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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Over the past few days we have had a boatload of supposed asylum seekers supposedly from “India”, but really from “Sri Lanka”, and the people who knew more about it than anyone else were members of the Greens, the ALP and immigration “activist” Ian Rintool... now I am as cranky as all hell!

They had direct communication, via satellite phone, with a bunch of so-called asylum seekers in a wooden boat heading for Christmas Island... WTF, you’re kidding me!

Now, from where I sit, this smacks of an attempt by the likes of the fool Rintool, Marles, Sarah No-Brains and the Green lunatics to stage-manage a breach of our border security to embarrass the Government over its “Sovereign Borders” policy.

Now, the lunatic Left claims to be of the “humanitarian kind” and its charivari proclaims that our new Government is not, despite that under their “humanitarian regime” somewhere around 1100 souls, mainly women and children, drowned at sea making a similar journey in piss-arsed boats across several hundred miles of dangerous ocean.

How the hell you can claim to be “humanitarian”, when the policy you support results in over 1100 humans drowning at sea, has me totally stuffed to be honest... but WTF, that’s what they claim! The LNP Government is nothing but a heartless pack of bastards because they stopped women and children from drowning at sea, and you may well wonder why I am cranky.

Notwithstanding, the question remains, are these lunatics involved in a plot to embarrass the Government by participating in an attempt to have a boatload of supposed refugees land on Christmas Island?

How do supposed asylum seekers, desperately fleeing persecution, happen to have satellite phones with the telephone numbers of Greens and ALP members of Parliament in them? Now that is not proven, but it seems pretty clear that they at least had Ian Rintoul’s number.

From my perspective if Rintoul and others have aided and abetted this boatload of people to undertake the perilous journey from Siri Lanka to Australia, then they have assisted in an act of human trafficking which is an offence not only under Australian law but International and Maritime law.

Anyone who would stoop so low as to endanger well over a hundred human lives for political point-scoring needs the full force of the law jammed right up their Khyber Pass.

If this is the sort of dirty politics the Greens and the ALP are prepared to play, then it’s time for the baseball bat to be implemented. But has George Brandis got the balls to swing it? That is the question!

However, if he does have the balls, then I suggest he may hear the applause from the front bleachers to the back of the grandstand!


Bring on a DD right now Mr Abbott have the balls and take it to the people because most Australians have had enough of this circus called the Australian parliament and lets get rid of all the riffraff out of the senate starting with the pups/independents/greens and then labor and then clean out the upper house. Its so tragic to read and see week in and week out so many snags that are laying about and endangering another major bush fire to the Australian peoples future through this Australian parliament that has ended up useless and the worse parliament in my memory or in the records of the Australian parliament.

Here's an idea. Let the bleeding hearts of the ilk of Hansen-Young, Milne etc put their hands up and say " No worries. Let as many in as you want, and all of us that support illegal immigrants (queue jumpers, economic refugees) will pay extra taxes to support them. Those that disagree don't have to pay any extra taxes." It's amazing how these pricks are so generous with other peoples hard earned money and how quickly those that disagree with their warped ideology are branded "Racsist". The Green/Labor government sent us up debt creek in a barbwire canoe without a paddle, and now that the majority of us said "enough" still will not listen. It galls me that my taxes support these bastards, yet they want more and to give it away in the most irresponsible manner.

See what I mean ?

Why don't the SHY, Milne, Greens, ABC, Marles, and anyone else in the people importation business just call these all people what they are.
Customers. They are buying a service that is illegal and people are still getting paid for a service that can no longer be delivered. If all those traitorous, whiney complaining self serving types were truly honest, they would admit it's not about the needless invasion of paying immigrants, it's about barracking for a political side and breaking a coalition government.

Charge them, convict them - and they are out of parliament. QED!

Jackie Lambie says she absolutely wants to become the Prime Minister of Australia. Strewth, give me Strength! What in heck, the las woman we had nearly sent us broke, what would Lambie do????? Any ideas?
×REPLY if you have any ideas: Lambie, would have us as Lambs to the slaughter.

Prune face is telling everyone the government is making refos, disappear. Disappearing people.

I know when I f'kd, up and I did. I'm big enough when I know I owe an apology for supporting a person that was less than I expected. So here's goes:
Davenport OK I listened over the weekend for Ray to explain, as I was sure he was man enough to. Looks like I over estimated Hadley. He's done as fa4
I hereby aknowledge I was wrong for supporting Hadley. It is clear he used Kidd to sack the brave Michael Smith, I was sure Ray would have and explanation why when how he came to say what he did getting Smith the chop and supporting the Moslems and the deflowering of a 9 year old child. I was wrong. Sorry every one I was wrong.
I stand correct,as history does not lie, Hadley's time to make it right has expired and so to has my loyalty and support. I feel let down by him and his low down GB

The Full Extent the Treasonous Actions of the; ALP, Unions Greens etc. in forcing ALL our Manufacturing Industries overseas have had on Australia's Future will not be fully realized until outbreak of W.W.3.
We have been reduced to being a country of Primary Industries ONLY.
We have even been conveniently Dis-Armed.
So – What happens when (Not IF) we are attacked ?
Line up along our Sovereign Beach Shores and pelt the Invaders with Lumps of Coal?
At least we can count on the likes of; Clive Dinosaur and Sara H-Nit Wit on hand to broker a Peace Treaty for Us.

Today on insiders David Marr said that the australian navy and government had no right to transferr boat people in international waters , isn't this the same cockhead that demanded that the australian navy save boat people in Indoneasian waters , sometimes onll a couple of kilometers of the indoneasian coast , what a communist this boof head is , typical ABC , when do we get change at the national communist broad caster ABC

David Marr from the ABC is a cochead


Lambie and Wong wouldn't get to have sex, they'd be too busy arguing on who gets to be on top!

Like a lamb to the slaughter, a ground sheet, what's that mean. Lambie?

Lamby is definitely white trash bogan...a disgrace to have in our government.

They will be coming over on jet skis next.

To take on boat people is a life long welfare obligation. Low no skilled immigrants.

Anyone see bolt this morning.

Wasn't Lamby and ex Grun.. Lamby was a Army grunt I thought. Jack qui Lamby parts of the AdF.