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Monday, 20th August 2018

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…we were told a big fat lie

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well, it was always going to be the case if we voted YES to a phantom Bill without any content available. Only a deceptive question about “equality” that everyone would have agreed to! “Just trust us”, the rainbow mob implored. “Just pass the Bill and we will sort out your protections later, just trust us." 

Well, we foolishly did trust them and the private Member’s Bill was passed in the Senate… but guess what? It has come back to the House with NO protections … not one single amendment! So now the House must deal with the most unusual and dishonest piece of legislation ever proposed.

Turnbull, who calls himself a Conservative, also lies through his teeth when he says the High Court agrees with the result. Bullshit! The High Court was asked only to rule on the legitimacy of the cost Federally. 

The postal survey was a farce and if held again tomorrow (legitimately) it would be 70/30 the other way. Legitimately would mean there was sufficient time to consider both campaigns BEFORE votes were cast. 

Naturally everyone would vote YES to “equality”, and they did, people are fair… but after the first week neither campaign mattered, the answer was already settled and the rainbow mob knew it.

Now it is a case of them screaming, “just get it done!” so we can all get married before Christmas (sorry I mean, before year end celebrations).

Amendments will now be put forward by the Coalition Members including Abbott. But there may not be the numbers to pass any amendment, so it will go back to the Senate intact, sans the protections the rainbow mob assured us we would have if everyone passed the “equality” Bill.

If amendments don’t pass in the House, as the rainbow mob fully expects, the Bill will be returned to the Senate intact and will be law before Christmas.

If amendments are made they will need Senate approval which will not be forthcoming as the rainbow mob will gamble on the House wanting this done before Christmas. And it does. 

No-one, including Turnbull intends sitting next week, so everyone will be packing their bags, kissing their Canberra shags goodbye, and it will be the conclusion of the greatest legislative scam in history.

So why don’t the rainbow mob want the protections included in the Bill? Let me have a guess… these poor sexually confused people have been copping shit for decades and now it's pay-back time. 

If there is some poor religious bastard who will object to selling gay Valentines' day cards in his news agency, the gays want to target him with a vengeance, notifying TV crews and other media. They want to ensure no-one will ever again object to their gay lifestyles on religious or any other grounds in future.

                                               Sorry, but not on my kids' tree

If protections were in place they would not be able to do that. But don’t expect dumb conservatives to realise what they are up to. They don’t care … CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!

And as for Tim Wilson proposing to his mate on the floor of the House to have it recorded in Hansard? “Tim, I like you, when I speak to you you always seem reasonable. But although it may be a lump-in-the-throat, tear-jerky moment for you, it is OUR Parliament and most of us don't have the same homogenous emotions as you have. 

I wouldn’t propose to my straight sheila at a gay/Green convention. Please remember Tim, respect the other 98 per cent of us,

… that’s if you want respect returned.    


I'm going to marry my dog. We both love each other very much and I don't see why anyone would object, and no I'm not barking mad.

Well all you filthy mouthed people on here you do no justice to Larry who is a brilliant writer. However I have found a way to get rid of your foul comments when I send Larry's articles on to decent people. You should be reported to someone who can ban you from the Internet. I just wish I knew how. I will be working on it.

I found Tim Wilson's grandstanding stunt stupid and crass. How can a MAN stand up and cry and sob in Parliament House expect to be taken seriously as a qualified Member of the House that represents Australia to the world.Disgusting behavior. I wouldn't. marry either of them

Gina's boy Barnaby reckons 'voters are not stupid' after they voted him back in, there a lot of voters that would think that hungry Sam Dastyari should be deputy prime minister like greedy Barnaby. Gay Malcolm & Barnaby what a brilliant team to lead Australia..over the precipice into the more bollards to protect us and ban trucks.

Bishop and Co hate him and his policies....That is enough of an endorsement for me that Trump is THE Man and is on the Right Track....He took the Political out of Correctness...Whereas, Here they take they cant even work out who is really meant to be sitting in the room...

Look - Trumps energy directed towards doing as he says to these World leaders and ensuring that it is done. Democrat Presidents are a joke - all talk no action. He has just entered a deal with countries in ME to supply nuclear power - US managing and keeping Russia out. Putin got Iran - Trump got the rest of the ME. Look at his arms sales and JV to manufacture - yet all ignored by MSM for the simple reason he is not up to bragging. All countries that he has done business with love him - including China. Jerusalem the correct move - even LP lacks critical thinking on that call

Seems to have brought out "the best" in people, that's it then! always post the good ones.Thank you.

My comment on the citizenship fuck up has been rejected by SMH - "Apparently Anthony Albanese is the result of an immaculate conception. He lists no father on his paperwork, despite a very public media coverage in 2016 of the story of finding his father and a biography by Karen Middleton."

lol lg..yes..a real mystery that one!

Reminds me of the old Linda McCartney joke, Pel. 'What do you call a dog with Wings? . . .'

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Bill Shorten blatantly lied to parliament affirming that all of his rabble were AOK and need not stand down or go to the High Court. Lying to parliament is an offence under the Crimes Act.

Stick with it mr s.

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and what is the big threat??? Adolf Erdogan will cut co-operation with Israel... holy crap the Israelis havent had a bigger break for years. Erdogan would happily see Israel pushed into the sea by his Hamas mates. The rest of the civilised world wont miss Turkey either because under Erdogan they are near the top of the list of countries that will cause WW3