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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s clear that the proponents of either a free Parliamentary vote or a promised plebiscite are simply promoting the option that will deliver them what they want and rejecting the option that won’t. 

A plebiscite will fail miserably so gays don’t want that democratic option, they much prefer the pre-defined vote of gay politicians prepared to cross the floor. Gays can add up too! 

                         Some kids wonder what the hell their parents are on about

And that exposes the homosexual argument for what it is… a vote to make the Marriage Act gender-neutral!

Yep! That’s what these clowns are on about. While North Korea practises shooting ICBMs at LA and Darwin the homosexual community is engrossed in a proposed Act that will cater for all their genderless fantasies (not that the current Act doesn’t) but they want we straight people to consent to being neither male nor female when it comes to marriage. WTF? 

Why are we even discussing this nonsense that has devolved into a crass ideological preference of the loony Green Left? No normal person gives a stuff! And a postal plebiscite won’t be worth the envelope it comes in!

The only world leader who has put this stuff in the trash bin where it belongs is Vlad Putin who we are intent on making an enemy out of for no plausible reason.

Obama’s gift to Iran of a nuclear pathway to destroy Israel along with planeloads of US dollars has left Iran’s closest ally, North Korea, thumbing its nose at China which is being lambasted by the West for not controlling the Zika Kid. 

Iran’s nuclear cross pollination with North Korea over a decade has neutered China to where it can only ape the West’s list of sanctions, and that will only force more innocent North Korean kids into starvation.

Yet here are we, with Parliament reconvening next week into a storm over dishonest gay preferences... bloody hell, give me a break! The ABC’s foremost of a hoard of homosexual activists, Fran Kelly, has her Y fronts in a knot and can discuss nothing other than her dream of a “Homotopia”. 

                                               Classy promotional people

No wonder ABC ratings continue to bump along the bottom despite it being the largest and most expensive, taxpayer-funded, media conglomerate in the nation.

Perhaps in 2,000 years’ time they will be picking at the fused-together bodies of glaziered same sex people from the wreckage of our major cities, all in the same bed with any spare fingers that weren’t being used at the time, still shaped as cute little hearts.

A preoccupation with homosexuality? Why? Why not a statement on indulgence to mourn the death of a global warming hoax and its slimy instigator, Al Gore. Why not move to extradite the bastard and confiscate his accumulated wealth from carbon credits to buy blankets for freezing pensioners 

Why not a debate on immigration levels where well-heeled Muslims who can afford a hundred grand to get their entire family here on a boat while keeping their off-shore bank accounts, that no-one knows about, intact, while 80% still claim welfare payments. Why not demand that immigrants speak (or learn to speak) English. 

Why not select them on their skill levels other than bomb-making?

Why not move to give the GST collection back to the States to stop the bickering where Premiers can live or die on increases or reductions?

Perhaps a motion to declare Australia bankrupt and gaol the Treasurer and a few more in Treasury who encouraged Australia's illegal trading while insolvent. (Ooops, I forgot that law only applies to we plebs.) 

Or another motion to defund the ABC/SBS, the Human Rights Commission, the lying CSIRO and half our useless security agencies? Make Rudd, Gillard, and bloody Rudd again, pay for their damage. Ooooh yes, you could take up the entire sitting session just itemising what’s needed.

Are we debating why some seagulls get more chips than others? Of course not, but here we are again debating what wealthy pillow biters and rug munchers want… surely they’re kidding?

Nope, unfortunately they are not kidding.


...Ian Dury ... i wanna be straight

Recognition of same-sex relationships

Same-sex de facto couples and their families have the same entitlements as opposite-sex de facto couples and their families.
Removing discrimination

The Government's same-sex law reform package passed through Parliament in November 2008.

The reform removed discrimination against same-sex de facto couples and their families in areas such as taxation, superannuation, social security and family assistance, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Safety Net and the Medicare Safety Net, aged care, veterans' entitlements, immigration, citizenship and child support and family law.

For more information on the same-sex law reform package go to the Attorney-General's Department website.
Equal treatment

The changed laws mean some same-sex couples and their families are now entitled to receive benefits previously not accessible.

Entitlements may include:

partner concession card benefits
bereavement benefits if a partner dies
exemption of the family home from the assets test when one partner enters nursing home care and the other partner continues to reside there
recognition as independent for Youth Allowance if in a same-sex relationship for over 12 months
lesbian relationships recognised as a qualifying relationship for Widow Allowance
War Widow or widowers pension
access to the Child Support Scheme
access to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare safety nets as a family
allowing private sector superannuation trustees to make same-sex couples and their children eligible for reversionary benefits
enabling reversionary benefits from Commonwealth (defined benefit) superannuation schemes to be conferred on same-sex partners and the children of same-sex relationships
tax concessions.

Some same-sex couples and their families may have their benefits reduced to the same entitlements received by opposite-sex couples and their families in the same circumstances.
Social security and family assistance

From 1 July 2009 changes to social security and family assistance legislation mean that all couples are recognised, regardless the gender of a partner.

Same-sex couples now receive the same entitlements, are assessed in the same way, and have the same obligations, as opposite-sex couples.

Social security and family assistance payments may be affected depending on individual circumstances and the type of payment received. Most payments are assessed based on the combined income and assets of both partners.

If you are in a same-sex relationship and are living together, or usually live together as a same-sex couple you need to advise Centrelink or the Family Assistance Office. If you don’t advise Centrelink your entitlements might be overpaid and will have to be repaid.

The Centrelink Financial Information Service (FIS) is a free, confidential service that can help you make informed financial decisions. FIS officers can provide information over the phone, at personal interviews, and through financial-education seminars held in a range of locations across Australia. To find out more go to the Department of Human Services website.

Centrelink social workers are also available to provide counselling, support and referral services as needed. To speak to a Centrelink social worker call 13 1794 or to make an appointment to see a social worker at your local DHS Service Centre go to Department of Human Services website.
Dad and partner pay

Dad and Partner Pay is a new payment under the Australian Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme. It’s now available to eligible working dads or partners (including adopting parents and same-sex partners) who care for a child born or adopted from 1 January 2013.

It provides up to two weeks of government-funded pay at the rate of the National Minimum Wage (currently about $606 per week before tax). For more information go to the The Departments website.
Child support

If you are a parent, or non-parent carer, and have children from a previous same-sex relationship you may be eligible for child support.

If you have a child from a previous same-sex relationship you must take reasonable action to obtain child support to get more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A for that child. If you do not take reasonable action, you may have to repay some of your Family Tax Benefit Part A.

For more information go to the Child Support Agency website.
Frequently asked questions

What is a member of a couple for social security and family assistance purposes?

A person is regarded a member of a couple if they live with (or usually live with) their partner, and are either:

in a registered relationship (opposite-sex or same-sex)
in a de facto relationship (opposite-sex or same-sex).

What is a registered relationship?
What is a defacto relationship?
What are the factors that are considered when assessing members of a couple?

For more information and answers to these questions go to the Department of Human Services website.

For more information on social security legislation and a member of a couple definitions go to Guide to Social Security Law

Penny Wong labelled a hypocrite
Scott Abrahams — July 25, 2010

Openly gay federal climate change minister Penny Wong is facing a barrage of community criticism tonight following her public declaration of support for the Gillard Government’s stand against gay marriage today.
On Channel Ten this morning Senator Wong said she respected Labor’s view of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

‘‘On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect”, she said.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesperson, Alex Greenwich, said Senator Wong’s rationale for opposing marriage equality is deeply hypocritical.

On such an important ethical, social and life changing matter it should be left to the Australian people to decide.

The proponents who what it to go to a parliamentary vote only want this because they know that a plebiscite may show the true feelings that this issue has with the Australian public, which would be a absolute NO! To them it is better to ram it though parliament hoping that they can bypass the feelings and wishes of the Australian people.


Maybe they should put a diving board at the Canberra sewerage treatment works.That should keep a lot of em happy!

Lesbi friends and Homo's we go!

"The AMA speaks with great authority......"

Not to me they don't..........since, and probably before, the Hippocratic became redundant, I've gone from placing medico's on a pedestal to the realisation they are like shop around for a good this bloke there are still a number of good ones! for the rest who want to blow smoke up your arse, treat you like a mushroom and root your fucking job, do it to the best of your ability........or get th'fuck out!!!

I thought there was nothing nastier than a fading blonde, I was wrong fading screaming queens who are in Parliament are much worse.

I reckon Pinky Pyne has homosexual tendencies.

Same as a lot of these pressure groups. Use the statistics that suit your purpose and ignore everything else. Lies, damn lies and statistics and to that add vested interest group. Weather bureau ignoring low temps that won't fir in their models.

The Stoney & stinky twins hate Australia, The U.S., Western Civilisation, the Joos and reality.

The Stoney & stinky twins hate Australia, The U.S., Western Civilisation, the Joos and reality.

yes rin..payback is a bitch..and everyone affected knows who is responsible..even if Aussies are blissfully ignorant..courtesy of our Jews reeducation Camp system...where the only victims ever were jews...for thousands of years in is beyond preposterous

When confronted by the facts refuting the Labor Lies the posts turn to vitriol with no other comment to refute the truth.

The Turd hs surrounded himself with gutless YES men and woman, who have sold their souls to him to keep, get their coveted jobs. !! He really is one who is 'entitled' and truly believes that he is ordained to be the leader not only of his party but something else!! He is unable to handle any conversation to the contrary. Anyone who thinks that the current plot being played out before us does to introduce the Gay Marriage bill to parliament does not have his seal of approval is kidding themselves. This has his fingerprints all over it. He wants to be seen as the one who introduced Gay Marriage on his watch to be a hero of the Gays and left. It will be his legacy, along with the destruction of the Liberal Party.

The way I have interpreted things pelican, karma is headed US and Israel's way big time around about the time that they think that they have everything sown up.

Good on him. People need to stop taking this stuff as gospel just because it comes from the AMA or some eminent professor. It was revealed last week that when you see the words "peer reviewed " it can literally mean a couple of people spending 15 minutes reading through it, then giving it the tick of approval, without even checking any of the facts, so long as it fits the agenda. Because everything these days is produced to suit a political agenda, nothing should be accepted at face value anymore. We are constantly fed lies and people fall for it, without even bothering to check.

Racial Treason
From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy

In previous essays in this series the case was made that the main point of the particular direction taken by Australia's immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation policies, was not so much to increase economic growth (which could have been done the Singapore way by increasing technological sophistication), but to continue Australia's colonial status by making the country a colony of Asia. A necessary part of this process was to conduct a soft genocidal campaign against the major ethnic group of the population, namely Anglo Australia. This has been a concentrated attack on many fronts, especially from the Churches, professional ethnic groups, academia, the media and by overseas bodies, as well as other nations. The savage attack on the One Nation party in the late 1990s well illustrated how these forces of darkness co-operated and co-ordinated their actions.

This essay looks at how these same dark forces conspired to destroy the White Australia policy.

Read:, Culture and Nation/Racial Treason.htm

Some places in Sydney there are at least ninety percent Asians such as Chatswood and the Kingsford area.

the japanese and korean events are beyond evil...the JewSA must have a heavy does of karma heading its way