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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... like hell it must!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Uncle Kevin’s only claim to fame is that he may have lost fewer seats than Gillard would have in the 2013 election. It was still a record-breaking landslide loss and everything else involving Kev was calibrated in varying degrees of a disaster.

His final tilt at establishing himself a legacy was to change the ALP Caucus voting system so as to make it nigh impossible to sack a sitting Prime Minister if ever again they fluked one as bad as he was.

Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but the very next cab off the rank was Bill Shorten, completing a tragic trifecta of Kevin, Julia and Bill... the stuff of nightmares for hardened Labor voters who have never before struck out so ignominiously.

But it was Uncle Kev to the rescue with 60 per cent of Caucus now required to topple an ALP leader and if an ALP leader happens to be a Prime Minister it will take an “impossible” 75 per cent. Classic Kev thinking!

In other words if Labor has a wonderful and popular leader, the Party will of course want him/her to stay, but if they have a leader as bad as Rudd, Gillard or Shorten, they can't get rid of him/her! Good thinking Kev, you demented fool!

Never before has an ALP leader presented with such poor credentials as Shorten. Kev, in a fit of petulance over what happened to him, had wisely designed a system whereby Shorten is safe. Or is he? Because if he is then government is an impossibility.

You see, Kev never understood how the ruthless ALP worked, he was a factionless loner and hated by a powerful union movement that was forced to capitulate to his apparent popularity in order to gain Office.

Kev never saw the knife coming until it was too late.

Whitlam was also factionless and never a union man, he was used in much the same way by the unions to gain Office and, regardless of Fraser’s coup, neither he nor Rudd was able to serve a full term as Prime Minister.

It hasn’t been a good period for Labor, and far worse is yet to come, so now they are toying with the idea of dumping Uncle Kev’s voting system but the fact that they are talking about it means Shorten’s days are already numbered.

If they want Shorten gone, Kev’s new voting system will be of no help to him and his Caucus numbers have already diminished from a workable seven.

Seven votes mean a differential of 14 in a two horse race and that’s usually enough, or it was enough to install Rudd and then Gillard... and enough to then unseat both.

Labor has shown it is quite prepared to look outside the union movement for a leader, but only to gain Office. Once that is achieved the Left agenda is back on the table and knives are quickly unsheathed to make way for union crooks like Gillard and Shorten.

Labor’s leaky galleon needs a new figurehead but when it hits the rocks the figurehead is the first to go.

The CFMEU (formerly the outlawed BLF) is the Mafia arm of Labor with the AWU the political arm. Shorten is a protégé of super crook, Big Bill Ludwig who is the AWU’s Il Capo calling the shots from Queensland, but nothing happens in Canberra without the approval of the powerful NSW Catholic Right faction of Carr and the Keating-sacked Richardson.

When they both combine to get the approval of Victoria’s Socialist Left faction you get a perfect storm... and a Prime Minister like Gillard.

Tony Abbott’s coalition is hell-bent on destroying the unions that have destroyed Australia’s competitiveness in international labour markets.

The billions that taxpayers paid to prop up car manufacturers were merely honey pots for blackmailing unions’ EBAs. Even cleaners were paid three grand a week as part of the highest paid unionised manufacturing workforce in the world. Now it’s gone.

FTAs and TPPs are set to finally kill off the unions’ EBAs via an avalanche of imported goods made from cheap labour. The AWU and the CFMEU are in a dirty fight to the death over diminishing union members that belong to a manufacturing industry that now constitutes barely 14 per cent of the workforce.

Bill Shorten’s power base is crumbling beneath him and he can expect a tap on the shoulder at any moment.

Who will replace him? Who knows, probably Albanese, another hard-core union man of the Left, so the downward spiral will continue into a vortex that will suck the destructive union influence from the Labor Party. Only then will it become a proper and viable Party solely of the Socialist Left doctrine.

The TURC next sits on July 8... with Bill Shorten as its star witness.


Indignant Elder 2 hours ago
Jada,jada,jada. Good answer for you Tman ?
johnston01 2 hours ago
And you IE are, always have been and always will be, a fat slimy slug that should mind his own business! You sure you're not didums under another of her various accounts!?
Indignant Elder 2 hours ago
Love you too deeG.
johnston01 2 hours ago
She's proven she's got SO many of them and is quite adept at creating new ones to wangle information out of other posters! Like a fat spider in the middle of a web, all the threads lead to diddums. I wonder who she will reach out to next to support her victim status! Hadenuff was the last one to my knowledge, the list is long, I've got reams of emails with details of PP from diddums. You do get a mention FAT BOY! Oh so she hasn't reached out to you...tch tch. Guess even she knows your lack of importance. Just some nosy, fat, old mole, with too much time on his hands, hey!?
johnston01 2 hours ago In prison IE you would be seen for what you are- SOMEONE'S BITCH!
Indignant Elder 1 hour ago
Bummer hey ! Fat chance of that, I'll leave that up to those without any self control in their lives.
johnston01 23 minutes ago
Tell that to your face and the cream cake FAT BOY!
Indignant Elder 13 minutes ago
Sorry, sweetie, that's not my problem, things have changed a little since last year,so don't let it worry you too much. Love You xxoo
Indignant Elder 6 minutes ago
DG, all you info is quite old and has obviously come from JenF, I don't even recall talking to you, are you sure you're not JF ?
johnston01 3 minutes ago
Trying to revive the old JF saga fat boy?
Indignant Elder 16 minutes ago
Not really, having a great laugh at all the comments above, what a hoot !
johnston01 12 minutes ago
Here's the drum, fat boy. I have just re-read this thread. I hope that all who read this comes to a greater understanding of why we do the things we do. I'm not going to diminish my words by getting into a bitch squabble with you, or any of the other half arsed, half smart idiots that PP profusely produces. Argue amongst yourselves. To all the Pickering Posters I loved before........I STILL LOVE YOUSE!! ......I'll be back x
Indignant Elder 10 minutes ago
As ?
stone cold 49 minutes ago
Turn it up ie, your bitch and lapdog have been caught out...again...why not just shut up and leave people alone, you marry a gold digger and huff and puff are bringing this site down.

johnston01 4 hours ago
The snot eating hadenuff does'nt make me nervous dodo, he pisses me off. Fairy boy is playing in a game that is way out of his league. If you get so much as a scent of this grub hanging around let me know!!
dodo 3 hours ago
How could he though. I have no personal details at all on the computer and I have not given any out to anyone. Could he get Larry to give him my computer address or something, could he find me that way - no surely not? When he thought I was a man he didn't have too much to say, but now that Diddums spied on me telling you she has told everyone I am a female.
johnston01 3 hours ago
His and diddums and co threats of releasing my name has all the effect of an ant pissing into the wind. I checked, there are a few out there on the net with the same tag, none of them is/was me. My name got taken of the electrol role when I went into prison.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
DeeG, we know you are hacked, as does everyone else now, after the PP Peeping Tom, arranged for our discussion regarding helping you to try and clean your computer, to be posted. You've dragged me into nothing, the PP Trolls have. Helping a Poster, behind the scenes, is a crime to the Trolls.
dodo 3 hours ago
When you went to prison? lol, sorry I cant stop laughing/dodo DONT ask, stop being a sticky nose!
dodo 3 hours ago
OzR, any chance someone could track someone down on a blog like this if someone hasn't given out ANY personal details?
dodo 3 hours ago
ok, one personal detail to 3 people - now everyone - I am female.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
Dodo, No. Particularly if they use a VPN and ensure their browser doesn't leak any trailing data.
johnston01 3 hours ago
I was happy posting as Queen until that shit for brains idiot started dragging DeeG's name into it and making it patently obvious she knew what she was doing by besmirching my father's last words to me. A smart woman would see the offence and correct her stupidity. Instead, she provokes the inland taipan.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
dodo, the Peeping Tom must be upset that I never told her that you were a female; I'm a safe for personal details and the Peeping Tom doesn't like that.
dodo 3 hours ago
Oh, thank goodness for that OzR, thanks. I didn't want to ask out there, because you know it's no one elses business if I am a nancy girl :).
johnston01 3 hours ago
marigold 9 seconds ago No you purveyors of filth, LP took out most of the comments, including many of yours and most of yours JF/DG. (Thinks to self, now whose father was it who said in erudite tones: don let ther barstards git ya down?)
dodo 3 hours ago
Why do you think I knew I could trust you OzR, because I am a good judge of character.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
That you're dodo and so am I most times; that's why the Peeping Tom was cut.
dodo 3 hours ago
Oz, I am reading it the other way. I think he is glad to be free of them. That's how I have been reading it anyway.
johnston01 3 hours ago
As I was walking away from my fathers bed, knowing it was the last time, he called me back. I said " yeh dad?"he replied " Don't let the barsted's get you down! ". A great legacy, from a good and great man. I made the mistake of posting that in a conversation with another poster. Smartgirl was doing her usual c##t act on PP one night, she cut into a conversation I was having with Senior Ed. I pointed out a her spelling mistake and she posted 'your father died of shame'. Senior Ed fired back with 'with that comment you have just proven your lack of worth on this site'. I told smartgirl the totaly out of context comment had made me so angry, I felt like posting 'A thousand dollars for sg home address'. The rest is history. Prison teaches you patience.
johnston01 3 hours ago
No oz, that's him having a go at me. I've got a mental health condition IDTIN. I Don't Tolerate Idiots Nicely.
dodo 3 hours ago
Oh, so THATS how she knew Queen was you, Diddums told her?
dodo 3 hours ago
Any wonder you cant give out any personal details at all on a site like this, I suppose they are all the same because there a people who do stuff like that, remember the whole JennyF saga? I stuck up for her because I was here one night and saw the whole thing take place, I wasn't commenting, just reading and I though WOAH WTF is this? I couldn't believe it.
dodo 3 hours ago
And remember JennyF didn't even like me, she was their friend, but hell that was harsh and I thought no one deserves that, JennyF was never that bad, she was just their mate - it was those other two. See we can all have different mates on here, I don't see the big deal one might like one who doesn't like one who likes the other - get my meaning - its no biggie.
johnston01 3 hours ago
No diddums didn't know I was Queen. I had to shake diddums off, I've got pages and pages of info on one PPoster or another from diddums, all she percieves has 'hurt' her in some way. Diddums was ALWAYS encouraging me to come back to PP but only tell her who I was, yeh right! All didfums has proven is that she is a nasty vengeful spider, who is acting out of pure spite because_________insert any name, is not her friend and won't play HER way.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
JF and I were enemies, as you know. However, when she had serious family issues in her personal life and came to me for a chat, I wanted to help her. All my friends agreed with my decision to help the enemy, except one. Guess who the one was? Yep, the PP Peeping Tom and it set her on a war path to destroy my desire to help JF.
johnston01 3 hours ago
I only orginally joined PP to stick up for diddums. I thought she was a nice woman being picked on by the spite girls, and that rattled my sense of fair play. None of the blokes could, as soon as any male attempted to pull the toxic twins up, they screamed misogyny.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
The green eye monster is a powerful force in some; the weakest of course.
johnston01 3 hours ago
When I DeeG got binned I didn't give a shit. I took down the toxic two nd that was good enough for me. First thing I did was have a long, hot shower to wash off the filth. I have never had any interaction with JennyF. But when it got to the point of getting real concerned for Jeanette Fitzgeralds welfare I waded in, fist and boots flying! I did yell C##T and a lot of other things loudly, figuring it was the internet equivalent of yelling 'FIRE! ', trying to draw attention to the threat this woman was under.
OzRealist 3 hours ago
I'm out for the night ladies. Enjoy :)
johnston01 3 hours ago
Just one more point, then I'm out of here. I never put up those filthy avatars eg bushie etc. I never abused Gentleman or posted the filth about mike of the shire's wife, and a lot of other shite that was posted. When the bushie etc avatar was up I didn't even turn the tablet on. I did entertain the idea of approaching pickering so I could post under DeeG and clear my name, but he's not interested, we're al just 'dead wood'. Anything I say under the hacker banner can and is distorted by the others that knowingly use it or like me are trapped in the vortex. Thank you dodo and oz, by sticking your neck out you have given me the platform to somewhat clear that name. I only rejoined PP in January this year as Queen because I missed the posters that I love. Thanks again- over and out.
dodo 2 hours ago
hey guys before you go should we clean this thread up a bit and get rid of it, no one wants to know all this dodo's a girly bird drama stuff, I cant just get rid of mine it will leave the thread out of whack.
johnston01 2 hours ago
I stand on my word dodo, however as soon as this 'hackers account' is changed ( seems to be on a 24 hr cycle) all I have posted will be deleted. There is no deception in these postings so I ask that you let it stand and come back when 'the hackers' words have been deleted. Up to you- DeeG

Notify when you have copied this......shows dodo is nervous.....they also give you, diddums, marigold and others a roasting...nasty shits that they are!!
Tman 5 hours ago
The worldwide web of socialism
dodo 5 hours ago
So true that Tman.
johnston01 4 hours ago
I posted a copy of an email I received from diddums regarding pickerings business dealings from a person who was inside. For a site that allegedly has no moderator it sure gets pulled quickly, must be some key words in that trips the alarm. Still what do I know, I'm just one of th many who've had their accounts hacked and ransacked by PP merry band of hackers. There is a lot more but they've have given up, every time they have tried to tell their story they get howled down and threatened by the likes of hadenuff and co. Its all about the money....a little bit here, a little bit there. Pickering calls all his mug punters- dead wood.
dodo 4 hours ago
That you received from diddums? Is she posting things around from an insider? Of what?
dodo 4 hours ago
Don't worry about them, they are just trying to cause trouble. It's something about running PP or something. No one shuts their conversations down. I made a comment earlier and the thug replied with another threat. So I deleted my comment. This morning and last night I was on a couple of threads, he must have been reading them and kept going into redundant stories and posting what I was writing on the current threads on them. It's creepy. I don't want my details put up here, I haven't put any details up about anyone here (because I don't know any) thank goodness, but to be honest I do get a little nervous that he will find out and knock on my door, he keeps saying he will. I haven't done anything to him or any of his stupid friends, they love causing trouble. They should grow up.
dodo 4 hours ago
sorry, just to be clear, on the redundant stories that I had made a comment on and no replies, so I kept getting the notifications.
johnston01 4 hours ago
Its an old email that a poster called ratfink put on PP detailing his involvement in pickerings frauds. He worked for these companies for 5 months, got out because he's honest. He posted full and revealing details in a lengthy post on PP of pickerings alias's, his son's involvement, the whole box and die. Diddums screen snapped it before it got taken down ( funny about that! ). Try and post it and it is immediately taken down. This ratfink lives with death threats from the illustrous puppet master.
johnston01 4 hours ago
Dodo, I am sorry that I involved you and oz in this shit. All you did was listen to me regarding the hacking of my account and many others acounts, some probably are not aware of the scam going on. Anyone with half a brain would clearly see that vivienne's hurt feelings aside, I, this, is clear proof this so called 6 month 'hacking' is an on going working fraud. How long are old posters and new posters accounts going to continue to be placed at risk. Surely in this day and age questions must be raised as to why and how the hacking has gone on for so long!? Smoke and mirrors people, wake up!
dodo 4 hours ago
You are kidding. At least I can tell you from the hacker now. If I ever ignored you before it's only because I didn't understand what was going on. Have you ever tried logging in here on a different computer?
dodo 4 hours ago
sorry, other accounts were being hacked and they said they could delete the posts the hacker made because it went through their accounts, I still don't understand it properly but I haven't seen anyone say it for awhile, maybe that is because they are using yours? I don't quite understand how it works, all I know is I told posters that if they ever saw me say anything nice about any politician they would know I have been hacked. touch wood I haven't..
dodo 4 hours ago
Dee, you haven't involved us at all - the troublemakers have. How is it your fault?
dodo 4 hours ago
I am going to delete that comment about the thug making me nervous, I wouldn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing, then I will delete this comment to clean up the thread.
johnston01 4 hours ago
I have changed my email, IPx3. I don't even have to enter PP, I click on any browser and voila' there's PP and I'm under the hackers current name. Maybe a different computer is the answer but why should I go to the expense of another tablet because this one is so compromised. As far as me being a 'hacker',I struggle to set up an email account, the fat spider diddums can confirm that. I go to the PP confirmation email for Queen, which is/was all legit. I set it up after I shook diddums the PP troll off. I click verify account, browser choice pops up- no matter which one I click on I come out as the hacker! And Queen has been deleted after 250 emails from marigold to pickering about her hurt feelings! No action on the hacking side of things, just delete a legit account!
dodo 4 hours ago
No, you shouldn't get another computer, I didn't mean that I was just wondering what would happen if you did. I read that lol, 250 emails to Larry for hurt feelings. lol, she gives better than she takes, problem is she deletes all her antagonistic comments, she must sober up. LOL.

Never mind Boys & Girls, It's ALL going to be Over SOON.
Mark your Calendars - 28/12/2019
That's when this World will END.
No more; Moslems, Terrorists, Same Sex Marriages, Corrupt Politicians etc etc etc
All GONE in one Massive POLE Switch.
Sorry 'bout That :-[

I have aged farming friends who were offered mega bucks by the Chinese and told them to fuck off and sold to neighbours for far less. That is what real Australians do. Look after their own. Thank fucken old Bob Hawk and the likes of Elders and Landmark who are actively rooting to install Chinese farmers on our farms. Anything for a commission. Of course the commission will include agency agreements for merchandise sales. Big companies are all pricks.

Probably as much as half that have been sold in last 2 years. All they are doing is keeping our world class young farmers from progressing. In vice they are into buying dairy farms. All about their own food security. Fuck the slint eyed bastards. They vertically integrate and send their produce overseas and our stupid government gets zilch. The government investment review is a joke. They are too piss weak to stop any sales. The few farms they have purchased locally have just been clear fell. Our farmers would never do such a thing they respect our invironment and understand the need for balance. The clings will rape plunder pillage and fuck off. They have already sold dairy farms off as they thought we never had drought and couldn't afford the water. Ha ha.

Good luck TTFN. Frank OUT.

You should also consider AVAST as protection, have a look about.
It is more thorough but a bit more overheads on the tablet.

I do not think that Larry has any plan to get involved.
Sad.. but probably true.

I reckon that they gained access to stuff up your tablet because you remained online for a reasonable period and they hacked in via your session.
If you do reset the tablet make sure to also install a protective firewall/antivirus type application or suite.
A version of Malwarebytes is available and recommended.
There are others that are reputable.

A reset to factory defaults may be the last resort.

If it is an Android tablet (samsung etc.. not Apple) you could reset the browser defaults. Try checking on Google for hints.
The link for Samsung is inline.

Or... you could keep the compromised browser for when you want to play with their heads.
Best of both worlds.

This is bullshit, c'mon Larry piss them off.

I would suggest that on your tablet that you install another browser. (do not allow it to transfer any settings from the already installed one)
Once you are sure that the new browser works, then uninstall the problematic browser
and check for operation.
If that is okay, you can then reinstall the original browser and things should work.
You may loose bookmarks, but there is a way to save and transfer those too.
Good luck.

Nope, just Frank.

Many have that problem, the protection of the site requires some serious work.
Sadly I do not see that happening tomorrow.
The upside is that when on their account you can and should... change both the password, the Email address (to a fake one) and both the name and avatar.
Messing with their heads is got to give you a small amount of satisfaction.

Good luck, but please keep it clean.

ISP... Internet Service Provider.

No, just protaganists in general.
This should be a place to swap viewpoints without too much heat.
A forum for everyone.