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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... and avoid the disastrous Left females

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


How to remember Left/Right, Starboard/Port and Green/Red…simple, the words with the least letters and the most letters all match. Don’t know why the hell I mentioned that because it has bugger all to do with what I’m very angry about.

My anger is levelled at the ugliness of mind and presence of the female Left when it comes to getting what they want. And they want to waste Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s life and have his family shattered, primarily in defence of the Democratic “Me Too” movement and the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade where the Supreme Court overruled State legislation dictating that prior to ‘viable life’ or when ‘incapable of meaningful life outside the mother's womb’ a child may be constitutionally aborted.

This rather hamfisted decision leaves more questions than it provides answers… I mean no newborn child is capable of meaningful life without its mother and the law will be challenged sooner or later now that almost 700 Planned Parenthood clinics have spread across the US.

These clinic operators have interpreted Roe v Wade to mean late term babies can be legally torn apart without anaesthetic and their body parts openly sold.

This is a law that Gillard and other far Left women embrace with joy. Why that is I will never know because my own mother was infatuated with abortion as a means of avoiding peer embarrassment. As a nurse she boasted of putting old people down. 

When my now deceased partner 50 years ago fell pregnant it was a shameful thing to happen and an abortion was arranged by my mother with the consent of my partner’s parents. 

As a teenager I had no rights but I eventually convinced a magistrate that I could provide for a family and thankfully he forbade the abortion.

That little baby girl with blonde locks grew up to be a fine woman with her own children. And my partner immediately became my wife of 40 years, who bore many more beautiful children. 

I made many mistakes but no wife of mine ever worked and no member of my family ever went hungry. All were well-dressed and well-mannered and enjoyed a full life with their own children and grandchildren.

So I feel I sort of have a vested interest in Trump's Supreme Court nomination.

The US nine member Supreme Court is the equivalent of our High Court but their Supreme Court is far more important to the Americans than our High Court is to us. It has the ability to rule on far more than the US Constitution, it has the ability to rule on what it believes the founding fathers actually "thought" they meant, (a sort of, we-know-better-than-they opinion) which might have no contemporary equivalence. 

It can change completely the course of American political life forever, as all Supreme Court appointments are for life.

                                         Uncomfortable faces of the far Left

                                                  Instigator, Dianne Feinstein


     GOP Senator Susan Collins (Maine) may vote with the Dems to oust Kavanaugh

It is painful to watch Democratic women in full flight. The bottomless depths of foul infection to which they are prepared to descend is a mystery of the angry female we may never understand. 

Tomorrow a very fine family man in Justice Brett Kavanaugh will face a Senate Committee to try to prove he is not guilty of the sexual crimes the Democratic ‘Me Too’ movement has accused him of and which they believe makes his Supreme Court nomination by Trump invalid.

The two women who will testify that Kavanaugh tried to rape them, with another woman (all committed Democrats) prepared to testify she was a witness to the assaults were scraped up from somewhere out west by the infamous creepy porn Lawyer of Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti (above left with CNN presenter and Daniels) who has indicated he will run for the Presidency in 2020.   

The insidious ‘Me Too’ movement which has found a home inside the far Left of the Democratic Party with Pelosi and Schumer (above) is paranoid over the risk to Roe v Wade and they are prepared to go to any length to kill off that risk, despite Kavanaugh saying he does not know how he would have voted in the Roe v Wade case.

It was a ‘close shave’ with Justice Neil Gorsuch who recently replaced the brilliant originalist in Antonin Scalia who mysteriously died while on holiday. The Left believes Roe v Wade is now seriously at risk if Kavanaugh wins this nomination.

Maxine Waters (above) has advised Democratic College youths to hunt down Republicans in restaurants and gas stations to make their lives a misery. She has resolved to impeach Trump since the day he was elected.

But there were no such filthy tactics employed when Obama appointed the far Left radical Latino, Sonia Sotomayor, (second from right) nor when Bill Clinton appointed the sleepy Ruth Ginsberg (second from left) who, at 85 refuses to retire while Donald Trump can replace her.

The tragedy is that Kavanaugh’s wife and two young girls (above) have to withstand these filthy sexual allegations against their husband and father. 

But the Me Too movement is on the cusp of achieving a far greater victory. It’s doubtful now that another conservative judge will ever accept any conservative President’s nomination in future… it won’t be worth the excoriating sexual allegations and public shame... and that’s what the radical female Left really wanted.

Tomorrow the US will face a watershed decision that will affect us all.


'Radical female left' ? no these women are just dumb pawns in the game.

Me to bitches find "rape" objectionable. But having a baby murdered cut up then ripped from their bodies and sold for spare parts is ok. I wonder if the baby finds this objectionable.

Haha........Just checking CNN and they showed a supposed couple of rape victims confronting Jeff Flake(Never Trumper) who is going to vote now for BK. The left are going totally insane.....Keep viewing tonight................................... I`ve got a huge 2 days for the GFs AFL / NRL this weekend but tonight in the US is gunna be great viewing with a few beers............................... The Dems as I speak are causing chaos as usual.

New post UP

LIVE: Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Kavanaugh nomination

Oliver. I haven't spoken to my electronic for that long..... That just does not work!

I saw on TV those black white and brindle harridans shrieking protests outside the Kavanaugh hearing, like a scene from Hell. They are shrieking because they fear if nominated Judge Kavanaugh will help overturn Roe v Wade which has been responsible for the murder of tens of millions of babies. The Americans hung the Nazis at Nuremberg for less and then returned home and outdid them in mass murder.

One good thing about Julie Bishop being on the back bench is that as an Eagles supporter and a former or current board member she will no doubt be in Melbourne for the Grand Final but this time she'll have to pay her own way and not bludge on the taxpayer with a bogus official trip.

You know the current nonsense about women and equality and abortion along with other female demands has done nothing to uphold women in the manner and dignity they were born to be. The fact is, men and women have different, God-given roles, and those roles should be celebrated and assumed with thanksgiving. How do we now honour women in the manner we are supposed to when some women hate themselves and men in general?



The Truth About Kavanaugh Circus

Mark Dice

Did Ford report Kavanaugh in her year book for her sexual encounter ?

I've been expecting this it's a game changer in more ways than one. "Kinesis offers digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold (KAU coins) and silver (KAG coins). When users purchase Kinesis currencies, they actually purchase real metal. The ownership of the gold is digitized with blockchain technology, which allows the user to hold or transfer currency from their Kinesis e-Wallet.
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There are more pressing issues for Aboriginal people than changing the date of Australia Day, Indigenous leader Warren Mundine says.

"I thought, well, like Independence Day in the United States, what was our Independence Day for Australia? And of course we all know that's the 1st of January in 1901," he said.

"Now being a good dinky-di Aussie, I wasn't going to give up a public holiday."

Former PM Tony Abbott's former Indigenous adviser said he had actually "swung back a bit the other way".

"Australia Day is always going to important. Why? Because that was the day that Arthur Phillip came into Sydney, brought all those convicts out here and everything who probably didn't want to be here in the first place," he said.

And there's a lot of Australians who are descendants from that and so that's an important date for us as a nation to look at that because it did change Australia."

"Let's be honest, changing Australia Day, doing a lot of this other symbolic stuff, is not going to create economic benefits for Aboriginal people, it's not going to get them out of poverty, it's not going to get the kids educated, it's not going to get health improved."

… wow, a sensible Abo at last. All this bullshit was initiated by the aboriginal botherer industry – leftard whites with fuck all else to do than bother Abos.

Female students at a Hunter high school have been told the length of their shorts is making male staff and students “uncomfortable” and puts staff in “potentially awkward situations”.

Parents have called for a change of leadership at Beresfield’s Francis Greenway High, amid complaints about how principal Jo Edwards addressed an assembly of year seven to 11 girls on Tuesday about the school uniform.

Fairfax Media spoke to several students who said Ms Edwards told the girls the length of their shorts was making male staff and students feel uncomfortable, could lead to the girls being judged as promiscuous and may put them at risk of sexual assault.

Mother Sharon Robson said parents were “furious”.

“It’s victim blaming,” Ms Robson said.

“We don’t have a problem with the school wanting to enforce the uniform policy.

“But the whole way they’ve gone about it was wrong – making these children feel like every male is looking at them like they want to do something to them. It sexualises them.

“This is not appropriate for impressionable young teenagers.

“Some students already have low self esteem to start with and this is going to make it a hell of a lot worse.

“Short shorts are not a good look for the school and while some are too short, the majority wear the right length.”

Start with Gillard. Then Sarah two dads. That will get you going.

WE WON! AFDI TRIUMPHS IN FREE SPEECH LAWSUIT AGAINST SEATTLE, Government-Sanctioned Sharia Suffers Stunning Blow