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Friday, 14th December 2018

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...or risk being loathed by all Australians

Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


Australia - my Australia - is a place where I grew up embracing multiculturalism. I knew nothing else. A baby-boomer and all my mates at primary school were New Australians, as we called them then. Their parents had fled a war torn Europe to a country that was as far from their shell-shocked motherlands as it was possible to be.

Many had lost everything. Most had no employment. All they wanted was a fresh clean start and a place where the opportunity existed to bring up a family where their lives were not threatened.

I, like others, watched  scores of videos on YouTube and the changes in Britain with the massive insurgence of Muslims and I saw the real ramifications. The hatred. The name calling. The scared and bewildered Britons as they watch their suburbs change hands.

The wild fright in the eyes of young women who used to walk down their streets without being abused for being both White and English... and Christian, and just for being women. Apparently all non Muslim women are whores. Their world has changed irretrievably. And irrevocably.

What will it take before this madness takes Australia by the throat and we have more incidents like the riots we got a whiff of in Sydney not that long ago?

What will it take before our politicians stop mincing words and start calling a spade a spade? And Islamic evil, yes evil! What will it take before the silly Greens stop their persecution message and the championing of Muslims who want to come here illegally? What will it take?

Do the extreme examples of this evil cult have to include the slitting of our throats for these do-gooders to sit up and take notice? Do they have to behead a few Anglo-Australians and put their heads on steel picket fences like they do in their own countries? Will this stop those in power from pussy-footing around the political correctness issues... shit scared to insult Islam?

This extreme Islamic Sharia Law is not a religion. It is a murderous, hateful, barbaric and intensely evil regime - every bit as wicked as anything people like Hitler did. And they say that will never happen again? Like hell it won't! It is happening! And people in power in this country are doing bugger all about it. In fact they want to bring more Muslims in. More young thugs who will go to their mosques and learn about implementing Sharia Law in Australia as well as in other countries.

They will even convert their own children who have been born here to follow in their footsteps. What sort of hatred has been instilled in an 8 year old boy with an Australian born grandmother that allows him to hold up a severed head with a smile, like it's a football.

A normal child would be vomiting and scarred for life.

To the so-called peaceful Muslims - I'm prepared to believe you do exist, and I say, “Stand up! Bloody well say something! I don’t want to hate you! Denounce this profoundly confusing evil which you say does not apply to you... although the message is coming from your mosques and your Imams”. Stand up and condemn what you see. Help us believe that you do exist. Help us to see that you are worthy to live with us in this wonderful country of ours. Help us to believe that the billions we have spent on you and your new 'lifestyle' is worth it.

We too have come from all over the world, so Australians don't hate anyone. But now, for the first time in our lives, we are starting to hate what we see and hear. We are learning to understand what hate is, and we don’t like it. And the revulsion we feel for Islam and everything it stands for is overwhelming us.

The pollies might talk in clichés and insipidities, but I can assure you we the people don't. And if you think your knife-wielding young men are afraid of nothing, then think again, just wait ‘til you see what a bunch of young Australians can really do when fully aroused.

Foreign lands are full of our graves... we were prepared to die for freedom long before you assholes came along.


We must understand that all Muslims are radicalized from birth. Muslims are taught Islam and the Quran as soon as they can speak, (5 or 6 Years old). By age 10 they are expected to have memorized it. They pray 5 times a day to reinforce their faith. Their Muslim parents have no chance of Un-radicalizing them because ALL Muslims are ALREADY Radicalized by the Quran.
Google these Quran Verses and see what I mean;
Q 4.34 Wife beating, 9.5, Q 24.4. 4 Male witnesses are required to prove Rape,
Quran (2:191-193) Kill the infidels wherever you find them.
Quran (8:12) – strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them(Infidels)
When you read and understand the Quran you will understand we are “living with the enemy.”

Koran Surahs:
Koran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
Koran 3:28 “Moslems must not take the infidels as friends.”
Koran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”
Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”
Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”
Koran 8:60 “Moslems must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Moslems to fight them.”
Koran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you catch them.”

Well Said

Maybe some of our journalists should take a leaf out of this broadcasters book, hasn't anyone figured it out yet, the radicals are using our politically correct morns as their greatest weapon to date for their ultimate goal, conversion, yes, conversion they want our society to convert to their radical ways, they sure as hell do not, will not assimilate.

For All you lucky people who missed Tony Jones and his Q&A Tribe of Evenly Divided Audience Participates;
Here is a Typical Excerpt compliments of Andrew Bolt’s Blog.

The ABC’s Q&A on Monday threw petrol onto the fire by getting together Muslim firebrands and others to portray Australia as a country run by war criminals and xenophobes, helping to kill Muslims abroad and persecute them at home with politically motived police raids.
One of the most savage indictments of Australia and its institutions came from an unnamed woman in the audience. Note how the Greens and Labor MPs tended to believe and endorse her incendiary claims, and host Tony Jones even assumed the woman was being persecuted by ASIO::

AUDIENCE MEMBER: [The Australian Defence League] make threats to myself and my family, telling them that they want to behead me. So everything you’re saying right now is very insulting.
MICHAEL KEENAN [Justice Minister]: Well, if that is the case, then you need to alert the authorities.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: I have reported it to police numerous times, thank you.
MICHAEL KEENAN: Well, let me assure you, we don’t police in a way in this country that targets one group over another.
MICHAEL KEENAN: I can assure you that that is the case.
SCOTT LUDLAM [Greens Senator]: I’m not sure the message is getting through, whether you sense the reaction of the room when you said that for the first time. I’m not sure, if that is the strategy, that it’s getting through to people…
MICHAEL KEENAN: We do not target the Muslim…
TONY JONES: Michael Keenan, can I just interrupt for a second, because that was a pretty extraordinary allegation. I’d just like you to - are you saying that an official of the security forces did this?
AUDIENCE MEMBER: I reported it to Bankstown Police Station on numerous occasions. They’ve called to slit my - the - my - my children’s throats and rape my dead ‘caucus’ on the side of the road.
TONY JONES: So are you’re saying - sorry, you’re saying this is coming from racist groups?
MICHAEL KEENAN: Well, I mean, I can assure you that threats of that nature would be followed up.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: I am trolled 24 hours a day on Facebook and social media because of these right-wing Nazis, okay. My life is not pleasant right now living in this country and no-one seems to care because I am Muslim and they’re not. It’s all right for the non-Muslims to give me a hard time.
MICHAEL KEENAN: Well, it’s not.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: But when I complain about it, it’s not the same.
MICHAEL KEENAN: It is absolutely not. Look, there’s absolutely no excuse for anyone in the community to attack another Australian in an unprovoked way.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Well, I’d like to see the evidence that you are actually doing something about it…
TONY JONES: I’m just confirming you’re not saying that was security officials. You’re saying that was a racist group that’s made these threats against you?
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Well, it - look, it’s the ADL, yes.
MICHAEL KEENAN: Well, I can assure you that will be followed up.
TONY JONES: Right, I beg your pardon. You said ADL. I thought you said ASIO. Okay, no, I thank you - thank you so much…
MICHAEL KEENAN: For clarifying.
TONY JONES: Thank you so much for clarifying that. But we’ve got a question on a similar - we’ve got - I’m sorry, that was a misunderstanding. We’ve got a question on a similar subject. It’s from Asme Fahmi…
MARK DREYFUS [Labor’s shadow attorney-general]: ...The police investigate crimes and threatened crimes wherever they occur but the fact that some people, including many people in this audience, have the impression that there is uneven policing raises, for me, a really big question which is about confidence in our agencies, confidence in the intelligence work, confidence in the police, and part of the job of Government and part of the job of every politician in Australia is to make sure that the community has that confidence and I fear, from what you’ve said and what you’ve also said, Asme, is that there’s a gap. Clearly, there is a gap. There’s a whole lot more work to be done and it fits together, as it happens, with countering violence extremism.

In fact, the unnamed AUDIENCE MEMBER is Rebecca Kay, an activist and convert
So - How did Q&A get Rebecca Kay in its audience? Why did it not identify her?

God bless you Larry for saying what the majority of us think Our politicians have got to do more for us to trust them to keep us safe. No more Muslim immigration - full stop!


To save our country …

Mr Abbott

We need ….

The immediate cessation of all Muslim immigration.
The encouraging of voluntary repatriation.
The expulsion of foreign criminals, including Aust. citizens with dual nationality.
The cessation of new mosque-building.
The closing down of mosques in which incitement to violence has taken place.
The closing down of Muslim schools.
The outlawing of Halal Certification (moslem extortion)

And ….

Draconian Legislation Banning the Hiring of Illegal Immigrants
Reduced Access to Public Services and Quality of Public Infrastructure
Refusal of Re-Entry for Muslims
Assiduous Deportation of Muslim Criminals

Its too late for Muslims not to be loathed. This so called peaceful religion is not welcomed here in Australia while they are controlled by Imans and Muftis who craete the hate and inturn will brain wash those mussies who think peace is real.

Have a look at this:

We have evolution rammed down our throat by all the know alls ,nature documentaries ,scientists, then we have to Kowtow to the jews and give them everything they want because they are Gods Chosen people, and anyone who opposes them or what they do ,is a nazi or anti semite .and they are the ones pumping Islam into Europe and openly admit it ,while bombing the crap out of Palestinian civilian men women and children

It bears repeating that Israel is under God's divine protection - Hamas etc wont acknowledge they are actually fighting God Himself. The Masons are just a front for the Establishment who are deep into occult black witchcraft. As such, they follow Albert Pike who said, under influence of satanic guides" there would be a need to have 3 world wars to shatter the world into chaos ( order from chaos...) to be rebuilt into a tiested and sick satanic NWO. The UN is the occults hand maiden ( reseach Madama Blavatsky ) , and the Vatican is the False Prophet , which is why it wants to set up a United World Relgions. This is all just Gods End Times counting down. People dont have much time left to be Saved through faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray over this ...time is running out.

WWIII was planned to be a occult deliberately engineered war between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. The plan is to let both sides wipe themselves out, and enslave whats left. This of course is occult/satanic in nature. The powers that be are deliberately doing another Abu Gharib jail effort to try and create an internal war in every country between citizens of all countries to promote internal conflict between christians/jews and muslims. Yes Islam wont stop, but it can be kept at arms length through a strong deterrent and existing laws. A religious war between citizens of the same country in every country will soak the planet in blood from pole to pole. Dont fall for it.

Peaceful Islam is bullshit! Oh there are plenty of peaceful, individual Muslims, but they can soon be radicalised if they feel that their beloved Islam is threatened. Bad roots produce bad trees, and the roots of Islam come from a pedophile warlord who threatened anyone who was not one of his followers.

SKY NEWS now (AEST16:42) ticker reads BREAKING NEWS :TERROR ARRESTS. AFP: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM, THIS IS ABOUT AUSTRALIANS INVOLVED IN CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR. Memo to AFP just tell us plebs how far we need to stick our heads up our arses' and that will be just dandy !!

Renny - you put it so well. What you are saying is what an increasing number of Australians are saying and feeling. Well done!!! How Christine Milne and that other idiot SHY can get on TV and say what they do is just beyond me - they are nothing but traitors. .

Love your work Renny. I would like to believe that we are not under threat, but I'm afraid that I am wrong. If we have a Civil war here, it will be very ugly.

Lord Monkton just parroted the exact same thing that Michael Smith said on that groveling apologist Ben Fordhams show , that being that the prophet Mohammed took a 6 year old bride and consumated at age 9 years .
Michael Smith was booted for this .
Trust the management of Macquarie radio will apologise to Michael Smith ,
And reinstate him to the airways .
And the boxhead Hadley apologises also
Well done Lord Monkton
Hmmm Crickets !!

As a Brit I come on the site to inform you of the destruction of our once beloved country due to politicial sucking up to muslims. In one town in England, over a period of 16 years, it has come to light that 1,400 white girls have been brutally raped and prostituted to muslim men. Councils and the police ignored this and when the leader of the BNP tried to deal with it, the authorities attempted to imprison him for "stirring up racial hatred". Please, please Australia, do your utmost to make sure your beautiful land does not end up like Britain.


In Europe ….

The immediate cessation of all Muslim immigration.
The encouraging of voluntary repatriation.
The expulsion of foreign criminals, including Dutch citizens with dual nationality.
The cessation of new mosque-building.
The closing down of mosques in which incitement to violence has taken place.
The closing down of Muslim schools.

And ….

Draconian Legislation Banning the Hiring of Illegal Immigrants
Reduced Access to Public Services and Quality of Public Infrastructure
Refusal of Re-Entry for Muslims
Assiduous Deportation of Muslim Criminals

Read more …. very interesting