of our taxes with blue movies all through the night and soccer stuff during the day.

                                         Must have been a flexi day off for all

Why the hell do we need an ethnic channel when we have the internet and why the hell an aboriginal channel when we are all Australians?

Nope, public broadcasting has had its day, it is now the digital age, it has passed its use by date and no other country will wear it except for corrupt UN regimes, the UK not excepted!

ScoMo will shy away from ABC reform as all Parties fear political reprisals. If he reduces the ABC’s budget by $3.50, as Abbott did, it flies into a rage complaining that Australian kids have been cruelly deprived of Bananas in Pyjamas and Pepper Pig.

It’s time to put it on the market with an assurance that any buyer must be contracted to cover bush radio. Blimey, Sky and Fox have 300 odd channels, the FTA boys have extra channels too and everyone seems to have an Iphone… WTF are we doing with an ABC? Let the market sort it out… the ABC should not compete with the FTA channels with our money making free to air even more expensive .

                                           With good mate ex ABC CEO

Now that Turnbull, the number one ticket holder of “Friends of the ABC”, has been put out to pasture, put the ABC out there with him, and despite the drought stop feeding and watering both of them!

And get rid of the corrupted, equally expensive, CSIRO that claims inventions by employing members of the public who have struck a winner like WIFI and all others.

Come on Morrison, show us your mettle, or will you be sucked down the same S bend as all the others before you?

So anyway I was tired so I switched to the Rugby because the only good thing about that game is that I can’t stay awake.


Sell it, get rid of it, it serves no purpose for Australia, only those with hard lined left wing ( communist ideals) those who wish to do harm to our country! They are an embarrassment to Australia overseas. Instead of taxing us mug tax payers to death I can think of a massive saving right there, get rid of the self serving leftist lot and SBS.

The knives are well and truly out for Peter Dutton at the Gaybc. Every recent fake news bulletin has commenced with manufactured consternation and lurid insinuations implying corruption in his having intervened in allowing a French woman, a mere au pair, to be taken out of immigration detention and granted a tourist visa. All the while they continue regurgitating and speculating about his potential ineligibility to even be an MP over some possible violation concerning Sec 44 of the Constitution, while tossing in frequent reminders insinuating “racial bias” in his indicating willingness to grant refugee status to persecuted white Sth African farmers.

Of course there'd be less shrill tones about the first issue had the French sheila been a “person of colour”. However she’s white and so it's no holds barred in further insinuating this aforesaid “racial bias”.

It must be understood this attempt to undermine Dutton, someone who's done a sterling job enforcing border security, is not confined to him personally. It's twin aims are to stop those who dare to “stop the boats”, and ideally to force him out of Parliament entirely, on whatever pretext, thus bringing forth a by election in his very marginal seat — or better still, a general election at a time when the Coalition has undergone a period of instability and appears vulnerable to electoral loss.

It's as if a cabal of Maoists permeate and practically run the Gaybc nowadays. The increasingly leftist drumbeat pervades not only news and current affairs but nearly every nook and cranny of the meta narrative. As I've previously said, what else should we expect with a half Chinese woman as Auntie’s managing director? Along with the invidious SBS, its become the enemy of the people — above all of the True Blue Aussie.

And this anti Australian agitprop is perhaps nowhere more evident than on the aptly named The Drum, a nauseating, Groundhog Day chorus line of carefully vetted white lefties, moslems and Legally Brown “community spokespersons”, of bobbleheads all nodding in unison as if in some choreographed Maoist style self criticism session on our behalf, deploring the manifest failings, intrinsic racism and pervasive discriminatory tendencies of not just this nation but every country “plagued” with too many white people.

The Aboriginal tv channel is there to help keep the poor me pot boiling, It also gives a place for those who wish to sit in the sand and whinge a forum to complain, I note that the almost entirely false movie "" Rabbit Proof Fence"" is a regular on NITV ,it helps to further the cause ,They never seem to question where the reported $30 billion a year goes and how it is spent,,There are many genuine people in the aboriginal cause , but they get snowed under by the complainers and the mostly white left leaning media.

From an ABC article titled “‘Mortgage mirage' exposes number of Australians in debt distress” David Taylor 29/8/18

“The biggest issue is that people have borrowed too much money relative to their income and that is a very difficult problem to unwind.”
“I think the banks have done a lot of unconscionable things, and I think credit has been far too easy to come by, but there is also an element of personal responsibility here in terms of people saying, 'well, the bank offered to lend me $1.5 million but I don't really think that is a sensible amount of money for me to borrow'."

Isn’t this how government spends? I want a government that reigns in national debt and a voting population that allows them to make those measures.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Turnbull's son urging voters to vote for Labor in the seat of Wentworth. He has exposed his vindictive father's intentions, that is, to get Labor installed at any cost.

The Liberals never learn, they blame Tony Abbott for all their troubles, and congratulate Turnbull for a job well done in just about destroying the party.

Can't vote Liberal 'in good conscience': Alex Turnbull blasts climate stance.

Alex Turnbull blamed "rent-seekers" backing the coal industry for felling his father Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister, saying it's "impossible" to vote for the Liberal-National coalition "in good conscience" because of its climate stance.

In a wide-ranging interview just days after his father lost power in a party room putsch, the Singapore-based fund manager told Fairfax Media the Liberal Party faced being hijacked by financial interests that stood to make windfall profits if coal-related assets were bolstered by taxpayers.

Those interests “have their hooks into the Liberal Party ... which has no money”, Mr Turnbull said, adding that returns could be "100 to 1" if policies fall investors' way.

Mr Turnbull's experience includes a stint at investment banking giant Goldman Sachs. Some of his work has also involved trading debt for Australian-based coal-fired power plants, giving him insights into that industry's outlook.

“If you create such an environment – with such a high rate of return – you’ll see a lot more of that [influence peddling],” he said.

Speaking freely now that his father was no longer in power, Mr Turnbull said he was "massively in favour of a federal ICAC”, referring to a Commonwealth equivalent of NSW's Independent Commission Against Corruption. “I hope they find corruption then I don’t have to believe it’s all stupidity.”

Mr Turnbull defended his father's efforts to craft an energy policy that sought to combine emissions reductions while boosting reliability of the grid and lowering prices. The new government under Scott Morrison has split the environment and energy portfolios, with most indicators suggesting the proposed National Energy Guarantee is dead.

“He was snookered," Mr Turnbull said of his father's fate. "You don’t know how hard he worked on this issue.”

“It’s impossible to vote for the LNP in good conscience,” Mr Turnbull said, adding he had no intention of entering politics himself. "My father fought the stupid and the stupid won."

Mr Turnbull was also critical of the government's overall climate action, saying that pulling the Paris Agreement – as conservative MPs and pundits have been demanding – was irrelevant at this point.

"It’s like being in a university course, final exams are coming and you haven’t done three-quarters of the work," he said. "You’re going to fail anyway.”

'Human wontons'
Mr Turnbull also noted the pressure placed by his father's government on AGL to keep its ailing Liddell power station going beyond its scheduled 2022 closure date.

“This is the behaviour that exists in emerging markets, where the cost of capital is much higher," he said. "How can you expect people to make long-term investment decisions when clowns trying to game the news cycle are a key driver of investment returns?”

He said efforts to keep ageing coal-fired power stations going were "a terrible failure", noting Western Australia's bid to stop the Muja plant which cost $300 million.

“Such spending is like trying to keep crappy cars – like a 1994 Ford Laser – on the road.”

Worse, the operators of such plants as Liddell and Gladstone ran the risk of a "horrific industrial accident" that could literally cook unfortunate employees like a Chinese dumpling.

AGL has made little secret of the engineering challenges facing its staff have described as "old lady Liddell".

Mr Turnbull declined to say much about his father's current disposition. However, in response to a question about whether he had been disappointed he couldn't have done more on climate action, he answered "yes".

The younger Turnbull had positive things to say about Tim Murray, the Labor candidate for Wentworth, his father's electorate. "He’s a great guy and I know him well," he said. "[It's] hard to back a Labor guy but not Tim."

He predicted Labor's left would keep that party "honest" on climate change.

Bill Shorten “doesn’t really care about climate change – he just wants the jobs”, Mr Turnbull said, adding that there were lots of them in Victoria and elsewhere as the renewable energy boom rolls on.

Two terms of federal Labor should mean Australia's electricity sector "would have crossed the magic line” – such as exceeding 40 per cent of supply from wind and solar. "They’re not going to be able to go back.”

Taking serious action on climate change “should be the response of any sane leader”, he said.

One of the first things we were warned about when doing DVA training.... double check the service numbers ..!

Tb, many moons ago I worked in the office of the local RSL and part of the job was checking what members were entitled to. On several occasions the service number was rejected by headquarters as "please check again - details don't match" reply. On checking out those rejected it was found a few never served but had listened to the returned blokes stories and repeated them as their own. They were decent fellows but for some reason wanted to be part of the group sharing the stories on ANZAC Day. They never came back in the RSL after being found out and several moved to other towns. It seems they convinced themselves they were part of the action.

Wentworth is a very diverse electorate and no doubt the backgrounds of the candidates will reflect that. I suspect there will be a huge protest vote against the Liberals and a popular independent will go close to winning. Kerryn Phelps perhaps.

I love the aboriginal channel Larry! You get far less ads and promos on that channel than even the ABC...

New Post Up.

If Trooper was down the pub I'd ask about his experience in Vietnam. I've asked before and he doesn't seem too keen. It's not unknown for vets to not want to talk about their experiences explicitly but it is unusual for one to base their identity on their war record but then refuse to elaborate. Rinaldo, there is nothing Un Australian about calling out a bullshit artist.

Haaretz Warns American Jews of Trump’s Downfall
August 26, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon
Haaretz delivered a warning today to American Jewry. “If Trump falls, the testimonies of Cohen, Pecker and Weisselberg could spark an anti-Semitic Backlash.”
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Qatar and Turkey: Toxic Allies in the Gulf
by Richard Miniter
August 28, 2018 at 5:00 am

"Iran's continued support of the Hezbollah terrorist organization with both financial and political assistance, as well as weapons and tactical training, deserves close examination. Western diplomats and Lebanese analysts estimate that Iranian financial support for Hezbollah averages around $100 million each year, sometimes reaching amounts closer to a quarter of a billion dollars.... All of these activities pose a direct threat to U.S. security interests, contribute to the prolonging of conflicts across the Middle East, and pose threats to our key allies in the region." — US Representative Ted Budd, member of the Financial Services Committee and its Terrorism and Illicit Finance Subcommittee.

Why not consider expanding the US deployment at Al-Dhafra airbase in the United Arab Emirates as a replacement for the airbases used by the US in Qatar and Turkey, if the UAE accept the idea?

If one nation is able to defy or undermine U.S. policy while still pocketing the benefits of America's friendship, many others may follow Qatar's example. Why should other Arab nations endure domestic criticism, for supporting America's war on terror if they can subvert America but still enjoy America's military protection and their access to the world's largest market?

These days, America has more trouble with its allies than its enemies.

Crikey, Tigerbalm if you were down at the pub you would get hammered with that sort of talk. Very Un- Australian.

It says plenty about Wentworth doesn't it. The types of people there are 'effluent'....they will be represented accordingly.


What is the difference between a 'au pair' and a back packer? Both going to do a bit of slave labour and rooting.

Humans are beginning to realize they are not the insignificant little peons the jailors said they were. They are sick of war, sick of tyranny, sick of having their hard-earned money, homes and even children stolen from them; being stuck with poison vaccines, sprayed like bugs, experimented on with man-made diseases, targeted with weather, and lied to. They’re sick of the blatant corruption that goes unchecked.

In short, they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more.

What .ED said. He doesn't take his meds. Looney.