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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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...and this bloke is one of them

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Disturbing information is coming from Australian pilots flying out of Asia regarding Tony Fernandes and his cut-price airline Air Asia. The flamboyant owner of Queens Park Rangers is fighting a £50 million fine for breaching UK Football League Financial regulations, and it appears that’s not all he is breaching. 

The airline company with the much touted “impeccable safety record” may not be that safe after all and there are reports Mr Fernandes is sinking in circuitously acquired debt.

Airline companies attain an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) for a period of two years. Due to slack maintenance and other infractions, Air Asia's AOC was limited to just six months by the DCA, giving Fernandes time to get his act into gear.

Air Asia was also fined $200,000 in an Australian Court for misleading and deceptive advertising. 

Tony Fernandes: “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they'll risk their lives”, he said to raucous laughter at a recent function. 

He continued with, “My engineers talk to my pilots about how to fly the plane more efficiently. We went from 80 landings per set of tyres to 180. We showed them how to brake on the runway, how to use the reverse thrust, how they should descend. We burn just 770 US gallons per hour of fuel. MAS, using a similar plane, burns 1100 US gallons.”

Hmmm, I seriously doubt that figure, and WTF are engineers doing telling pilots how to fly planes? Is there a pattern starting to emerge here?

The cost-cutting fanatic Fernandes also suggested that pilots should avoid using their brakes for as long as possible when landing. "Friction usually does the trick, so our brake pads and tyres last a damn sight longer than most," he said.

I have no idea what the hell he is talking about with that one! But it could be the reason Air Asia flight Z2272 overshot the Kalibo runway in the Philippines only two days after flight Z8501 went down in the Java Sea killing all 162 on board? 

Badly shaken passengers at Kalibo had to evacuate the aircraft using emergency slides.

A litany of incidents and accidents dating back to 2004 led some observers to confidently foretell Air Asia’s latest disaster. Mr Fernandes’ move from the music industry to aviation has left a trail of destruction and empty pockets. 

Was the decision to keep going into a monsoonal storm part of the Fernandes’ vicious cost-cutting program? Was the captain facing the sack had he turned back? 

Air Asia hosties are paid the pittance of $9 per hour air time and pilots are paid well below what other airlines pay. They also sign contracts ensuring they will repay Air Asia for all training costs.

Passengers have complained it takes up to a year of fighting to get refunds from cancelled flights with most simply giving up trying. 

Air Asia is run out of a small office in Kuala Lumpur and notoriously corrupt Malaysia is the place to be for avoiding aviation regulations. This latest disaster was the third in 2014 for cut-corner-cut-costs Malaysia based aircraft. 

Air Asia is 49 per cent owned by the infamous Indonesians who have also fared poorly in international safety rankings. In 2007, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration gave the country a reduced Category II ranking, which meant Indonesia's regulations did not comply with international safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. 

No surprises there for anyone who knows Garuda.

As one Australian captain said, “These Asian guys are okay on simulators and as long as the aircraft’s computers are working they are fine, but that applies to any 14 year old kid too, and there’s no way I’ll bloody fly with them.”

Fernandes’ con-job on a dodgy IPO has India’s investors calling for his blood after Air Asia’s share price changed dramatically after the signing of an agreement with Indian investors. Before signing, Air Asia’s shares were at RM3.50 but after having closed the deal with the Indian investors, Air Asia’s shares curiously dropped to RM2.20.

“This is my worst nightmare”, claimed Fernandes when addressing bereaved families in Surubaya. 

That may be true because Air Asia did not have approval for the doomed flight Z8501 which will no doubt let insurance companies off the hook for its up to $320 million replacement cost.


"WTF are engineers doing telling pilots how to fly planes?"

For the same reasons we teach bus drivers how to drive busses more efficiently and safely (these two things, as it turns out are not mutually exclusive).

None of the criticisms are unique to AirAsia. Pilots of ALL airlines are instructed by engineers on ways to minimise fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear. ALL airlines cut back the hours (or sack) pilots who are seen to waste fuel. Virtually ALL airlines (including Jetstar) bill pilots for training. In Asia most flight attendants are young single university graduates from (relatively) wealthy families. They consider the job to be a working holiday. They are paid enough to cover basic expenses and nothing more.

If God meant us to fly he would have made it easier for us to get to the airport.

I see Transvestite Jay-Jay getting a lot of "airtime" on ABC24, along with his jolly, Andy Pandy. One good thing is that turning off the radio or TV endlessly is saving me a fortune in power bills.

I wrote to SHY complaining after the facebook story and yesterday actually received my first ever reply, be it from a staff member . Here it is

The comments you are referring to are a fake, modified version of a statement made on the Senator’s Facebook page on Tuesday, 16 December 2014.

The Australian Federal Police are investigating the source of the fabrication. Any assistance that you could provide to help progress their inquiries would be greatly appreciated.

The real post, which is unedited and still available on the Senator’s page, reads;

We are absolutely devastated to learn of the tragic end to the hostage incident in Sydney.

We extend our greatest sympathies and thoughts to all those affected by this incredible tragedy.

To the victims, their families and friends, police and health workers, and to anyone around the nation watching at home impacted by this morning’s tragic events our hearts go out to you.

It is critical that the nation comes together today.

We should comfort one another and open our arms in warm embrace to all peace-loving people regardless of faith, race or nationality.

We commend the courage and professionalism of the police and other emergency services involved.

It’s disappointing that some people have modified the statement and shared it online, seeking to impersonate the Senator and use this tragic event in such a cynical, political way.

Thank you for contacting the office of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young,

Katie Milanowicz
Constituent Liaison and Immigration Caseworker
Level 7 / 147 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA 5000
TEL 61 8 8227 0425 | FAX 61 8 8227 0426 | EMAIL [email protected]

well Tony Fernandes really is a larger than life type figure in the Malaysian hierarchy...fairly well connected and has penash with a "wheeler & dealer" flair...a trained accountant...he worked for the Virgin Group for a time in the U.K. and got the "gos" on starting Air Asia from the founder of EasyJet...later he copied the model used by Ryanair...these low cost airlines run everything to the bone...meaning minimal in training / maintenance only whats required by the Civil Aviation Dept....connection like with Dr Mahathir as President...its amazing what can be accomplished in corrupt countries like Malaysia...Air Asia is run by "smoke & mirrors"...aviation is great at hiding enormous amount of a pilot like described with 20 thousands of hours is usually crap...

We could send 'al' as well. He's been away for quite a while but I note he is hanging around a bit lately.

Here's one for you sailor....A teddy bear is working on a building site. He goes for a tea break and when he returns he notices his pick has been stolen. The bear is angry and reports the theft to the foreman. The foreman grins at the bear and says "Oh , I forgot to tell you , today's the day the teddy bears have their pick nicked."

The ABC showing full support for Andy Pandy in Victoria, giving him endless airtime to shovel out his drivel. As with all ALP trash they talk out of their arseholes, and never know when to stop.

'Don't use the brakes, don't use the throttles, don't use reverse thrust, don't go around storms', I can see what happens next.

Clarification: no mayday calls

Erratic pilot behaviour (read Eastern culture) can be attributed to some crashes. Read the comments about the Silk Air, '97, crash. I was in Indonesia at the time and apparently the pilot was pissed off that he had been passed over for a promotion so he drove the plane into a steep dive into a swap in Sumatra. They had to dig the wreckage out of the ground. Bio mayday calls, nothing. Murder - suicide on a grand scale.

OT - One of the Ibrahams got his arse shot in a Sydney street! Why am I not surprised?

JG - "This latest disaster was the third in 2014 for cut-corner-cut-costs Malaysia based aircraft."

This sentence does not say the three disasters were due to cutting costs, but describes Malaysia based aircraft as being subject to cut-corner-cut-costs management. The latest disaster is the third in 2014. Either English is not your first language, or you were educated under a Labor reformed educational system.

JG - further: "I can't see the connection, however, if that is found to be true, then it is certainly a serious matter" - I suggest you try to be open minded about the story - research more and then decide. After that episode, try looking at the Labia/Greens party and how they have acted these past 7 or so years. It might be a real eye opener. TRY IT (to paraphrase Dilmah Tea's last words on TV re their advertising of their teas).

$200 billion, 2 bombs, 2 rockets. 2000 a.d. before it has a gun? 2 much 2 think about. 2 buy Air Asia planes perhaps ? Same fall 2 ground capability, 2 cheap.

JG, - Flying without approval may have been for a cost cutting as airlines publicise how timely they are and that does involve some cost saving. I am sad that Tony Fernandez has not kept you 'in the loop' re: his business deals. (re: your statement, "I don't understand how that can happen") Don't you think Larry was correct in connecting the MH and Air Asia accidents ? 1). They are Malaysian carriers, and I believe, are linked by some secret deals where some MH aircraft were 'transferred' to Air Asia to enable them to fly internationally without having to purchase aircraft. Do you think that is a cost saving? There is no explanation needed as to 'your' search for logic. If you want to know more I suggest you read a Malaysian exiled in London's blog. He is a member of the Selangor Royal family.

JG, you have not said anything about Air Asia flying without approval on the ill fated flight. Are you also aware of the rampant corruption rife in the country?

I think, JG, you should reread the illogic of your original post and hopefully realise why no one has bothered to "refute" anything.

Marry your cousin and after a few generations you have a generation of idiots. Just returning from Malaysia I am sure we have a nation of idiots living next door.