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Friday, 14th December 2018

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... the Millennials are here

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Millennials are about to outnumber the Baby Boomers. They are people who were born in the 80s and reached their teens after the turn of the century. The US boasts 80 million of them (one third of the workforce) with Australia sustaining around six million of them. Millennials have not known a world war, a depression or a recession and couldn’t have given a stuff about a GFC.

Their parents are well off, they have never seen a food stamp or slept on the street. They believe in education entitlement, party drugs (except marijuana) and have never known a world without a computer or an Iphone. They have emerged as a serious demographic dictating political policy.

Millennial numbers are set to overtake Baby Boomers who at their youngest are 51, with many slowly shrinking into retirement at around 70. These Millennials appear to have no worries, they are upwardly mobile and are insulated from normal pressures other groups experience...

Since World War II, new cars and suburban houses have powered the US economy and propelled recoveries. Millennials have no interest in either.  

In a recent US poll almost 50% of Millennials said they were “happy with the way things are”. In Australia they are considered to be smart and well educated. They are very socially aware and vote for socialist parties. They have shunned the free sex and acid of the sixties and have not experienced the destruction of Whitlam or the disaster that was Rudd/Gillard/Rudd.

The same US study of 15,000 people found that they are family and community conscious, have no faith in job security but are technically proficient and stay loyal to formed peer groups. The study found that 83% of Millennials are more proud of their country this year than in 2006, when the figure was 77%.

In the US Presidential nomination elections, Socialist Bernie Sanders of the Democrats has polled inexplicably well including narrowly beating Hillary Clinton in Michigan of all places despite all previous polling suggesting he would be severely trounced.

At a party for Clinton supporters in Detroit, many were shocked and embarrassed as results flooded in. Only a day earlier Clinton had in effect called on Sanders to drop out and “end the primary”. “I’m on the edge of my seat,” said Brenda Lawrence of Michigan, a Clinton supporter, “we worked so hard for this.”

Millennials are attracted to free everything including, health costs, college/university fees and they adore Sanders and what he stands for including his hatred of Wall Street. American car manufacturers are tearing their hair out trying to understand why Millennials refuse to buy new cars. The same applies in the housing market where they are content to rent.

While the market tries to figure out what motivates Millennials to buy anything, Republicans seem content to give them another ten or twenty years to experience a few doses of reality.
But eighty million newcomers to the ballot box have declared war on the Washington “establishment” and are chasing the impossible dream of socialism, unaware of what socialism actually means.

Regardless there’s also a huge shift apparent in the wider electorate here and it ought not be ignored. 


And when they drop a EMP device in the U.S and you see all these spoilt, i must have my mobile and PC and i hate guns and hunting and fishing and meat eating people and hard work and love animals and LGBT people, and see them melt down and scream and go bloody beserk because their electronic ''meaning of life'' has just ended and no more free food and everything from mummy and daddy and the system that they have been brainwashed by the PTB Medias ''Feel Good '' pig trough ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"Police today launched a major manhunt for [killer Matthew] Russell, who has recently been released from jail and has an extensive criminal history, including robbery and driving offences." ... no trouble getting a gun in Sydney.

I supervised a few millenials recently, .... polite, look like they are trained up for the job, ... but no edge, naive on so many things, and although they looked like they had the skills they had none, .... they didn't know how to learn, watch and copy, .... no skill improvement over a few days, .... and tasks were incomplete, and done to some improvised and useless artistic version of what was requested, ...
I will recommend to them, that they should try a career in politics.

easily recognized by the head up the arse and the brain in neutral.

Millenials are so smart, ask one to explain interest, and how it is applied, they love socialism for the freebies, but don't know where the largess originates from, they don't even know that the govt gets its' money from us, the taxpayer, a bit like Whitlam who was heard to exclaim that he didn't know a govt could run out of money.

Couldn't agree more - and when one is "dealing" with those born in the 80's - let me give you the tip - they have the no idea about anything - god help this country in 20 years -

Barnaby Joyce going head to head with Filthbag Windor live in Tamworth on Paul Murray now. Go Barnaby !!!

Millenials eh? I get it. I rekon I,ve got maybe 5 to ten (ha, ha) years left. So, why worry? Let ,em sort out their own mess. Fuck em.

"Rolf Harris is due to appear in a London court later charged with seven more counts of indecent assault against girls as young as 12-years-old." ... reckon he'll try the singing bit in court this time?
another massive eye opener from the good guys, only 10 minutes of your time.

Write off the baby boomers when they are dead. News of their death & irrelevance is a little premature.

Happy St Pat's Day to all. I'm sure a lot of us here have good old Irish blood running somewhere in our veins .I know I have.

It's also called "annoying"/

CSB...don't forget Cory Bernardi...he stuck his neck out but sad to say, I think Turnbull got rid of him too, by sending him to the UN for 3 months. That gets him out of the way at a critical election time, or after it, rather .I agree, too, that the reaction you get when you mention Islam is the rolling of the eyes, and "Oh, no, there are peaceful ones", then I try, politely ,to tell them they all follow the Koran and when crunch comes to punch, they will do what their imams tell them. By that time I am feeling very frustrated and hot under the collar, so I change the subject. Some people are hopeless.

Help me with the Maths. If 11 million are on some kind of benefits, say $25,000 pa each, that makes welfare at $27 and a half billion. So how come the welfare bill is $140 BILLION? Is the other $112 Billion the cost incurred paying the public service and rent on the buildings? If aged pensioners and DSP make up half that amount, and the moslem 'immigrants' make up 2 million ( $4.5 billion) and the rest are newstart and Family packages, I can't make anywhere near $140 billion. I'm assuming that each payment is $25,000pa, a single pensioner amount.

Lifted off George's Face book page. The Prime Minister's office now has my letter, signed by myself and 42 other signatories out of the 81 Liberal Coalition backbenchers in the parliament, asking for funding for the Safe Schools program to be suspended immediately, pending a parliamentary inquiry into all aspects of the program in which parents, teachers, schools and the wider community can have their say.
Speaking of having a say, a group of concerned mums have set up this very informative website about the problems with the Safe Schools program. Their website can be found at

TPP Is Not A Trade Agreement

The sole purpose of TTP is to give global corporations immunity to the laws of the countries in which they do business. Indeed, TPP allows a private corporation to repeal soverign laws of sovereign countries, which no longer would be sovereign. All a corporation has to do is to sue the country for “restraint of trade” if the corporations’ profits are harmed by the country’s laws. For example, Monsanto could sue France and force the French government to repeal its laws against GMOs.

As Mike Masnick writes, we were promised a debate about TPP, but did not get one. The corporations have greased all the palms with big bucks. Every government that signs on to TPP flushes its sovereignty down the toilet. Corporations are transformed into Global Emperors against whom mere citizens have no recourse.

Hadley mentioned a salary of $300,000 plus. If that is the case, it represents more than a 50% pay rise, for McFarlane. $$$,$$$ are much stronger than morals.

Kuwaiti man repeatedly tortured is freed after 14 years in Guantanamo

The US government has a long record of shameful behavior, and the 14-year-long torture of fake “terrorists” in Guantanamo defines the inhumane character of the US government and its presstitutes, people devoid of integrity and insensitive to justice.