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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Someone is a Genius

Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Remember before the election when lots of people were calling for a Royal Commission into the AWU and union operations in general and Tony Abbott was rather circumspect about it all? He stated that he did not want to jeopardise an ongoing police investigation.

Then...Bang, as soon as we had the election the Royal Commission into Union activity was announced.

Sure we had all this stuff about the AWU going around. We had the saga of the HSU scandal, with both Williamson and Thompson and now possibly Jackson. We had Williamson being charged and of course we had all the innuendo in regard to what a whole swag of TWU membership money may have been used for.

But hey, who made the decision to run with the Royal Commission.? What a bloody genius!!

 “Or was it just a case of someone stumbling into accuracy?"

Now as the momentum of the Royal Commission gathers pace all these other ongong matters are actually being sucked into it.

Initially we had dear old Ralph, all on his lonesome, being the first witness at the Commission, virtually dobbing himself in but proving generally to be a pretty credible witness, putting both Wilson and Gillard in the frame and setting the seeds for what was to come this week. However by the time Ralph finished, Wilson was looking pretty precarious...Gillard well so-so but not good either.

Now, we have Gillard firmly in the frame and Wilson looking pretty stuffed and this 80 year old retired builder has given Gillard’s credibility a bloody good shake to boot. “Julia told me that Bruce had given her the cash so she could pay me.” 

Nonetheless, we are just beginning and there is plenty more to come believe me and this is just the AWU.

I know that you are all madly cheering and so am I, because we all feel the same about Gillard. She is a bloody liar and lies to suit the occasion. None of us truly believes that Gillard did not know a lot more about what was happening, and she has blatantly lied to the Australia public.

However, while this has been going on another serious saga has been raging.....that of our "beloved ABC".

Sorry, did not mean to upset you all, I know it’s a sore point around here.

Hell, we have all been screaming about the bloody ABC's Mark Scott, James Spigelman, Mr Jones and his dragon missus on the 7:30 show, Faine and many more....

The ABC, the “Julia can do nothing wrong mutual admiration society"... Our ABC they tell us.

 That wonderful institution where you cannot work unless you are in the union and a declared socialist for good measure......the media institution that believes that if they do not report it ..It did not happen or if it did happen it will vanish into this big black hole.

Yep, that wonderful institution that we pay for that actually believes that Julia Gillard was a great Prime minister and running the country into the ground financially was just all good fun and Tony Abbott is an evil soothsayer.

Our ABC that believes that faking stories about asylum seekers is all in a good day’s journalism.

The same institution that believes Tim Flannery is a genius and Tony Abbott is some bloke who did not get elected as Prime Minister of this country.

This is the same ABC that refuses to report anything about the Royal Commission because it might make the ALP and Julia Gillard just look bad. 

‘What Royal Commission’ ....nobody told us about any Royal’re kidding? Fair dinkum, a Royal Commission? Well fancy that?

Why did I say ...”Somebody stumbled into accuracy?”

 Because all of a sudden after the momentum of this week's Royal Commission, people are starting to question and I mean question why the ABC is not reporting this stuff...

Now the same could be said for Fairfax media, but who really gives a rat’s arse about Fairfax anyway. If you have not already sold all your Fairfax Shares, you may as well flush the script that you have left, down the dunny for all the bloody things are now worth.

Not only that, Fairfax does not consume taxpayer’s dollars like a poker machine at the local RSL.

To be honest if you thought that there was any chance of pulling Fairfax out of the quagmire of quicksand it’s sinking into with Roger Corbett as its Chairman, you probably believe that there is something to be found between the ears of S H-Y.

Back to the ABC. As this RC wends its way, the revelations that will come forth about how the union movement as a whole operates and what little regard there is for members hard-earned dues, the sillier the ABC will look pretending it does not exist and as this all unfolds, there are going to be several people with serious egg on their faces and I believe we will have the privilege of watching this scum that call themselves providers of balanced media reporting, fall on their swords.

I believe that Mark Scott will be first, and that it will not be long into the future and if a certain Federal Minister is not careful he may find himself without a portfolio when the dust settles...Just saying....

Already, twitter has gone into the stratosphere this week, Twitterer’s going ballistic as to why the RC is not being covered by the ABC and this is only the beginning.....remember how we had people power change governments and dictatorial regimes and tear down the Berlin wall ?

Well bugger me, I believe that people power is going to tear the ABC apart...I believe that the general consensus within the community is going to force either the ABC to take its own remedial action and pretty quickly, or the government will have a people power mandate to take the big axe ito it.

There are going to be a heap of Union and ALP casualties courtesy of this Royal Commission but there may well be a heap of collateral damage at the ABC because of it and Tony Abbott will be laughing his head off. 

Yep!! I think somebody may have just stumbled into accuracy and we the unwashed silent majority may just get our wish to have “our” ABC back again as well as having the joy of watching a whole lot of ALP & Union personalities including Julia Gillard squirm in their undies at a Royal Commission.


The commos are no longer under the beds, they are in the beds, and ruling the bedrooms! Australia and Australians took their eyes off the ball and allowed Gillarses of the world to move into positions. Look at our establishments! Education, Politics, Law, the media! They are everywhere and appear to be the norm. I hope and pray that a positive result comes of this RC! Not just hot air!

Still have a bottle of Moet chilling in the fridge for when the lying, cheating, arrogant red headed cow falls on her fat rear end. What a great day it will be. As for the ABC, they were offered a file full of pics with the anobolic arabs, illegals sporting recent plastic surgery plaster, the military deserters etc.......THEY DECLINED THE PICS, EVEN WHEN THEY WERE PRESENTED TO THEM......did not fit their agenda. They preferred to peddle the poor asylum seeker story and ignore the truth and their responsibility to the Australian public.

I hope you're 100% right.

“Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances wins legal stoush over Melbourne rental property.” *

Wow!!! Here’s a terrific story for the ABC. This can run and run. It’s probably weighty enough to dominate Q&A, get Faine back onto his high horse, fill 7:30 and Lateline but best of all it has the potential to completely dominate the Royal Commission next week.


Hey Larry... remember how Al Capone went down... the IRS got him.... So the question that would be on my mind is how did Jules The Red afford all those renno's, and pay her mortgage, loose her job, go on a holiday with Brucie Lightfinger..... and file her tax returns.. declaring all sources of income.... She wouldn't have lied to the Tax Office now would she?

Bring it on.....times a wasting!

Thinking of sending an E-Mail to your Member of Parliament or the ABC?
Let me explain some facts about writing to ministers, drawn from my sordid, blood-soaked and adventure-filled time as a public servant.
For a start, understand that few ministers if any read their correspondence. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that it’s not humanly possible to read even a fraction of the amount of emails, faxes and letters they get. So the chances of you directly influencing a Minister with your particularly brilliant insight into the issue are zip. Deal with it. Things don’t work like that.
Their staff will read correspondence, but only when considering a reply prepared by their Department.
And that is only a small proportion of the actual volume of correspondence received. Some is answered directly by bureaucrats. But much of it is simply binned. Don’t waste your time sending off a letter pre-prepared by some enthusiastic online advocacy group, where you sign at the bottom, endorsing the nicely-phrased sentiments at the top. They’re called “campaign” ministerials and are binned without being read or replied to (but please don’t tell the Friends of the ABC, who rely heavily on that technique, and haven’t had a letter to Canberra read for two decades).
But if it makes you FEEL better, then “Go Ahead, Make my Day”.

As Gerald Celente says “If you can bank online you can vote online”, mainly in reference to national elections

This should be the case with unions.

All elections for office bearers and for all decisions made, a compulsory, secret vote by all members should be held , if this were the case common sense would pre vale.

A true democracy but unfortunately will never happen because a vote is never held unless they know the out come.

As we know the union leaders are in cahoots with the Government and bosses.

I must say I agree with this article.

On air commentators of the BBC are not allowed to provide their personal opinion on any subject instead they are only allowed to analyze the subject matter from the information available .

Yes, it’s all very exciting Larry, but you can never shame the abc into action, they just have no shame along with the people who believe anything it says. People get excited about twitter all the time and the abc and sbs think that’s where the news is but fairdinkum, twitter is for twits who don’t have a life. Twitter is a global thing isn’t it, the abc goes nuts if 200,000 people comment, 200,000 out of 7 billion? Shit, 200,000 lifeless brain dead shits. It’s a very small minority but typical of the left they want the minority to rule the majority. I wouldn’t be surprised if the RC doesn’t find anyone guilty of anything, union and labor always have a turd hiding in high places.

My Darling daughter whom I would give my life for works for the government, but she was most indignant to tell me that their annual 3% rise had been put on hold. Really? Why? They (unions) are still in discussions. I said did she realise that anyone in private enterprise do not get a rise every year? Everyone gets the CPI Mum. Things are tough Darling and it really isn't fair to be expecting each year to get a rise. Stern silence. Not only does the entitlement mentality permiate the population, but it is well and truly entrenched once again in union backed gov jobs.

Exterminate the ABC.

I can tell you now Bill Shorten and all His supporters want to bring back the Gillard legacy ...They are determined that everything she has done has to be continued.
They sing her praises on Facebook and they all sing it in private ...

Good article Don. Oh for things to come to fruition. Whoever wrote your little history nailed it well. Unique Aussie banter. I think so!!

everyone complains about the Murdock press supporting the coalition but they forget the ABC, Fairfax, Getup and any other press that backs the lair party.

The ABC is so full of anti Lib cretins. Even a good purging would not cleans it of these como's and "Labor Lovers." It makes me sick to my tummy to hear the lies and nasty digs that come from the ABC. Our PM is going great guns and yet the ABC Journo's have a go before the opposition even opens it's mouth. They are Pagan's that worship Labor Gods !!!

There's a simple solution to the abc, just close it down as bankrupt business. It would then be interesting to see if any of the people get another job - I doubt it. Who wants to employ rubbish.

Fabulous article - well done.

Keep on believing Mr Don Smith .. and smiling* for Australia.I can see you mean well for many:))Cheers!