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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... and why do gays hanker after this?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have envied so many genuine partnerships where marriage was never given a second thought. That is until something triggered a sudden urge to be hitched, it may have been parental or even peer pressure, but married they got... and only then did their troubles start.

It’s getting very close to fifty per cent of marriages that now end in divorce, so God’s blessing is proving to be of little help. I am lucky I have never had to go through such a tortuous process as a divorce.

The truth is that in a happy family your partner is the only person you’re not related to, so why wouldn’t a spouse be the focus of any discontent. You cannot divorce your kids, they are actually related to you and will always be there even tho’ they get drowned in the washup of a divorce.

As the Brad and Angelina bust-up threatens to out-headline Donald and Hillary’s debate, it’s their six kids that will be feeling pain while their parents are feeling only vengeance. I have comforted inconsolable children who were faced with the loss of a family unit. It’s awful, and it’s lasting!

Kids don’t consider marriage as anything important... only Mum and Dad are important and now they are about to leave each other, muttering how resilient their children are.

Kids don’t covet another mother or father, only their parents do that. Kids don’t need a contract or even an agreement to hang around. Their loyalty is permanent despite their parents’ infidelity.

So why the hell are gays and lesbians intent on joining a failing institution when they seem happy without it? Well, they appear happy. An agreement to shack up is a monumental move for most couples even without marriage, I guess that also includes gays and lesbians. 

            Once the courting stuff is over you can freely fart in bed and burp at breakfast.

I cannot imagine having a sexual attraction to a bloke, so I can’t claim to understand what motivates other blokes. I am not homophobic! I do not fear homosexuality, I’m just bemused by it. 

How can a bloke’s hairy body compete with the sexual perfection of a woman’s... that’s what I don’t get! I must be missing something.

Two lesbians I understand better, a naked woman is beautiful and gushes a tsunami of sensuality. It’s reasonable to believe that another woman might sense the same attraction. I sort of get that!

Okay so a bloke’s hormones somehow get screwed up and lascivious messages to the brain are triggered by a hairy back. Because I will never understand, that doesn’t mean I’m a homophobe. It simply means I don’t understand it, and dare I say neither do most blokes. So why are we vilified as sexist bigots because we simply don’t get it?

Anyway back to the train wreck of Brad and Angie who “lived in sin” for a decade before signing up in 2014. If hetero break ups are becoming so commonplace after marriage, I’m afraid homosexual marriage bust ups will be no different, fact I bet their numbers will be far higher after ten years of marriage waking up to hairy backs rather than flawless tits. 

(even if they have been removed).


There is one solicitor in Nth Qld who hates 1 Nation big time because he was promised the attorney generals gig if then Liberals got elected the year Pauline's mob got elected so he got a bit upset because he had a long list on totally rejigging our current mess where Supreme Court sentences are being appealed to the high court and are being dismissed which gives an impression that Qld has an inferior quality of Law Lords that are out of touch with reality.

I love it when a loony's post gets hijacked.

Neo-fascist Left are being seen for what they are.

Saddler: I take it you don't like anything "One Nation", have they kept you out of politics ?

Saddle sore has the wilderness between the ears as well by the looks ...

Greens are losing their support as well as their marbles.

No need to apologise Sadder. The poll has an accuracy factor of plus or mnus 2%. Facts are facts. Cine's understandably speechless at your stupidity.

Simple saddle sore, give us all a vote on the immigration question, it will never happen because like the date punchers marrying they already know the answer

That's where they belong Dis.. along with saddle sore.. The resident PP laxative.

More than 30% of Greens voters agree with Pauline Hanson.
Greens have lost a third of their vote over the past 6 years. Looks like the far left are heading for the toilet.

Right on Dissy.... you're right on here.. Pauline and Mal will keep them up to scratch!

Pauline and Mal Roberts have the runs on the board and we're all backing them. They're doing a fantastic job.

Hmm the re emergence of Pauline Hanson has consigned ALA to the back burner perhaps.

I've not heard a peep from any of them Winston/Dissy!

Bruce never stated he was a member of One Nation CS !! The documents are wide and varied, some from very prominent people past and present, a real pandora's box if you like. To be honest, I did not have the time to go through all of it, far too much. The plan is to go back later this year and make a complete library of all of it, it may take a week or more to get it all in order. The documents have been moved to a safe haven for storage until I get time to sort it all out. The misinformation is rife and eventually we will set the record straight. From the fleeting glimpse you had in Bruce's life there is no possible way you can pretend you know it all. That won't stop you though.....hidden agendas.

I’m just wondering whether this is actually happening now.


There is a clear difference between abuse and challenge. Bruce has challenged me many times but never abused me. I rarely see him abuse any one that has not first thrown the spanner at him first. I think you have to credit where it is due CS, the man is a thinker and can be very literate and entertaining at times. Yes I agree with others sometimes that he talks about Pauline too much, but that is drawn out of frustration and intimidation of others. Mate I have seen the documentation and Bruce was much closer to the pulse that you give him credit for. Anyway, I don't like being abrasive toward you, I just wish you would back off and let him live his life. Not too much to ask really. Nobody is perfect, not even Pauline.

I’m getting emails and texts Winston. Members only stuff.

Oh one further thing. Bruce knows both DE and PH through associated meetings and correspondence, thus the right to make observation and comment. Do you know Bruce on a personal level? Answer me this.....have you ever met him?