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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


In local councils across Australia, and indeed most of the Western World, applications are pending for the building of new Mosques. Until recently, these applications would have been approved with little more than a rubber stamp and a few suggestions as to local planning.

Today however, things have changed. Mosque applications have become rallying points for community anger and hostility. Demonstrations and campaigns are becoming commonplace.

There appears, in each of these disputes, a three way split with the bewildered councillors stuck squarely in the middle.

On the 'yes' side, we naturally have the Muslims who have purchased the land and want to build the mosque.  On the 'no' side is a group of strident residents and activists who are implacably opposed to it.

Then, also on the 'yes' side are those who sympathise with the Muslims who, as they see it, simply want to build a place of worship and should have the right to do so in a free society. For convenience, I will refer to this group as the allies.

In the main, the allies seem to view the protesters as uncultured rabble, motivated by racism and hatred of anything alien to their own small minded world. They consider them to be uneducated and acting from ignorance. They reason that if these protesters understood more of the ways of other cultures they would discover them harmless. They believe these protesters might then discover aspects of this culture (such as tolerance, for instance) from which they could in fact learn.

On the surface, this would seem a very reasonable stance for the allies to take but, as we start to dig a little deeper, we find that things are not quite what they seem. For a start, we soon find that the allies themselves have no knowledge of Islam whatsoever. What they do know has been successfully sold to them by Islamic spokespersons. 

They do not take the time or make the effort to search beyond the Islamic line.

Ironically, many of the protesters have actually taken the time to educate themselves about Islam from the authentic Islamic sources and contemporary teachings. 

Here are some of the reasons why we find many of these teachings to be deeply troubling.

What is a mosque?

It is vitally important to understand what a mosque represents in Islam. 

A mosque is not like a church or a temple, it is much more than a place for Muslims to simply worship their God (Allah).

Mosques are modelled on the first mosque established by Mohammed in Medina which was a seat of government, a command centre, a court, a military training centre and an arms depot.

Mosque leaders today raise religious decrees, enforce Islamic doctrine, monitor conduct, punish transgressors and command actions including requirements to conduct Jihad.

A mosque is much more than a church.

In light of this, we need to answer these two simple questions:

1)           Why are so many mosques being built?

2)           Why do mosques have capacities much greater than the local Muslim communities could fill?


The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, understood the military nature of a mosque when he stated:

“A mosque is our barracks, the domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets and the faithful are our soldiers."

Islam’s founder, the Prophet Mohammed, was not just a religious leader but a political and military one too. He raised armies and fought and killed people until he was the King of the whole of Arabia.

The religion of Islam is entirely based on the example and teachings of Mohammed.

Unlike any other major religion therefore, Islam is also a political and military force.

The Influence of the House of Saud

Mohammed was the guardian of Islam in the seventh century. Today that responsibility rests with the Saudi Royal Family or the House of Saud. The two holiest Islamic sites in Mecca and Medina are under its control.

The late king, Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, understood this when he wrote “The efforts of the servant of the two Holy Places support the Muslim Minorities.”

The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) is the vehicle which the late king created to establish the Islamic World Caliphate. It is Saudi Foreign Policy and Jurisprudence from the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs.

In the words of King Fahd, mosques, educational centres and Islamic bodies like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Muslim Students Association (MSA) are all geared towards hindering Muslim assimilation into non-Muslim nations so they can act as a fifth column to bring victory to Islam.

In 1965 during the pilgrimage or Hajj, the World Association of Muslim Youth or WAMY was created to work toward this end and for the non-Muslim world; IMMA or the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs was born.

WAMY and IMMA were a collaboration of the Wahhabist and Muslim Brotherhood led by:

1)           Said Ramadan, the son-in-law of the Muslim Brotherhood founder and,

2)           Abdullah Omar Naseef, a wealthy, suspected Al-Qaeda financier.

The House of Saud and the funding of terrorism

In May 2008, Robert Spencer’s website “Jihad Watch” reported that the Saudis had spent over $US100 billion on this project over the three previous decades.

These funds were used to build mosques to fund the payroll of Imams and to build Islamic schools.

They were also apparently intended to corrupt the education system through the funding of universities and the rewriting of school text books to favour Islam while denigrating Christianity and Western achievements.

According to this article, the late king Fahd bin Abd al Aziz and his family had personally donated hundreds of millions of dollars to groups like Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

Prince Salman, a full brother of King Fahd controlled the International Islamic Relief Organization or IIMO and directly donated to Hamas. 

Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz was a defendant in the September 11 trials and admitted to donating $US4 million to terrorist organisations like IIMO and WAMY.

Mosque building in Australia

Now we can answer our questions.

Question: Why are so many mosques being built?

Answer:   Muslims currently have over 370 mosques in Australia which, per capita, is more than six times the number of Buddhist and Hindu temples. This could well be because the mosque is intended as a beachhead for Islam, a place to plan Jihad and to implement Sharia law.

Question: Why do mosques have capacities that cater for far greater numbers than those in local Muslim communities?

Answer:   The mosque is deliberately built to dominate the neighbourhood to show the supremacy of Islam over Christianity and all other faiths.

Mosque teachings in Australia

What is taught in the mosque comes directly from the Qur’an, the Hadith and Sira, and the 'Reliance of the Traveller', which is the Manual of Islamic Law.

The Manual of Islamic Law teaches in Law O9.0 that it is a communal obligation for Muslims to wage Jihad to establish Islam as the religion and the law.

In the Hadith of Muslim, book 41 No. 6985, Muslims are told to slaughter the Jews.

There are many examples of these teachings being delivered in mosques which give cause for alarm.

1. On April 27 in the Preston mosque in Melbourne, an audio tape exists of brother Baha delivering a speech calling on Muslims to engage in Jihad against Australians (in line with Islamic Law O9.0)

2. Sheik Feiz Mohammed who teaches at a mosque in Auburn in Western Sydney, is on video calling for the mass slaughter of all Jews, while making pig noises. (This is perhaps inspired by?) the Hadith of Muslim book 41 No. 6985)

3. Sheik Hilaly of the Lakemba mosque, a former Grand Mufti of Australia, defended the rape of women who were not covered in acceptable Islamic dress. There is now evidence of a rape epidemic in Europe by Muslims because Islamic Sharia law does not penalise a Muslim for raping a non Muslim woman.

What must be done?

The conundrum for Law-makers in the West is that a mosque operates under the protection of religious freedom.

This is unacceptable because a mosque is not just a religion, but also political centre and a place where legal rulings are made. Some of these rulings breach Australian law and ironically also call for the restriction of religious freedoms for all non-Muslims.

Our politicians, law-makers, law enforcement officers and security agencies need to acquaint themselves with the teachings within mosques which, after all, are preaching their prophet’s Sharia law which is largely incompatible with Australian law.

Law-makers and law-enforcers must now turn their minds toward recognising Islam as a political entity and remove the current protections Islam receives as a religion.

Failure to do this is likely to end in serious political and societal consequences in the future


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Yet again I loved your article Harry. You are a star.

Clinton:Q. " some research." UQ...........Shi-it!

Agree clinton - he's one of the good ones. Dr Jamal Rifi was announced as 2015 Father of the Year in August 2015. AFAIK, he's never been Australian of the Year.

Yes I know you did and I am not unhappy but the Armageddon button always gets me going as if the best god can do is kill us all and SFA else then he can go jump AFAIAC

clint:...Rifi has received death threats from ISIS? So! He's not all bad then? (But look clint, being Australian of the Year is kind of an insult now isn't it? I mean, take a look at the Board and then take a look at that spoilt, sooky, shithead, Goodes. Neither a man nor 'Australian'.)

I have not heard one Sydney Religious leader condemn the shooting. Both Archbishops keep quiet when a Muslim does anything wrong. Fred Nile as well as other Christian Churches. The media has been gagged by Police from naming any Muslims now. If it had of been a Judge or Police Officer killed things would be different. No doubt they are falling over Farad now and we idiots will be funding the families trip overseas I guess. Police are now trying to blame others for him doing the shooting. Hope the othe radicals students are given free education at St Andrews or St Marys Cathederal Schools as both these silent men tell us to open our arms to our overseas Brothers and Sisters.

Thanks Harry for this excellent, much needed article about the roll and function of the mosques. While educating or asking the masses and politicians to change their long held wrong views is very difficult and slow process, your article “So you thought mosques were just places of worship?” I believe this article does educate many sections of the community, i.e. local councils, politicians, security agency, the public and hopefully apologists and sympathisers.
I distributed some 15 copies of your book “The Storey of Mohammed” to family and friends and wrote to some 25 politicians but as expected received the typical polite reply “Thank you”, some of which are automated reply with one exception from a minister who claimed she know Islam, have lived in many Muslim countries and stated her “strong focus on it being a religion of peace”! This is how much ignorance is deeply rooted in some of our politicians.
It would appear that small doses of the truth, such as your above article, are more beneficial and easy to digest for many people.
I noticed that the media, politicians, apologists and lefties are either ignorant or cowards by avoid asking Muslim clerics and spokes persons the real questions such as:
What do the following verses mean?
Quran 9:29-Fight against Christians and Jews ……”
Quran 9:5- Kill the nonbelievers wherever you find them…..”
Quran 5:51- O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends….”etc.
Quran 9:12-14 Fight the disbelievers! Allah is on your side; he will give you victory.
Do they perhaps mean love and tolerance for others? Could these verses be the cause of radicalisation, if so, the Quran must be the culprit! If not please enlighten us Mr Cleric and explain what do they mean without bullshit please! And
Also tell us Mr Cleric; If ISIS, El-Qaeda, El Shabab, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezb El Tahreer etc. and the many state sponsored violence and Sharia against women and minorities such as Pakistan, most Middle Eastern Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia the source of Islam, are they all un-Islamic, What is Islamic then? And which of the above group or State is contradicting or violating the Quran, Allah or your Prophet?
After all these are the relevant questions and factors which authorise, motivate and reward acts of violence committed by young and old Muslims against the “nonbelievers”. Not the Internet, loan wolves, attention seeking, unemployment or any other red herring bullshit. If we are really and seriously wish to address the causes of radicalization, we should demand honest and verified answers to these questions.
With Mr Abbot’s demise, I don’t know who is qualified and How to get such a politician with the guts to ask Muslim clerics these reasonable questions so that all Australians can hear the truth and not be taken for mugs.
I can’t wait for the launch of “The Australian Liberty Alliance” Party, let’s hope they can ask these questions!

But, Rinaldo - from where did you source that which you've copied and pasted. Merely citing the Talmud really doesn't cut it. Much can be found online purporting to be something which it is not. Verifiable Link?

Muslims all over the world have one goal. That is to breed & breed until they form enough presence to vote in fellow Muslims to change laws & sneak into power. Once sizeable in population they are 100% committed & obliged to kill everyone not worshipping Alkah & Islam. Muslims = Terrorist, end of story, no exceptions, none. Send them all back to the hole they crawled out from.

R16 by all means believe but give us all a break please. I endured enough of that as a child.

Ezekiel ? Wasn't he the shepherd who went for a ride in a flying machine that looks like a modern day helicopter ?

Hey Rosa I am on first name basis with god and I haven't been told of any earth shattering disasters happening anytime soon .

TURNBULL STINKS l think we know how he made his money....Aussie traitor

City of Greater Bendigo councillors approved plans for the mosque in June last year, a decision which has since been upheld by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Victorian Court of Appeal.

But do you still have your stockpile?