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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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...can you believe that?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The similarities between Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton are somewhat spooky with sexual diversions and slush funds arranged for their own personal enrichment and a judicial system that refuses to act, along with a biased media intent on electing and preserving them both. 

But there is one big difference emerging and I referred to it some time back...

Hillary’s mental state is deteriorating daily and it appears to be well past any remedial action and well into palliative care status. The question now is who will replace her as the Democratic candidate?

Once Obama understands that her condition is unacceptable for the Presidency, he will drop her like a hot scone and I believe he will turn to his VP, Joe Biden, to continue his appallingly flawed legacy.

Hillary’s deterioration is much more than wear and tear from 18 months’ campaigning. It can be seen in her eyes, suddenly there is something missing, something staringly blank and removed from what is going on around her. 

It’s as if she is pre-programmed and unable to operate outside her staff’s teleprompted scripts of well-crafted apophthegms berating Donald Trump.

She has been desperately trying to hide whatever affliction she is suffering from. It appears to me to be some type of mental illness, even dementia, but I’m no doctor. Yet studying politicians’ body language over 50 years tells me this is something serious and can no longer be hidden even by a doting media.

Hillary clearly knows herself that she should not persist with the Presidency idea but she has a Gillard type flaw that rates her own ambition above all else decent and in her country’s interest. 

She has Gillard’s endorsement and her arrogance and single mindedness. She is prepared to kill whatever and whoever threatens her goal. She has already taken a violent Left turn to mop up Bernie Sanders’ enthralled millennials and unionist followers but his followers are far too Left even for the Clinton/Obama constituency. 

Not that the Obama Administration wouldn’t like Bernie's support but the electorate would never accept his rank socialist philosophy.

So who?

There are plenty of far Left Democratic starters who would love to get hold of the White House for up to eight years and to load the Supreme Court with judges of like mind who would set in stone a far Left agenda for the next 20 or 30 years. 

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has already publicly blasted Donald                                               Trump in a remarkable show of future judicial bias. 

But the Democrats’ immediate objective is to deny Donald Trump the Oval Office and they must look to more moderate candidates.

Joe Biden has lately been busily increasing his public profile and it must be asked why. Six months back he was all but ready to take the reins but came up against the formidable money-making machine of the fraudulent Clinton Foundation and the iron will of Hillary who had set herself and Bill for another White House tenure. 

Anyway, Hillary figures if she proves mentally incapable, good ol’ Bill will look after things. She has already nominated him as the unelected economic guru of her future Administration. 

And Bill will be allowed his floosies to occupy intern positions under the Oval Office table while she plays kiss-the-prayer-mat with constant Muslim companion, Huma Abedin.

The Clintons are riddled with corruption and suggestions of much, much worse. Joe can mostly distance himself from all that and he can dismiss Obama’s influence if he needs to. He would be a credible candidate to counteract Trump’s appeal but Trump's appeal is far more than the polls suggest.

Polls are contracted by media sections and if the biased media aren’t happy with the polls’ results they will simply change pollsters, so why wouldn’t these current polls show Hillary on the ascent. Don’t believe these polls. As soon as the Olympics are over the Trump machine will start running ads that will kill Hillary, if she isn't already dead by then.

If you know how the corrupt J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI and how he controlled government with what he secretly knew, then you know how the Clintons run it and the Dept of Justice in the same way. 

It will take Rudy Giuliani to again step in and rid Washington and the entire US of another more sophisticated type of Mafia called the tax-free Clinton Foundation.

Julia Gillard used tens of millions of Aussies’ hard earned dollars to augment the Clintons’ corrupt Foundation and Julie Bishop continues to hide that fact within the bowels of her DFAT.

If we are soon to be poring over Hillary Clinton’s entrails, we will find a few embarrassed Australian connections in the offal.


The top photo, is of a science project.
When you have 2 similar masses of fissionable material, achieve a critical mass, we have...BOOM.
The photo proves that when we have 2 similar masses of inert material, we have......something????

what is missing from this picture is Angela Merkel.... what a trio !!!!

Bill Clinton has asked people to stop shouting that Hillary sucks because everyone knows this is simply not true.

Now experts are coming out and saying they are the healthy way of doing the thing. Wait till the health frieks get onto this they will want them in Gyms and their homes. I'm going to buy shares in squat dunny businesses.

Looks Like George Soros Owns Hillary Clinton As Well As Angela Merkel
Of all the items I have written for I believe the most important was last October’s Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter. This offered what I sincerely believe is the most plausible explanation of why a veteran political leader should suddenly engineer the destruction of her own nation. (If you think that melodramatic read Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation The New Observer January 4, 2016).
Read more »

Good to see the ABC reporting up to its usual standard.

The run for presidential office by Hillary Clinton is like a lying crooked rocky horror show. Imagine what America will be like should this evil woman - Hillary Clinton - ever become president.

JimJim: .... Victoria Police is considering flying to Rome .... Why not? First Class and Five Star to Rome's a not bad gig to pull. But, for God's sakes - hows about their quitting the bloody harassment of the Good Cardinal and the Catholic Church and picking on - say - the bloody school teachers, for a change. A not bad idea considering kids are almost FIFTY TIMES more likely to be sexually-molested and/or assaulted by school, college & university teachers -- and by any of their other names -- than by priests.

.... plenty of fascistic-Leftarded "recidivist & serially-treasonous Democrats" who would load the federal courts with rule-by-fiat "judges" would set in stone a far Left agenda for the next 20 or 30 years .... Not so. America is doomed (and as-goes-it, so-also-goes the absolutely-dependent-upon-America "free world") if a Cli'ton or any Fascissocialist-Psychosis-suffering "Democrat" wins, this time around. Now that silly Sayyid Soetoro has rammed thru Lenin's "keystone to the archway thru which all Free Men will be force-marched into the totalitarian state, (AKA govt "health care") America is already following every other English-speaking nation (including Aus!) as every one spirals into history's dustbin! -- Dick'd!

Hey there, don't forget to visit Cory Bernardi's petition to rid 18C's "offensive" wording. You can pass if you like Saddles.

They can pay for them with the halal tax they are are raking in from everything we buy.

you said it Winston

Like Billy said. Most people I know...

BR, when I said all conservatives, in my mind I was excluding the current incarnation of what was once the Liberal Party founded by Robert Menzies. The end result of the election proves the disenfranchised former Liberals followed a very careful strategy to return an emasculated Turnbull, thus ensuring that the WWW won't be able to do too much damage over this term of government - that's if he lasts that long. Me? I give him to the end of the year before they roll him.

Hermes, more to the point it was the Liberals who placed them LAST on their vote cards. Liberals, conservatives - not any more!!!

Hope so Robert. There are some pretty stupid voters out there.

The only media attention the ALA got, was all negative. They were portrayed as a bunch of red neck Islamophobe, racist, bigots, so is it any wonder they didn't poll well at the election.
I thought conservatives were all on the same side. One Nation and the ALA want the same things, do they not? So why the 'them' and 'us' position. Conservatives need to stick together in their efforts to defeat the real enemy, ie Corrupt Labor/Union, and the lunatic Greens.

Well stated Old Jacktar!!

Brief and Turbulent History of the Khazarian Mafia in Russia and Asia
Thomas Dalton: America’s relationship with Russia is obviously of great political importance, but it also is highly revealing—particularly with respect to global Jewry. But to put the situation in context, we need a bit of history.
Russia came into being in 1547 under Ivan the Terrible, but was not a recognized world power until the early 1700s. When the United States of America was founded, it was anxious to establish good relations with all major nations, Russia included. Thus came a series of important Russian treaties, most notable being the US-Russia Trade Pact of 1832, under Czar Nicholas I. This guaranteed “reciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation” on both sides, and allowed mutual entry of citizens. For the rest of the 19th century, it was the basis for peaceful and friendly relations between the two growing world powers
But the Jews of Russia were not happy. They wanted more access to power and greater legal rights there, but the czars were having none of that. Then in 1881, some Jewish anarchists and a few accomplices managed to assassinate Czar Alexander II.[7] His son, Alexander III, inaugurated a series of reprisals and pogroms against the Jews, which persisted until his death in 1894. He was succeeded by his son, Czar Nicholas II—the last czar of imperial Russia.
In any case, Russia’s Jews hated all the czars, and wanted nothing more than to bring down the despised House of Romanov. So, in time-honored fashion, they appealed to their international brethren for help.
First, Jewish American media was more than ready to assist. The Jewish-owned New York Times obliged by exaggerating every news story out of Russia. The killing of 47 Jews in 1903, for example, became “the Kishinev massacre” in which “120” died. In March 1905, the NYT reported on their “6,000,000 cringing [Jewish] brothers in Russia.”
If this sounds like another holocaust—it was. Literally. In November of that year, American Jew Simon Wolf “appealed to President Roosevelt,” asking “how long the Russian holocaust is to continue.” By March 1906, Russian Jews were subject to “systematic and murderous extermination,” according to the NYT. (Sound familiar?)
On 18 September 1911, a Jewish assassin, Mordekhai Gershkovich, murdered Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin. This naturally brought even harsher recriminations from Czar Nicholas, including the halting of entry into his country of all American Jews.
For American Jews, this was the last straw. They were determined to attack Russia by abrogating the Trade Treaty of 1832. Beginning in early 1910, a handful of American Zionist Jews—including Louis Marshall, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, Henry Morgenthau Sr., and Louis Brandeis—applied fierce pressure to Congress and President Taft.
The New York Times cooperated by running Jewish horror stories out of Russia, to sway public opinion. To make a long story short, they succeeded, and Taft signed the abrogation bill on 20 December 1911. Thus did the American government, for the first time ever, capitulate to international Jewry.[1] The situation has only grown worse since then.
Russian Jews, though, were just warming up. Quarter-Jew Vladimir Lenin joined forces with full-Jew Leon Trotsky to establish the Bolshevik party in 1903. It was dominated by Jews, and they took advantage of the ouster of Nicholas II in February 1917 to launch their own Bolshevik revolution in October, thus taking charge of the nation.
In early 1919, the London Times reported that “of the 20 or 30 leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75% are Jews.” In 1920, Winston Churchill wrote that “the majority of the leading figures are Jews.” It was the Jewish Bolsheviks who, in July 1918, brutally murdered Nicholas II and his entire family. And it was this Jewish-Bolshevik threat that motivated Adolf Hitler to enter politics.[8]
Via Lenin and Trotsky, Jews ruled Russia through the early 1920s. Then in 1922 non-Jew Joseph Stalin, working in conjunction with two Jews, Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, pushed out the ailing Lenin. Stalin then proceeded to purge Soviet leadership of Jews, and by the late 1920s he had largely succeeded. By then, the Russian people had had their fill of Jews, and the bad taste has lingered to the present day.
But the Jews never lost their hatred of Russian society. Working through Franklin Delano Roosevelt and then Harry Truman, American Jews did everything possible to threaten, punish, and intimidate the Russians.[9] Though allies in WW2, we quickly parted ways, and we have viewed them ever since as “the enemy.”
This brings us to the present day. Ever since Putin first came to power in 2000, he has proven himself largely immune to Jewish-Zionist machinations—much to their chagrin. He is not openly hostile to the Jews, and generally seems to be on good relations with them. But he does not buckle to their demands. Putin puts Russia first. \.
Putin can afford to be generous because Jewish influence in Russia is minimal. He must deal with the “oligarchs”—nearly all Jewish billionaires—but the military, government, and media are mostly free of their influence. Russia has only 0.13% Jews among its population, well below the global average of 0.18%, and only a fraction of America’s 1.8%. This allows Putin sufficient independence of thought and action.
America’s “allies,” by contrast, must yield to Jewish-Zionist demands even if their own nations are relatively free of them, simply because the US applies so much financial and military leverage to keep them in line. Any nation outside this sphere of influence—Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea—is viewed as an enemy and a threat. The problem is not that they actually threaten true American interests—they don’t—but simply that they don’t cave in to US demands.
Of course, we never hear it this way from our American media. They are, more than ever, dominated by Jewish-Zionist influence. The top six media conglomerates—which include all the major news channels—are Jewish or Zionist controlled:
Time-Warner (Bewkes, Zucker), Disney (Iger), 21st Century Fox (Murdoch family), Viacom (Redstone, Daumann), CBS (Redstone, Moonves), and Comcast/NBC (Roberts, Cohen, Lazarus, Greenblatt). Arthur Sulzberger owns and runs the NYT. Weymouth and Baron run the Washington Post. Murdoch runs the Wall Street Journal. Zuckerman runs the NY Daily News. Newhouse runs the Conde Nast empire. On the tech side, we have, of course, Google (Brin and Page), Facebook (Zuckerberg and Sandberg), Oracle (Ellison), and Dell (Dell). I could go on and on.[10]
The Jewish-American media machine loves to have enemies, and so it focuses on Russia, China, and the Muslims. These are perpetually demonized. Congress, which is bought and paid for by the Jewish Lobby, complies with antagonistic legislation and verbal belligerence. Obama, whose rise to power was funded by Jews out of Chicago, falls right in line.[11]
And the military, sadly, takes any enemy it can get, simply to justify its own vast budget and sheer existence. Thus, all the key players align, and we have perpetual war against “terrorism,” against “Putin the dictator,” and against “Chinese imperialism.”

I wrote to Lamming a couple of weeks ago and asked why Bishop of all people, gave our hard earned tax $ to the Clinton's and for what purpose, pointing out that this pair are of very dubious character. He would not answer my question. He only answered my other items of concern. Closed shop obviously. Do the people who run this government care a crap where the money goes and for what purpose? I find it outrageous.