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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... Michael Smith’s love for Kathy Jackson is blind

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It must be devastating for iconic Gillard whistleblower, Bob Kernohan, to witness a good mate swap his principles for a pretty face. Michael Smith has done exactly that. After he and Kathy arrived back, fresh from a Bali holiday, Smith sat quietly in the Royal Commission into unions, privately defending the indefensible.

It will be a shame if Smith undoes the arduous, forensic work he did to bring Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson to account for their crimes. But you can’t choose your crooks.

A bitterly disappointed Bob Kernohan wrote to Smith’s blog:

“The Peter Mac money is a scandal in its self, and serious questions must be answered. Regardless of how the elected union officials seem to have seen it as there "god given right" to spend it as they did, it gives rise to some very important questions to be answered by those elected officers of the HSU at the time, and yes mate that includes Kathy Jackson........ They have no given right under the rules of a registered union to take personal ownership of that money and spend it like it was their own personal money...THEY HAD NO RIGHT AT ALL, so some very serious questions need to be answered. I hope you post this my friend and pursue it like you have done with Gillard/Wilson and co in respect to the AWU scandal. I have kept a copy of this post just in case, for whatever reason it is not posted. I have saved this comment and will share it on FB if you don't allow it to be published on your blog.”

Bob Kernohan

The sad tale of Kathy Jackson is a common one for a union official... she simply and sublimely did not believe she had done anything wrong.

Ms Jackson was successful in bringing down her former colleagues Craig Thomson and ex-ALP President, Michael Williamson.

But was it the inequality of the scammed amounts that rankled our Kathy?

Williamson, currently serving a long jail sentence, stole $20 million from her Health Services Union and Kathy Jackson appears to have collared at least $50,000, possibly up to $250,000 herself. Thomson awaits sentencing for crimes that involved no more than petty cash.

Jackson convinced herself and Smith she was blameless, but that conviction ended in abrupt reality yesterday under examination by Counsel Assisting the Commission, Jeremy Stoljar SC.

Kathy called a halt to the proceedings so she could engage a lawyer after claiming she had been “ambushed” by the Commission.

Michael Smith courts controversy, but now he needs to gather his loins, remove his rose-coloured glasses and be true to his cause. If he refuses, he will trash his reputation as a fearless warrior for justice and the return of union members’ misappropriated funds.

All whistleblowers must suffer and few still stand tall. In this case only one still stands tall, and that’s Bob Kernohan.


POP: If you have better things to do , why do you bother replying and wasting your precious time ?

Senile decay might well fit his description Waldo .

I donate to those who are deserving of it,the sick and afflicted.I would consider a blog as a luxury.

Either this is professional jealousy on LP's part or Larry has been bought by the union thugs who have millions of tax free $ to throw around? The same union thugs that employ bikie goons to do their dirty work. LP, why do you defend the thugs in organised crime? You claim VLAD is an assault on freedoms, but I have noted the crime waves where the bikies you defend have spilled over, and how VLAD is arresting the scum and making our streets safer. The stats are there for all to see. So Larry, why do you support bikies and union crooks to the extent that you would compromise ethics and values?

Helen, that was a strange statement. You have no choice about the tax man, and donating to Michael Smith, Pickering or Kangaroo Court, is NOT tax deductible. I don't think that we are bickering, do you Waldo?

idiot you know fuck all

I don't know, I'd rather donate to Smith and/or Pickering, not the tax man. He gets way too much of my money. What are we bickering about? Oh, Waldo....

DJT should be sent off to join the Greens for awhile , maybe that will heal him back into reality when he realizes how good he had it here communicating with such as we are here .

THE L&NP going back half a century have more or as much to hide as Labor and their Union connections .

Where do you think Smith got his information from ? He read what others had already researched .

Chit we import some Insanity. It's a bit like Polotics, 40% are totally mad and the remainder are men.

Claims of cronyism in health union

September 13, 2013

Clay Lucas

Fresh claims of cronyism, misuse of members' funds and union resources being used for Labor preselection campaigns have hit the Health Services Union in Victoria, with its assistant secretary asking the Fair Work Commission to investigate.

Federal Labor MP and opposition leadership candidate Bill Shorten last year put the strife-torn union into administration, and former Darebin mayor Diana Asmar was elected secretary in December 2012.

Mr Shorten's friend and factional ally Kimberley Kitching was appointed general manager shortly after.

Now it has been alleged by the union's assistant secretary that, among other things, Ms Kitching used union resources on her failed preselection campaigns for the safe Labor seats of Gellibrand and Lalor.

Leonie Flynn, who ran against Ms Asmar's team in bitterly contested elections, last week handed the Fair Work Commission a 36-page statement about claimed issues at the union.

Relations between Ms Flynn - who won the assistant secretary position - and Ms Asmar and her supporters have disintegrated since the new administration took over in January.

The Fair Work Commission has not yet decided whether to investigate most of the allegations, which have been comprehensively denied by the union's national president.

A Fair Work Commission spokeswoman said its general manager, who investigates union probity issues, was aware of the allegations. ''There is currently no formal inquiry or investigation into the matter,'' she said.

However, the commission has queried the union over Ms Flynn's allegation that Ms Kitching completed tests for right-of-entry permits for several officials. The union is now responding to that query.

Ms Flynn also alleges in her statement to the commission that:

? Jobs were not advertised, but were instead handed to factional Labor Party allies, former councillors or council staff and their relatives, and a former state MP, Nathan Murphy.

? Union cars were being used inappropriately by office staff and their relatives, including former political blogger Andrew Landeryou, Ms Kitching's husband.

? Staff are taking leave without deducting it from their entitlements including, she said, Ms Kitching taking a week off during her campaign to win preselection for the seat of Gellibrand.

? Legal expenses for a six-month period totalled more than $167,000 although ''very little legal work was undertaken''.

? Union resources and staff were used to produce preselection campaign material for Ms Kitching's tilt at the seats of Gellibrand and Lalor.

Fairfax Media asked Ms Asmar and Ms Kitching for a response to the allegations, but received none.

1 hour ago
and now i see bolt has that piece of shit kimberly kitching on his show Sunday
no doubt that bitch will put the boot in to Jackson

OMG.. you poor darling.. take heed , take cover and just sleep well.

Congratulations on your courage and steadfastness, you are an example to all!

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Bruce: Must be Friday night.....All the ferals are out tonight. Don't take any notice of them Bruce.

Pop goes the weasel !!!! Where's the Mortien.

I absolutely know a lot about what I was critical of Bruce. I never once criticised the content of what you wrote about and your are correct I know bugger all about it. Perhaps you could get your facts right before mouthing off like a spoiled child

Absolutely agree.....I have said similar earlier...When you have a socialist leaning media, political parties...and vanilla journalists, desperately need courageous,..investigative journos like Smith and Larry..-....too few and far between,sadly..

ABC 7.30 Report last night….Forever consistent in its bias.
50% of the time on the government’s treatment of illegals in detention.
Some arrived with stocks of medicines / scripts for serious illnesses either they or children had ( young as 2 years)..
They complain that when they ran out of drugs specific to their illnesses, replacements were slow to arrive.
Everybody is depressed……Children are drinking detergents to commit suicide.
Demands they should be released into community immediately.

Question : If adults and their children are suffering serious permanent illnesses why did they take the long, illegal, dangerous journey to Aus……Who suggested / permitted their children to drink detergents – must be parents.
What makes them think Aus taxpayers should accept them, least of all with permanent illnesses / disabilities
If detention conditions are so bad,… it hasn’t stopped 70 women falling pregnant / giving birth.

The other 50% of 7.30 Report spent on suffering Gaza but no mention of Hamas attacks,.. missile firing from schools / homes,.. and that Hamas Headquarters / Command Post is based in a major hospital.

ABC never mentions that hundreds of thousands of Christians forced from their homes, slaughtered,…1500 year old churches / monasteries containing ancient artifacts and books have been destroyed by muslims.