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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For a moment in time every nation on Earth held hands, breathed a heavy sigh of relief and thanked their respective gods when those 12 little boys reached safety. Stressed smiles on their pained little faces were aimed at their desperate parents… they didn’t want them to worry… “we will be okay” they assured them. And they were okay.

Their skinny frames, lacking nutrition and hydration, would be tested beyond belief. They couldn’t swim, but they needed to learn, and quickly. They had never dived nor used a face mask nor used an oxygen regulator, but they had to learn all about that too.

  A plaque should be erected at the site for the Thai navy seal who died helping the boys

It is incomprehensible that foot by foot the boys travelled the three miles of cave one mile below the surface in pitch blackness under dirty water.

Parts where claustrophobia must have set in with an irresistible urge to tear off their mask and reach for normal air but their head would have struck rock, because there was no space for air.

Were they trained to control the natural panic and then replace their mask to expel the water so they could resume breathing again? That is a difficult enough task to learn in a heated indoor swimming pool.

                     Australian doctor, Richard Harris, on the front line of rescuers

It was a remarkable achievement from everyone involved and demands new respect for third world Thai responders who had the sense to allow international experts to take control. Normally for Asians that would indicate a loss of face. But this time nothing mattered other than the boys.

It showed every nationality is the same, even Islamic jihadists would have been monitoring their Twitter feeds and thinking what the hell have they been doing trying to kill people… we all love our kids to bits, we all panic, we all stress in the same way when things go wrong.

Parents huddled in solidarity refusing to be told what child had been rescued. What a shame it takes something like this to bring us all this close.     

Now the only thing I’ve been asking myself is, “what sort of idiot coach would take 12 little boys into such a perilous place during the monsoon season?”

He might be more suited as our Socceroos coach.  


Never saw any Muslims helping!

A wonderful

This facebook video highlights just what it took to get the trapped 13 out and how the smallest contribution helped

I can't wait for the will be called "Trapped" I bet.

Absolutely amazing news about the great rescue drama unfolding and all involved emerging unscathed, apart from the tragic death of the ex-Thai Navy Seal, but now that it is over, I am hoping that the media in Australia starts looking into what is happening to children in the once great but now uncivilised country that is Australia. 2yo kids on those disgusting blackfella cesspits being raped daily, little girls being genitally mutilated, child brides in the putrid muslim world being raped daily (but the NSW AG and Pru Goward are on the ball to have the consent laws strengthened so a woman has to actually say yes to a bloke before he can fuck her, or it is rape), and this Goward slag, in her capacity as Minister for Women, stated that in NSW there were 60 child brides in NSW annually.

I have just written to her and the AG and the Premier wanting to know what they are doing about how much consent a 9yo girl can give to her subhuman savage paedophile husband. No response as yet, but I will endeavour to persevere in getting a response, and hopefully action will be taken and these subhumans gaoled for raping their very young 'wives'. I call Australia uncivilised now because these abominations perpetrated against children are condoned by politicians and authorities, because no action is taken. It seems that subhuman stone age cultures trump Australian law. Yet a mick priest has been convicted of not reporting child abuse, when across Australia child abuse is unreported by 1,000s, yet it is common knowledge in the putrid blackfella and muslim subhuman worlds.

Some American democrat was comparing the Thai kids to Donald Trump's policy of illegal immigrants separation of kids from their parents ...WTF???!!!

The rescue of the 12 boys and their coach was predominantly made, apart from the Thais themselves, by individuals from the English-speaking countries, UK, United States and of course Australia.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Saw an interview on YT with an ex-military officer talking about killing with drones....that very same question was asked and answered in the affirmative.

As the military (s) develop more remote ways of killing the enemy our sense of humanity MUST suffer..............easy to become desensitised to killing if you're doing it sitting hundreds of miles away!!.........basically becomes a computer game doesn't it?

David Goldman: Anti-Soros Is Not Anti-Semitism

David Goldman: Anti-Soros Is Not Anti-Semitism

David Goldman: Anti-Soros Is Not Anti-Semitism

Syrian medics 'subjected to extreme intimidation' after Douma attack
Doctors say those who treated patients after attack have been told they and their families will be targeted if they speak out

All kudos must go to the poms who initially found the soccer team and for the divers that subsequently ran out a safety line along the egress path. After this the actually extraction would have been relatively easy and has been blown out of all proportion by a media that we all know loves to sensationalise. There were no great depths of water to be overcome in this rescue and so the technical skill required in going underwater would have been minimal. Like all boys these kids would have been up to the adventure of putting on a dive suit. Putting on a full face dive mask and breathing normally is not some huge technical challenge. To suggest that the boys would have had some urge to rip their masks off while under water is rubbish. I'm surprised Larry has been sucked into the media hype.
............................Ekapol was an orphan who lost his parents at age 10, friends say. He then trained to be a monk but left the monastery to care for his ailing grandmother in Mae Sai in northern Thailand.
There, he split his time between a working as a temple hand at a monastery and training the then newly-established Moo Pa team.

He found kindred spirits in the boys, many of whom had grown up poor or were stateless ethnic minorities, common in this border area between Myanmar and Thailand.
“He loved them more than himself,” said Joy Khampai, a long-time friend of Ekapol’s who works at a coffee stand in the Mae Sai monastery.

“He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke. He was the kind of person who looked after himself and who taught the kids to do the same.”

He helped Nopparat, the head coach, devise a system where the boys’ passion for soccer would motivate them to excel academically.

If they got certain grades in school, they would be rewarded with soccer gear, such as fresh studs for their cleats or a new pair of shorts.

The two spent time looking for sponsors and used the Moo Pa team to prove to the boys that they could become something more than their small town would suggest – even professional athletes.
“He gave a lot of himself to them,” Nopparat said. He would ferry the boys to and from home when their parents could not and took responsibility for them as if they were his own family.

He also kept the boys on a strict training schedule, according to physical education teachers at the school field where they practised. That included biking across the hills that surround Mae Sai.
On that Saturday two weeks ago, Nopparat did not know where Ekapol would be bringing the young soccer team but thought it would be a learning experience for him to manage them on his own.
The older Wild Boars were having a match in the evening, he said, so he put his phone away. When he checked it at 7pm., there were at least 20 calls from worried parents, none of whose sons had come home.

He frantically dialled Ekapol and a number of the boys in quick succession but reached only Songpol Kanthawong, a 13-year old member of the team whose mother picked him up after training.
He told Nopparat that the team had gone exploring in the Tham Luang caves. The coach raced up there, only to find abandoned bicycles and bags at its entrance and water seeping out the muddy pathway.

“I screamed – ‘Ek! Ek! Ek!’” he said. “My body went completely cold.”.............................

Still, the coach kept them together, Larry. Also I think we must give credit to the Thai parents who have reared such resilient children. I doubt Australian children would have lasted for long.

These days Maryanne I think you're right. Aussie kids now aren't the tough little buggers I grew up with, so far as I can see.

Larry, so glad to see you back on deck: Re the soccer coach, I read somewhere that this cave is a ritual for local boys, but they were not intending to go in so far. The rains were not expected so soon and they got caught as surge of water came through,it is said they could not retreat and had to push forward to avoid being drowned and so became trapped. Credit has to go the Coach,a Buddhist monk, for keeping the boys spiritually safe and optimistic.

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