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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


You’re just a voice in the wilderness, you have never held a megaphone, you are not a journalist, you have no experience in public speaking and you don’t even know one person in the media. You feel powerless and impotent and yet you know there is something terribly wrong... and that you should do something about it.

Let me introduce you to Kirralie Smith. A non-assuming, battling mother of three who spent time in a tent while building a modest home in the country and home-educating her kids.

But one day her life was turned upside down over a packet of Bega cheese... it carried a curious little halal logo.

“Surely that can’t be right”, she thought as she searched other Aussie foodstuffs. To her astonishment that little logo was everywhere, even on Vegemite and Weet Bix, toothpaste, hair gel, smoked salmon and ice cream.

There were lots of different logos. Something wasn’t right so, Kirralie started a web page called Halal Choices.

Now, Halal Choices is not a confrontational site, it is not even anti-halal, nor is it anti-Islam... it is simply pro choice! You see Kirralie believed it was only fair that people had a choice as to whether they wanted to support the growth of Islam or not, and it seems most people didn’t want to.

Her web site simply itemised grocery products that were halal “certified” and those that weren’t.

After a while Kirralie noticed she must be having an effect because all (or many) of those little logos started disappearing from the packaging or became evident only AFTER you had opened the packet.

This was getting serious. Why did these food producers need to secrete what was a simple logo? Too late, the cat was out of the bag.

I, like Barnaby Joyce, had no idea what halal certification was. Like almost everyone else we thought it was all about meat exports and how cattle are killed... Barnaby still believes it’s only about that. But it didn’t take much digging to see that Australia had become a target for one of the greatest scams imaginable.

Kirralie had squeezed open a giant tube of halal certified toothpaste and no-one, not even that certifying charlatan, the despicable Mr El Mouelhy, could get it back in the tube.

It was now clear that halal certification in Australia was part of a world-wide trillion dollar Saudi scam that financially penalises everyone who buys anything anywhere... a sort of world-wide imposition of a GST that very few knew about.

Kirralie knew she had hit pay dirt when Mr El Mouelhy sued her. Oooh, sweet little Kirralie had stirred the sleeping beast into a vile rage of invective.

But El Mouelhy is clearly intellectually challenged because overnight his outrage had caused Kirralie to become the face of the halal certification scam in Australia.

What was formerly a hidden non-issue was now dominating the air waves, and people wanted to know more.

Suddenly there was a Senate Inquiry underway and 4Corners had inadvertently unearthed what had only been suspected; millions of dollars from halal certification in Australia was finding its way overseas to fund Islamic pursuits in Indonesia and elsewhere.

Through a network of sham “charities” like al Imdaad, Australian grocery money was also finding its way to proscribed terrorist organisations. A major conduit being the criminal organisation involved in drugs and illegal arms, the Islamic Council of Western Australia.

These tax-free sham charities have been recently deregistered and shut down in Canada after they were found to be financing terrorism but 4Corners didn’t go there... perhaps it was a little too disconcertingly definitive for regular viewers of “our” ABC.

Something will now be done to shut down people like Mr El Mouelhy and a dozen more like him and we can thank a pretty little Aussie lady with an engaging smile and a supportive family.

To have enjoyed a red with her and her husband in my home for an afternoon is something I won’t soon forget.

Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference, it simply depends on your resolve, just ask Kirralie.


Kirralie is a hero. She deserves an Australian of the Year Award.