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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Come on you NATs, not one of you can stand the bloke. He stands for everything you stand against. Your heart is still with Barnaby, your reason is with Christiansen and you will only ever get one chance at redemption for all Aussies. Just do it… and you will never be electorally forgotten.

Turnbull almost dragged you into Opposition after you increased your vote and he decreased his. You took seats from the Libs. You have never been in a stronger position, so in all conscience you cannot walk away now.

Your new leader is an insipid shadow of your former one. You stood by and watched as Turnbull, a WA sheila and Tony Windsor crucified Barnaby. Are you really going to follow Turnbull into the valley of death? Because that’s exactly where this traitor to the Conservative cause is leading you.

It is not the reductions in your pay packets that will matter. It’s having to live with a permanently damaged Australia that you know you could have prevented. Think of how much more you could do for your electorates as the senior member of a Coalition. Think how you could go to bed at night on a promise with the missus believing you actually have some balls.

When you stood for Parliament you stood for Australia. Don’t let the blood sweat and tears it took to win that seat come to naught! You are better than that and now that we all need you, you have a duty to be there.

The Libs have lost their right to govern a Conservative Party. The Libs’ leaders have no interest in governing as Conservatives.

If no-one dares demand that Turnbull goes, simply threaten to walk, then stand back and feel the earth start to move, and it will, as a flood of genuine Conservatives align with you to destroy the cancer that has invaded the Liberal side of the Coalition.

Forget the imminent 30 losing polls, he has already re-written a speech to try to explain why he knifed a first term Abbott. And there is no speech for your knifed leader. I know that you know Turnbull’s Party is rotten to the core and Turnbull is quite prepared to take the Party and you NATs down the gurgler with him.

Don’t bloody let him! Think of your Black Jack McEwen who was once PM of this nation!

Ask yourselves if Australia can survive even one term of Shorten… you know the answer, you sit in Parliament and watch his tawdry alliance with the destructive Greens.

If the gangrenous Greens can manipulate Labor, you blokes can manipulate the loathsome Libs. You will only need to do it once, and the Aussie landscape will again belong to fair dinkum Aussies.

Look at it this way… WHAT IS THERE TO LOSE?

The Coalition can never govern without you anyway, so for Christ’s sake grow a couple and throw your substantial weight around for once!

For Australia!  


In some ways you have to laugh. All those who clammered their into the halls of parliament for the easy ride, and the lurks and perks, are relly showing their true colors. All bar a few seem to be running for cover when the difficult decisions are to be made. So much so, this shenanigans proves they care for nothing but themselves, even putting their cowardice on display for their families and children to watch. What a pathetic example that is set by those who falsely claimed they swore to work for the betterment and protection of the country and the people who pay them...the day of reckoning should be one of amusement when all these cowards are brought to light.

The amount of time ,energy ,Taxpayers money ,back stabbing ,arguing ,tit for tat carry on, in Australian Politics by this rabble of good for nothing parties, that only care about Political ''Culture'' and there own mega inflated Egos ,why do Australian Voters, even waste their own time caring about it ? if you never voted or watched the news it would not make one iota of difference !

Dysfunctional sums up Turnbull's approach to governing.

Thanks Dolly. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends, vale fellow poster.

Agree whacked, its not the guns, but there certainly needs to be something in place to stop these mental cases getting hold of them. Those police officers and those responsible for the "policy" should rot in hell.

it is not the guns - idiots with the guns. Take away guns as they have in UK and other countries and you have knives and acid attacks. If you really want a gun in Oz you can buy a bloody gun....

Hey this school shooting? Police and FBI knew about it beforehand. Local police have a leftist policy of NOT arresting school kids - relates to federal bonuses for schools. There were 3 officers at school before shooter arrived - refused to engage due to policy. So 3 police stood around twiddling their thumbs whilst 17 kids shot. Guess what? Police chief a close friend of Clinton and will be prosecuted- as too other corrupt police officers who were accepting monies from school board to not arrest school kids. This all boils down to corruption and this shit being covered up by media. It will come out. Check out Conservative Treehouse - Blog did an expose on the police dept. school board and democrat policy on funding.

A quick look on the net about the Zapruder "film" will show it has been highly edited, a bit like all the 911 plane footage, but at least we know there was a president in this footage even if it was a dressed up dummy.

It was 1963 FFS, who gives a shit today? The 'spavined hunchback' Kennedy - as described by his faithful vice President LBJ - is still dead, no matter how many jews you want to throw into the story.

Hope Hicks, the White House Communications Director and longstanding Trump 'friend' resigns after spending yesterday not answering questions put to her in nine hours of questions by the House Intelligence Committee. We all know Trump is his own Communications Director but he is now looking for a fifth person in a year to give this title to. It's hard to find good help, apparently.

Sounds like Vlad has some nifty new toys.

Fags mating call, bbrrrrrrrppppp.

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** Think of your Black Jack McEwen who was once PM of this nation! **
A few days less than one month
Would have been shorter but Christmas / New Year got in the way
Yes children the Nationals were once semi relevant

but aren't they pursuing him over insurance fraud ?? This is the latest muslim get rich quick scheme. I just hope they charge the muslims with a special expensive levy for any insurance policy.

there is another story circulating that he is fast going broke...we can hope.. we can only hope.

That bottom photo, is that Bob Brown's old spinster aunt.

Putin’s State of the Union
Putin’s State of the Union
Paul Craig Roberts
Putin has given a remarkable address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian People, and the peoples of the world.
In his speech Putin revealed the existence of new Russian nuclear weapons that make it undisputably clear that Russia has vast nuclear superiority over the United States and its pathic NATO vassal states.
In view of the Russian capabilities, it is not clear that the US any longer qualifies as a superpower.
There is little doubt in my mind that if the crazed neoconservatives and military/security complex in Washington had these weapons and Russia did not, Washington would launch an attack on Russia.
Putin, however, declared that Russia has no territorial ambitions, no hegemonic ambitions, and no intention to attack any other country. Putin described the weapons as the necessary response to the West’s firm refusal year after year to accept peace and cooperation with Russia, instead surrounding Russia with military bases and ABM systems.
Putin said: “We are interested in normal constructive interaction with the United States and the European Union and are expecting that common sense will prevail and our partners will choose fair and equal cooperation. . . . Our policy will never be based on aspirations for exceptionalism, we are defending our interests and respect the interests of other countries.”
Putin told Washington that its efforts to isolate Russia with sanctions and propaganda and to prevent Russian capability to respond to the growing military encirclement from the West has failed. Russia’s new weapons have made the entire US/NATO approach “ineffective from a military point of view.” “The sanctions to constrain Russia’s development, including in the military sphere… they did not work out.” They have not been been able to contain Russia. They need to realize this… Stop rocking the boat in which we all sit.”
So, what is to be done? Will the West come to its senses? Or will the West, drowning in debt and loaded to the gills with bloated and ineffective military industries, intensify the Cold War that Washington has resurrected?
I do not think the West has any senses to come to. Washington is totally absorbed in “American exceptionalism.” The extreme hubris of the “indispensable country” afflicts all. The Europeans are bought and paid for by Washington. I am confident that Putin was hopeful that European leaders would understand the futility of trying to intimidate Russia and cease to endorse Washington’s Russiaphobia that is leading to nuclear war. No doubt Putin was disappointed in the idiotic response of the UK defense minister Gavin Williamson who accused Russia of “choosing a path of escalation and provocation.”
My guess is that the neoconservatives will play down Russia’s capability, because the neoconservatives do not want to accept that there are any constraints on Washington’s unilateralism. On the other hand, the military/security complex will hype the Russian superiority in order to demand a larger budget to protect us from “the Russian threat.”
The Russian government concluded from years of frustrating experience with Washington’s refusal to consider Russia’s interests and to work together in a cooperative manner that the reason was Washington’s belief that American power could compell Russia to accept American leadership. To shatter this Washington illusion is the reason for Putin’s forceful announcement of the new Russian capabilities.
In his address, he says, “no one wanted to speak with us. No one wanted to listen to us. Listen to us now.” Putin stressed that Russia’s nuclear weapons are reserved for retaliation, not for offense, but that any attack on Russia or Russia’s allies will receive an immediate response “with all that it implies.”
Having made it clear that the Western policy of hegemony and intimidation is dead in the water, Putin again held out the olive branch: let us work together to solve the world’s problems.
I hope that Russian diplomacy succeeds in bringing an end to the rising tensions fomented by Washington. However, Russian diplomacy faces two perhaps insurmoutable obstacles. One is the need for the bloated US military/security complex to have a major enemy as a justification for its $1,000 billion annual budget and the power that goes with it. The other obstacle is the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony.
The military/security complex is institutionalized in every US state. It is an employer and a source of major political campaign contributions, which makes it almost impossible for a senator or representative to go against its interests. In US foreign policy circles there is yet to appear countervailing power to the crazed neoconservatives. The Russiaphobia that the neoconservatives have created now affects ordinary Americans. These two obstacles have proved sufficiently powerful to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.
Perhaps in his next speech, Putin should address the Europeans directly and ask them how European interests are served by enabling Washington’s hostilities toward Russia. If push comes to shove, how can any country hosting US ABMs, US nuclear weapons, and US military bases expect to escape destruction?
Without NATO and the forward bases it provides, Washington cannot drive the world to war. The basic fact of the matter is that NATO is an obstacle to peace.

H. A. Goodman

CFMEU thugs emboldened by Bill Shorten’s embrace........Henry Ergas (Aust)